Welcome to ESO Community, a community site for Age of Empires 3. The ESO Community strives to create a community site for AoE3 players a place to come together to discuss the game, share replays, stream the game and hang out. Tournaments are hosted seasonally with cash prizes. Check out the news posts below to see what's been going on recently.

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The ESOC Community also develops and supports the ESOC Patch, which intends to make the game more fun to play without greatly altering it by including the following features:
  • Addition of several new exciting maps, as well as resource-balancing for classic maps
  • Balance changes which make all civilizations competitive in Supremacy games,
  • Anti-cheating countermeasures,
  • Quality of life improvements
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Small ESOC Patch Update by Mr_Bramboy


Hey guys,

A new update to the ESOC Patch will be released shortly. This update is mostly meant to fix technical issues, along with updating an exploit in our anti-cheat and adding new maps! The update will automatically be downloaded as soon as you start up the launcher. Note that you need to use the launcher to download the update, running age3f.exe won't run the update.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where Visual Studios 2013 would show up as Visual Studios 2015
  • Fixed an exploit within the anti-cheat

New Maps

Added new maps. You may have already seen some of these maps in recent tournaments, namely the New Year's Invitational and the ESOC Autumn 2016 Second Chance Tournament.

1. Herald Island
2. Thar Desert
3. Malaysia
4. Gran Chaco
5. Jebel Musa
6. Lake Tahoe

Huge thanks to the developers and map makers who made this patch possible, especially @Rikikipu for making most of these maps!
By Insight Studios

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Community Shoutouts:
1.) Schmauz90, for being the #1 cumulative donor in the basement charity telethon.
2.) MCJim, for continuing to provide high quality aoe3 youtube content.
3.) The ESOC Dev Team, for making things work and producing new features for the community forums!
4.) Tilanus/Pedda, for the awesome Aoe3 Times banner!

Closing Thoughts from the Head Editor


What game is this minimap from? First person to link the video will get a shout out on the next issue!

Hey everyone!

This is just a short newspost to let you know that @evilcheadar , @fightinfrenchman , and @site raised over 1,300 dollars 1,804 dollars 1 for their event! All earnings will go to Doctors Without Borders, an organisation which helps countries who are dealing with wars. With this amount, DWB can buy for example meals for hundreds of people. This is, in my opinion, the greatest community event ever and I am proud to be a part of this community. Once again, huge props to these guys and I hope that we can take this charity initiative as an example!

The current top donator is @GoodSpeed Schmauz90! Find a full list of the donators here

Make sure to follow their twitch channel at twitch.tv/esocsite !