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As you have undoubtedly noticed thanks to our friendly Nightbot spam service twitch bot, the Media Team was actively looking for new members to join the ESOC Team. Over the past few weeks we have received a lot of great applications for the Media Team, and today we will announce the candidates that succeeded. If you applied and were not accepted, do not be sad and try to use the feedback we gave you and try again next time.

Without further ado, let's announce the new Media Team members!


Congratulations guys! We hope that you will assimilate in the ESOC Team quickly and we hope you enjoy your stay. These three will mainly be responsible for the future tournaments, so please give them a warm welcome! They will begin during the next small tournament. What kind of tournament? That's confidential.

I would also like to use this opportunity to announce some staff changes in other teams. Some new members weren't ever announced before! In the development team, we're happy to re-introduce @Rikikipu and @Ashvin in the team. They both left around the same time a few months ago but have decided to come back and they're already working on great things! Though unknown in the community, @AresS6 has joined the development team and he will be helping @tilanus with designing new badges, banners, and tournament overlays. In the community team, @kami_ryu joined the team a month ago and he has been happily working ever since. Meanwhile, @Papist has returned from a very long break and he will join the rest of the community members.

Speaking about the development team, @musketeer925 worked on two exciting new features in the past few months. The first feature that I am personally very pleased with is the thread creation tool, which allows us to create scheduling threads with one click of a button. This might seem irrelevant to you, but it saves us time and, more importantly, it allows us to store these threads automatically so we can use them for other things, namely the second exciting feature: My ESOC. My ESOC is your personal homepage. It displays your pending tournament games, map pool, and scheduling thread. It also automatically converts the GMT time to the time in your country, to avoid problems with converting timezones. Note that in order to see your pending tournament games, the results of your previous series have to be submitted first. You can find your My ESOC page by clicking the link down below. note: my esoc is currently not working due to a bug. this will be fixed soon.

RO8 is here! by edeholland


Written by @n0el

The matches are scheduled and the round of 8 is right around the corner. This weekend, the ESOC Spring championship for 2017 moves one step closer to crowning a champion. Will it be the defending champion, LordRaphael? Can BlackStar_OP regain the glory and take the crown back? Or will one of the other six contenders step up and establish themselves as the new power player on the scene. Tune in this weekend to find out!

Match #1: Mitoe vs. snowww (Saturday 16 GMT)
In the opening match of the round of 8, birthday boy Mitoe takes on snowww. Mitoe has always seemed like he is on the verge of making a deep run in the ESOC seasonal championship but has thrown away series leads in the last two events. Can he seal the deal against snowww? Snowww seems to be gaining steam as the tournament progresses. He needed a reverse sweep to survive Optimus_Prime but then dismantled last season’s 3rd place finisher mongo10 in a convincing 3-0.

Match #2: LordRaphael vs. Stanley_Wiston (Saturday 18:30 GMT)
The defending champion overcame a serious threat from betting master GoodSpeed in the round of 16 but managed to hold on by taking the final game in an Aztec mirror, will the same be true in the round of 8? His challenger, Stanley_Winston has had an interesting run so far. After originally wanting to drop out of the tournament before the bracket stage started, he took down his first two opponents without losing a game. In the round of 16, it again took him to the final game in the series before taking the win over KINGofOsmane with solid Aztec play.

Match #3: BlackStar_OP vs. Tit (Sunday 10 GMT)
In the opening match on Sunday, we will see BlackStar_OP continue his quest to regain the title. His play so far has lived up to the hype as he is the only one of two players in the round of 8 who has yet to drop a game. His opponent, Tit, has also shown some very strong play and has been the surprise of the tournament so far. While dealing with chants of “well lagged” in the Twitch chat, he has rolled through the first trashcan, magimagi and SomppuKunkku. On paper, this looks like one of the best matchups of this round but in reality we might expect to see BlackStar continue his roll to the finals.

Match #4: KaiserKlein vs. Knuschelbär
In the final match of the weekend, we see famous caster QueenofDestiny’s boy toy KaiserKlein take on Knusch. Both of these players are relative new comers to this level of the tournament, but neither can be taken lightly. With BlackStar, Knusch is the other player to make it to this point without dropping a game. Kaiser has been strong, but has shown that he can be beaten while losing games to both Tedere12 and IAmSoldieR. Can Knusch continue his roll or will show the French communities power and move on.

As always, match sure to tune in at!

The stream schedule can be found here

Hey everyone!

The RO16
After yet another exciting weekend, sixteen participants have managed to fight their way out of the RO32. Haven't been keeping up with the competitive scene? You can watch back the entire tournament in this playlist. Four series have already been scheduled, so make sure to check out the stream schedule down below. We hope that everyone is enjoying the tournament thus far and we are looking forward to more great games!

The stream schedule can be found here

Forum Badges
A few months ago, we announced that we would be working on forum badges. Today, we've released the first batch of these badges: donator badges. You will unlock higher tiers of this badge for donating more. See the table below for the exact amount needed per badge. Currently, all badges have been granted using info from February 2016 to the present. If you donated before that or if you believe the donation amount shown is off, please contact us! Please note your donated amount might be off due to currency exchange (i.e €5.00 donated ≠ $5.00 donated)

Thanks to @tilanus for these magnificent badges!


Second Chance Tournament
Just like during the last tournament, we are hosting a second chance tournament again. The rules are largely the same, with the exception of the new veto rule, which was also present in the main tournament. For those of you who are not familiar with the concept of the second chance tournament, the second chance tournament is, as the name implies, a second chance to win the tournament. You may only sign up for the second chance tournament if you participated in the main tournament and if you did not get to the RO32. You can sign up until Sunday.

Sign-ups can be found here

Media Team Applications
Applications for the media team may still be submitted until June 4th. If you missed the previous news post, you can find more information here