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The ESOC Community also develops and supports the ESOC Patch, which intends to make the game more fun to play without greatly altering it by including the following features:
  • Addition of several new exciting maps, as well as resource-balancing for classic maps
  • Balance changes which make all civilizations competitive in Supremacy games,
  • Anti-cheating countermeasures,
  • Quality of life improvements
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Here Comes the Treaty Team Brawl!
After a long wait since our last Treaty Tournament - a flipping year! - we figured it was about time to start working on our next tournament. With the Treaty Fan Patch in a strong place, this seemed to be the perfect time. The TTB Tournament Admins thought it would be a fresh of breath air to have something a little different than the usual 1v1-based tournament. So, we had the idea to hold the first ever 2v2 treaty tournament!

Basic Deets
- Played on the most up-to-date release of the Treaty Patch
- Played on ESO
- TR40 No Blockade
- Master Sergeant rank in either Treaty or Supremecy required for entry
- 2v2 Game Mode
- Played on an improved Andes, Orinoco, and new map
- Single Elimination Bracket
- Winning team takes all - $200
- Takes place in late September

How you can pick your teams
- A team’s combined ELO must not exceed 4600
- A player’s ELO will be averaged between his current team ELO and max team ELO (Example: a player has 2200 current team ELO but 2600 max team ELO. For the intents and purposes of this tournament his team ELO is 2400.)
- A player’s ELO is capped at 2500; if your overall ELO is higher than 2500, it will simply be considered as 2500
- There may be some slack given to the enforcement of the ELO limit of a team. If the team only slightly exceeds the ELO limit, a pass may be given to them on the discretion of the Admins.
- Your ELO rating can be viewed here: http://aoe3.jpcommunity.com/rating2/

Example 1 (GOOD):
Player 1 ELO - 2200
Player 2 ELO - 2050
Combined ELO - 4250

Example 2 (BAD):
Player 1 ELO - 2400
Player 2 ELO - 2300
Combined ELO - 4700

Sign-ups open on August 26th!
Hosted by charlemagen, dicktator_, and Cometk
Admins: Lukas_L99, Gichtenlord, _NiceKing_
Starting September 5th
600 dollar prizepool
streamed on twitch.tv/esoctv

Blackstar_OP, Samwise12, H2O. That could possibly be the most impressive list of aoe players one can think of. They have at least one thing in common: All of them are former ESOC Open Champions. We are proud to announce that another name might be added to that already impressive list of amazing players. We are proud to announce the ESOC Autumn Championship 2016.
The Autumn Championship is scheduled to start on the 5th of September. The prize pool will be 600 dollars; 350 for first place, 150 for second place and 50 for third place, plus an additional 50 dollars for the betting event hosted by Goodspeed.

For this tournament we will apply the same format as the format of the Winter tournament. The 32 players with the highest 1v1 ELO will be seeded in the Round of 64, while the remaining players duke it out in a group stage, where those who score the most points will earn their place in the brackets alongside the top seeds. The civ picking rules in the winter tournament turned out to be very interesting so this tournament will feature the same picking rules to continue stimulating non-mirror matches. The tournament will be played on the latest version of the ESOC Patch.

Sign Ups
Like for the winter tournament, the signing up process is almost fully automated: All you need to do is login to your ESOC account and visit THIS PAGE to enter your username for the ESO account you will be using to sign up. If for whatever reason you need to or want to cancel your signup, simply revisit the signups page and click "Cancel my signup". The PR requirement for signing up will be pr 15. The signups will be closed the 2nd of September, so make sure to sign up in time.

And along with every ESOC tournament comes the betting event, of course. If you aren’t familiar with it, it’s betting on tournament matches with imaginary points. Watching the games live with points on the line is a lot of fun, participation is totally free and there’s a $50 prize for zoi the winner at the end of the tournament. Nothing to lose, much to gain! Sign up here.

As always, a big thanks to all those who donated and helped make the tournament possible. For future tournaments we will continue to be reliant on your goodwill. Even small donations help us a lot and allow us to continue hosting tournaments. For all the streams, the donation alert will be enabled. To access the link to donate and get it shown on stream, you will only have to type !donate and Nightbot will provide you with the link. You can also always donate normally here.

We hope to see all of you sign up for this tournament. Not only are you creating quality content and entertainment by joining, you are ensuring that ESOC will continue to carry out its mission!
Hello to all those involved with Starve 1!


Tomorrow, July 18th, Starvation begins.
(What really beings is the process of herding cats, AKA getting players and casters together. That's behind-the-scenes stuff most of you don't have to worry about though).

If you haven't heard of Starve yet, please follow the link below to the information topic.

Sign-ups are now closed. Thanks to the 16 players that decided to participate, and sorry to those that had to drop out or couldn't join due to schedule conflicts. We hope to see you in the next one!



Notice to players and casters

I've had some luck getting casters to declare their availability; so far, Jerom and ZutaZuta have agreed to cast on some weekends (please see the previous Doodle Poll for information). However, to cross-reference that with players, I'll need all Starve players to please sign up for general times of availability through the tournament's 3-week expected runtime. I believe for a 16-player tourney three weeks is plenty, even for AoE3 players, and therefore I will be disqualifying players that fail to play their first-round games within the first two weeks. I will also disqualify players that fail to make a previously-agreed time commitment more than once. This does not apply to the Doodle poll below obviously; just give general times you're avaliable so we can contact you about potential times to play. Casters (and those who'd like to cast!), please give general availability here too.

Important Edit!

Please note that a subforum has come about to help schedule games. Please make a topic for your match tagging your opponent to help schedule (along with the doodle poll). There is also a subforum for recorded games; remember to record your matches and submit them there, especially if you play your matches without casters present.



As a final note, make sure you have the maps, and that they'll work on EP 2.0 (they should be in RMF and RM3). I'm attaching them here again just to make sure everyone who's playing and casting gets them.

Alright, that should do it. Thanks again to all participants and everyone who helped this event become a reality.