Today at Gamescom 2017, Microsoft made a few huge announcements regarding the Age of Empires series. First, Age of Empires: Definitive Edition will be released on Thursday, October 19th. The game is a remake of the original RTS from the series which was released 20 years ago.

In a second bit of great and unexpected news, the stream ended (almost) with an announcement that in addition to the defenitive edition for AoE1, both AoE2 and AGE OF EMPIRES 3 will be getting a refresh. That's right, Age of Empires 3 will be getting a update! Discuss it here!

The biggest news of all of course is the announcement of Age of Empires 4. Little is known at this time but certainly the trailer hints at perhaps a continuation of the march through history that the first three games in the series have undertaken. Discuss AoE4 here!


Hello everyone! We have some important information for September 3rd!

Go to the store. Get snacks. Get drinks. It’s time for some long games that will not only show the endurance of the players but also of the watchers. We’re proud to introduce a brand new tournament - a 2v2 NR40 treaty tournament! We are excited to showcase this event that has been organized by none other than our own @queenofdestiny! People have been clamoring for such a tournament, so she took matters into her own hands and made it happen. So strap yourself in, enjoy the build up, and get ready for some explosions!

Sign ups
Prize pool - $200 PLUS any donations from the tournament streams as well as fabulous individuals. Signups will be opened this Monday, August 21st. The tournament will start at September the 3rd. All games will be played on the ESOC Treaty Patch. Max combined treaty elo is 4700 for your team. Start searching for a teammate. It’s time you had one anyway, playing treaty with random people is never quite as fun!
Sign up here:

Map pool consists of the following:
- ESOC Andes UI 2.2
- Toluca UI 2.2
- ESOC Northern California UI 2.2

Until semi-finals, every game is a BO1. Each team has the right to veto 1 map, and the team with the higher combined elo picks their veto first.
The semi-finals and finals will be a BO3. There will be no map vetoes. However, to add a slight twist, each team will be able to veto 1 civ from being played by the other team. For example, team 1 vetoes team 2 from playing Germany, thus neither player in team 2 is allowed to play Germany for that round. The team with the higher elo will pick their civ veto first.

The full rules will be released on Monday!

Important links
Sign up here:
Read the rules here: TBA

Download the patch here:
Join the discord server here:

Good luck everyone! Stay hydrated. Enjoy the ride. But most of all, have fun! :flowers: