There is little to prove save merit, or perhaps, that is so much to prove: the merit players yearn for - the merit that can propel one beyond the rank of simple major or perhaps the merit that warrants an upcoming, dangerous new adversary the necessary attention he deserves.

The finals of the Spring ESOC Second Chance Tournament are fast approaching! Watch as newcomer prodigy Butifle takes on former colonel and slaughterer-of-legends Look_tom! Both claimed their place 4-3 in the semifinals. Both ache for the demonetized title claiming competitive superiority! How great is their thirst for acknowledgement? How great is the potential for future esteem?

Tune in tomorrow (yes - short notice - sorry!), Tuesday at 16:00 GMT to watch two contenders contend for it all, or rather, contend for nothing at all! It’s the Second Chance Finals, an exhibition of almost-but-not-quite great player skill thrown into the cohorts of demanding ESOC viewership to be deemed worthwhile or worthless! Will you or will you not witness the next step of a young prodigy’s journey? Will you look to see look_tom return to his former glory?

The ZutaZuta Classic by sircallen


Age of Empires... Online? Yeah, Age of Empires Online. It’s here. It’s back. It’s new and it’s old, too, but mostly, it’s exciting. Some amazing people have accomplished some amazing things in bringing the latest installment of our favorite RTS series back from the clutches of corporate cost-saving slashes and server shutdowns.

It is in this spirit of newfound enthusiasm ESOC proudly announces the first of her new tournaments: the ZutaZuta Classic, christened after the streamer/caster/player personality ZutaZuta fully funded its $500 prizepool. Has Zuta discovered the science behind money-growing trees? Or perhaps he has uncovered the secrets behind the more cryptic art of sensible personal finance? Answers to these questions and more we many never know, but know this - his generous donation has served as the catalyst to this operation. To him we extend a hearty “thank you!”

Although no set start date exists rest assured it will take place. Let us welcome back our prodigal sibling - hard feelings, if present, cast aside - with open arms and an attitude of kindred adventure!

Please note the Classic is fully funded - any future donations will be set aside for upcoming ESOC events. Moving forward users will now be able to specify which game they would like their donation be applied to.

Hello guys,

As you've probably noticed, the Media Team was actively looking for new members to join the ESOC Team. Once again, we're proud to welcome @sircallen @chrisie and @JakeyBoyTH. What you probably don't know is the reason behind it. What you don't yet know is the roles everyone is going to have. For the sake of transparency, we will inform you about this in this post.

Currently, every schedule and every stream is being coordinated by Bram and I. This task basically exists out of four things: helping people to schedule during the week, creating a streaming schedule, arranging casters, and managing/coordinating the stream. Especially the last thing requires a lot of time and effort. When there are 4 streams a week during the early stages of the tournament (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday), one of us has to be here to coordinate well between casters and players. This primarily means telling the streamers and players what to and when. When either Bram or I are not here due to personal reasons or vacation, there's only one person left who has to do the full process of scheduling games, arranging casters and coordinating the stream. After being there helping to arrange 3/5 big tournaments (Winter 2015, Autumn 2016 and Spring 2017) and several smaller events, Bram and I feel like we're done with it and want to focus on other things within ESOC.
You guessed right: We were lacking manpower! Luckily we now have enough people to continue doing our job, but the new additions will result in different responsibilities from now on. These are listed below:

:food: Mr_Bramboy: Media Team Leader. Closely monitors media team members and makes sure the team works together efficiently.
:wood: MCJim: Social Media Manager (YouTube (ESOCTV), Twitch, Facebook, Twitter). Also involved in organizing events.
:export: Chrisie10101: Twitch stream manager, helping the players to schedule and helping to organize new events.
:coin: JakeyBoyTH: Twitch stream manager, helping the players to schedule and helping to organize new events.
:pop: SirCallen: News Post Writer. Writes about events, the ESOC team, and the ESOC Patch.

As you can see, Bram and I are not primarily responsible for the streams anymore. This does not mean that the quality of the streams will deteriorate, as we will still be involved behind the scenes to make sure everything is done correctly. Chrisie and Jakey will take over these tasks from now on. They have already proven themselves in the past weeks and we are very enthusiastic about their future work!

It always feels a bit sad to quit one of the most important jobs. To share my knowledge with the other Media Team members and with you, I'm proud to release the Step-by-step guide to a successful stream management. It's written by me and translated by Mr_Bramboy. The goal internally is to guide new media team members. The goal for the public is to increase our transparency and to allow the public to see how we work. The guide can be found down below. Take a look if you are interested, of course it's not obligated. The guide can be viewed in Dutch and English.

We hope to have informed you sufficiently. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask them down below! :biggrin: