written by: GiveUAnxiety

Hello everyone, the first Age of Empires Online tournament since the games return under the Celeste server has concluded. I would like to thank ESOC for forming the partnership with AOE:O and for their support in helping to run this event. I also would like to thank everyone that helped contribute to running this tournament, and of course a big thanks to @Zutazuta for funding the tournament! As with everything new, there were ups and down in this tournament. Forming the AOE:O and ESOC partnership meant getting a lot of new people involved and working with ESOC. The transition can be a little difficult when so many things are done at once and new people are getting implemented into the ESOC team, just like in any business.

I believe we have progressed a lot and things are running smoothly now. The tournament was very exciting to stream, commentate in and play in. In the early rounds of the tournament there were lots of series that were decided 2-0 or 3-0. However as we got into the later rounds the series became very intense and were very close until the end.

TheMista ultimately ended up taking 1st place in the tournament with a 4-2 victory over cG_ZertoN. Looking at cG_ZertoN's road to the finals showed many very close series. cG_ZertoN lost to cG_Eery in the winner's bracket in a 4-3 series. Zerton then moved to the loser's bracket where he beat GiveUAnxiety 4-3. After that Zerton Beat cG_Carnge 4-3. Then Zerton beat cG_Eery 4-3. Then Zerton ended up losing to TheMista in the finals 4-2.

How often do we see tournaments where 4 straight series end in a 4-3 nail biter? This just shows that the top 6 players or so are each very close to one anothers skill level and on any day their series can go one way or another. If you are interested in watching the recorded streams you can watch them on the ESOC youtube channel.

Age Of Empires Online is free to play! I encourage everyone to give this great game a try. Download it for free @
This is just the beginning of the plans for Age of Empires Online. We love hosting tournaments, and we will definitely have more tournaments in the future! If you are interested in helping fund future AOEO tournaments you can donate here. Otherwise just sit back and enjoy the streams!

Final tournament placements in the Zutazuta Classic:

1 - TheMista
2 - cG_ZertoN
3 - cG_Eery
4 - cG_Carnage
5th and 6th place: GiveUAnxiety & cG_RecoN
7th & 8th place: Borg & IAmSoldieR
Note: This schedule is subject to change at any time. We always try to stream as much as possible, however, matches in this schedule may not be casted due to the lack of casters available at specific times. Series which are stricken through are being played, but not streamed. Want to get your match casted? Schedule a specific (GMT) time and tag the media team. This schedule will be updated as more matches are scheduled. Every match will be streamed on

All times are in GMT.

Saturday (18/11)
17:00 - 18:30
hleung vs. brookg

18:30 - 20:00
flontier vs. rsy

Sunday (19/11)
17:00 - 18:30
deadrising78 vs. queenofdestiny (betting match)

bwinner vs. purple_squid (betting match)

look_tom vs. pikilic