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The ESOC Community also develops and supports the ESOC Patch, which intends to make the game more fun to play without greatly altering it by including the following features:
  • Addition of several new exciting maps, as well as resource-balancing for classic maps
  • Balance changes which make all civilizations competitive in Supremacy games,
  • Anti-cheating countermeasures,
  • Quality of life improvements
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ESOC 2v2 Invitational FINALS

Ladies and gentleman! Are you ready for the finals of the ESOC 2v2 Invitational?! We are, and so are the players! The finals will be played on Sunday the 26th at 13 GMT. Veni_Vidi_Vici_W, one of the most experienced teamplayers will play along with Blackstar_OP, the winner of the first ESOC tournament versus PrinceofKabul, the runner-up of the ESOC 1v1 invitational along with Snowww, an awesome team and 1v1 player.

There's no reason to miss this, so tune in Sunday the 26th of February at 13 GMT on http://www.twitch.tv/esoctv for a Best of 5 between these top teams!

We hope to see you there!


Community News

Insight Studios New Year's Invitational Update - by site
We are nearing the end of the Invitational. Unfortunately there has been some scheduling difficulties due to conflicting time-zones and scheduling with the 2v2 Tournament. That aside we should soon be watching some amazing gameplay between Aragun and Jerom, which will then decide on which of them will fight the final battle vs Hazza54321! Stay tuned!

Fight Night by site
Fight Night has kicked off to an incredible start gaining a lot of attention from players, casters, and players alike. As I am writing this Kaiserklein and QueeonofDestiny are doing an outstanding job of casting a Fight Night Series. We've had a lot of great cocasters and casters showcased already and I am definitely looking forward to the future games we will see.
If you are interested in participating in a Fight Night as a streamer, caster, or player -- be sure to join the Fight Night Discord! https://discord.gg/4mfP4Dg

Fight Night has had a major change of pace in it's structure. It is now a League System! Any player PR 20+ is invited to join the Discord. When it comes time for a Fight Night we will use that Discord to form player and caster pools from players available at that time. We will then match up players as evenly as possible to see some close and competitive gameplay. Players receive points for both winning individual games and for winning series and at the end of the season the top 5 players will receive a cash prize!

Game Content

Map Scouting Guide - by Diarouga

Map Overview | Manchuria - by Darwin_

History of Shipments - Virginia Company - by BrookG


Pickup Lines - by Milku

Community Shoutouts!

1.) Fightinfrenchman
2.) Miggo99
3.) Kaiserklein
4.) QueenofDestiny

You volunteered massive amounts of your time to streaming for Fight Night and that is greatly appreciated! Shoutout to their co-casters as well!

Community Challenge!
Congratulations to Pecelot for winning the last Community Challenge on all three categories!

The next Community Challenge is to record a unique strategy with the Iroquois. Let's see who can come up with the most unique strategy!
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Insight Studios is proud to present ESOC fight night, a chance for anyone and everyone to have fun playing, casting and/or watching aoe3.

Our goal is to showoff up-and-coming players and casters as well as seasoned professionals for your entertainment and viewing pleasure. Starting today, Saturday, at 20 GMT we will spend 4 hours streaming games live on twitch. If you are interested in playing and are over pr20 you can sign up here (https://discord.gg/4mfP4Dg) or if you would like to cast please pm me or site. We will try to fit as much gameplay as possible within our 4hr timeslot and will hopefully be showing off all types of players and casters so please sign up and tune in to watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/esocsite.

We will be hosting 2 4-hour long sessions of Insight Studios Fight Night every week, one taking place from 2000-0000GMT+0 saturday and 0800-1200GMT+0 Sunday. Players will be rewarded with points for every series they play and additionally for every series they win and at the end of each season, the players with the most fight night points will win real cash prizes from a crowdfunded pool. For more information be sure to check out the official thread here: viewtopic.php?f=33&t=9493 .

We look forward to having as many people play, cast and watch as possible, but if you can't show up, be sure to check out site's YouTube channel, where all of the best gameplay will be posted. If you can, however, be sure to show up and be ready to have tons of fun. We hope to see you there!