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All times are in GMT.

Saturday (18/11)
17:00 - 18:30
hleung vs. brookg

18:30 - 20:00
flontier vs. rsy

Sunday (19/11)
17:00 - 18:30
deadrising78 vs. queenofdestiny (betting match)

bwinner vs. purple_squid (betting match)

look_tom vs. pikilic

Place your bets! by Goodspeed


Mortals and jesus3,

The Autumn tournament group stages are over and with that, betting begins. Long have we all waited for another opportunity to prove we know the AoE3 competitive scene better than everyone else. Yet clouds of uncertainty block our otherwise clear view of things. Will this be one of those tournaments where upsets are an everyday occurrence? Certainly there is potential for this, as the new patch version was released close to the start of the event and some of the changes were... how shall I put this... crazy. Seriously who came up with this steaming pile of crap?

Practice will matter more than ever. Established names will be faced with play styles they haven't seen before. And due to the prevalence of solid water maps in the pool as well as 70w fishing boats, almost everyone will have to face the fact that water is now much more of a possibility than we are used to. Not everyone will be comfortable with this, and some may be surprisingly comfortable with it. Do we throw our points on players who may not be the most mechanically sound, but are known to find new ways to play? Or is our establishment, if you will, unfazed by the changes?

Time will tell. Perhaps success will come to betters who do their homework. Those who keep an eye on players' match history, perhaps even ask the players how confident they are going into a match. Indeed, there are many ways to get ahead in betting. Or, just maybe, success will come to those who get lucky and win thousands of points by betting on a result everyone else overlooked. If history is any indication, the latter will happen more than once.

With the new patch and the stacked tournament, this betting event will undoubtedly be one of the best we've seen. Fireworks are inevitable. Precious points will be lost. Tears will be shed. Family members and neighbours alike will lose sleep over the random cries of "Noooooo!" or "Yaaasss!" coming from our betters' places of operation. For there can be only one. Only one who knows better than everyone else, only one who takes home the $100. Will it be you? Statistically, no, unless your name is zoom. But maybe yes.

Behold below the first 5 betting matches. Scheduling info will appear on your personal sheets when available.
iamturk vs MacacoAlbino
bwinner vs purple_squid
deadrising78 vs QueenOfdestiny
kokiloki vs Jerimuno
EAGLEMUT vs theonlybaus

If you signed up for betting, a link to your personal sheet is in your inbox.
If you haven't signed up yet, you can still do so by posting a reply to the signups thread or sending me a message.

It's time to place your bets! Best of luck to all. May the luckiest best gambler win.

Note: Future betting updates will be in the discussion thread.
For those not participating, you can view the standings here.