Welcome to ESO Community, a community site for Age of Empires 3. The ESO Community strives to create a community site for AoE3 players a place to come together to discuss the game, share replays, stream the game and hang out. Tournaments are hosted seasonally with cash prizes. Check out the news posts below to see what's been going on recently.

We invite you to check out ESOC and join our forums.

The ESOC Community also develops and supports the ESOC Patch, which intends to make the game more fun to play without greatly altering it by including the following features:
  • Addition of several new exciting maps, as well as resource-balancing for classic maps
  • Balance changes which make all civilizations competitive in Supremacy games,
  • Anti-cheating countermeasures,
  • Quality of life improvements
Download ESOC Patch

Schedule and play your games for the RO128 if you've made it through the group stage! RO128 ends Sunday, and then we'll be moving on to RO64. Submit results with the submission tool.

Get hyped for streams on Saturday and Sunday (tentative schedule here). Which of these Group Stage underdogs are going to beat _H2O this season?
Overall this is a great time to be a part of ESOC. We have a stable patch launcher that does a lot more than just change unit stats. We are running more concurrent events than we have ever done before and managing it thanks to our automation efforts. We have more game modes in our sights. Our team is larger than it ever has been and with all the right talent!

Team Update:

A new era for the EP Launcher is coming with Riki is stepping up to own the EP and patch launcher as Buckethead wants to focus on other parts of ESOC. Riki has already shown his skills by making a vanilla version of the patch using a very clever approach and of course has made several of the maps in our current rotation. He brings a fresh perspective to the launcher which means great things to come.

Great to see musketeer925 and 91 back in the mix. musketeer925 just finished a really awesome tool for submitting matches which is already getting some thumbs up and 91 has been helping us manage our growing code base for the website.

We have a pipeline full of maps, all of the highest quality. New maps means the meta stays fresh and continues to evolve. Garja and Riki continue to bring us that magic touch on every ESOC Map.

Our third ESOC Map maker will be releasing his first map into the map pool with the next update. Keep an eye out for ESOC Jebel Musa, Durokan’s first map to make it into the pool. He also has several other exciting maps which you can find in his map making workshop thread.

The media team continues to push for a high standard in streaming and casting events which is making every ESOCTV stream a great experience for the viewer. They also have stepped in to help with administering our tournaments. This is a natural fit as most of the content we produce comes from tournament matches. Thanks Mr_Bramboy, Jerom_, and MCJim for making this happen.

We have a full rebroadcast of the summer tournament that includes transitions and narration to keep it coherent. Interjection has done an amazing job of making the upcoming rebroadcast a smooth story.

Betting is back for autumn, and Goodspeed is sure to be everyone’s favorite bookie once again!

ESOC Welcomes 4 New Team Members:
Charlemagen, _ NiceKING _, and dicktator_ will be joining the ESOC team adding a much needed treaty voice to the team.
  • Charlemagen will be joining the Media Team to help operate treaty events and keep the community up to date on the latest happenings.
  • _NiceKING_ and dicktator_ will be joining the Dev Team and will be helping us to integrate the treaty patch to the EP Launcher and improve how we run tournaments. They already have an installer up and running for the treaty patch and will be able to accelerate the treaty patch by working with the existing EP launcher!
  • Octanium has been working with the Dev Team picking up web development and is ramping up his contributions to help us with ongoing site improvements. We are excited to have his help!

More to come!

A warm welcome to all of you that signed up for the ESOC Autumn Tournament! We are glad to see you are busy scheduling and playing. For those that didn't sign up or didn't meet the requirements, no worries, this won't be the last ESOC Tournament :biggrin:
Just a quick reminder for you all, the groupstage lasts until the 17th of September. This means that you have until then to play your games!

Of course we are planning to stream a lot, and we will begin this weekend already! Sunday we will have a first ESOC Autumn Tourney stream!
Chrisie and Eaglemut will cast some of the best recs from the groupstages so far live on stream!

Where? https://www.twitch.tv/esoctv
When? Sunday ~19 GMT

Good luck with your games and we hope to see you tune in!