Announcing the Autumn Tournament 2018! by CurassierAndCurassier

Coming Soon: Grand Tour Finals and The Autumn Championship

We have big news at ESOC this week!

The Weekend Tours Finals
  • Semi-Finals - Mitoe vs Knuschelbar at 18:30 GMT Today
  • Finals - Kaiserklein vs Todays Winner on Sunday July 1st
The next major is coming - Autumn Tournament 2018
  • Sign-ups open August 15th
  • Matches begin September 1st
  • We have a new format coming - Stay tuned for details
A new media team for our new events. Welcome QueenOfdestiny, Cometk, princeofcarthage, Mitoe!

Still wanting more? Read the full article from CurassierAndCurassier on all the action.
Live Now! Semi Final #2 - Mitoe vs Knuschelbar [BO 5] Only On -> ESOCTV!
>>>Playoffs Bracket<<<
>>>Playoffs Stream Schedule<<<
The exciting conclusion to the first season of Weekend Tournaments!
Please welcome this season's Playoffs Roster!

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The playoffs will take place as a single-elimination tournament, with the Round of 8 and Semi-finals being played as Best-of-5s leading to a Grand Finals played as a Best-of-9. Qualifier matches will be played with the same rules as the RO8/Semi-finals. The seeding for the playoffs is arranged first by Season 1 Points and second by 1v1 JP ELO.

Map Pool, Map Rules and Civilization Rules

Round of 8 and Semi-finals Map Pool (Bo5)
Fertile Crescent / Great Basin / Bonnie Springs / Gran Chaco / Hudson Bay / Florida / Alaska

Grand Finals Map Pool (Bo9)
Mendocino / Iowa / Kamchatka / Herald Island / Colorado / Arizona / Parallel Rivers / Thar Desert / Baja California / Manchuria / Florida / Alaska / Cascade Range

Map & Civilization Rules
For Game 1, players will veto maps in alternating fashion until just 1 map remains. The higher seed player will initiate the vetoing. The last map remaining will be the map played upon for Game 1.

After Game 1, the winner of the previous match will ban a single (1) map from the map pool, or two (2) maps if it is the Grand Finals. The loser of the previous match will then select a map from the remaining pool to be played and the winner will lock his civilization. The loser will then choose his civilization and the next game will commence.

There will be no civilization resets during a series. After you've used a civilization, it may not be used again.

Example flow of map rules

Prize Pool

- $300 USD distributed as $150 to 1st place, $70 to 2nd place, and $40 for 3rd/4th place
- One-of-a-kind forum badge

Thank you everyone for participating in Season 1 of the ESOC Grand Tour, and good luck to our competitors!