ESOC WarChiefs Classic by sircallen

Starting in just 10 days ESOC will begin hosting the WarChiefs Classic, a tournament which will guarantee a native civilization (Sioux, Aztec, Iroquois) be played in every single map and matchup from start to end. The tournament, inspired and funded by well known native infatuator iwillspankyou, is currently open to signups for all players that meet the PR 15 and above requirement. Native civilizations are notoriously under played - an event which relies upon a player’s knowledge and depth of these civilizations will force players out of their euro-centric comfort zones and into exciting matchups the community rarely sees.

For a full run down on rules and civilization picks and pools please visit the ESOC WarChiefs Classic: Rules and Tournament Info.

To sign up and monitor your matches use the new My ESOC Tool!
The ESOC Spring Tournament 2017 has concluded! What a successful tournament it was! Congratulations to @BlackStar_OP, the new trophy-holder! We find it really important to show as many games to the community as possible. Every match could be a potential stream. So thanks for signing up! Not only are you creating quality content and entertainment by joining, you are ensuring that ESOC will continue to carry out its mission! We can feel satisfied!

I’d like to give all casters a big shout-out! Below is a graph that shows the amount of casted series done by them (including group stage). Without our casters, the tournament wouldn’t be enjoyable to follow. There wouldn’t even be a tournament at all!

A big shout-out to @chrisie @edeholland @Jerom @sircallen @Interjection @WickedCossack @n0el @_H2O @Rikikipu @forgrin @jesus3 @giveuanxiety @Kaiserklein @queenofdestiny @macacoalbino @Dror @Vinyanenya @kami_ryu @stanleywinston @niedhalf @BlackStar_OP and @Veni_Vidi_Vici_W.

And everyone who helped making this possible @MCJim @Mr_Bramboy @chrisie @JakeyBoyTH @sircallen @tilanus @AresS6 @musketeer925 @pecelot @Mitoe @Garja @Rikikipu @Durokan @_H2O @n0el @edeholland @Vinyanenya and @Buckethead :flowers:
And to YOU, @all players and @viewers!

Amount of series caster per caster

Compared with the previous tournament, we now have a lot of new casters! Due to this, we managed to cast 48% of all series played from RO128 to finals (excluded group stage).


Note that you can still apply for caster! Would you like to cast some games, solo or with a co-caster, do not hesitate and send us a sample! We will listen to it and give you our fair opinion, along with tips to improve. Keep in mind that we will select our casters for tournaments based on availability, casting skill and game knowledge. In case we have a positive feeling about these factors, you have a possibility to become a main caster of ESOCTV! From that moment, we can ask you whenever we want to cast a series. You can, however, always decide not to cast, we will never force you to cast a series. Everything is completely voluntary based. Is this something you would like doing? Send me a message including your ESO name and a sample of a casted match. You can either send a file to us or upload it on YouTube. If you have any questions, please contact us!

Finally, the sign-ups for the The WarChiefs Classic tournament are NOW open! You can sign up via MyESOC: my-esoc.php
You can find the rules here: viewtopic.php?f=308&t=11301
We now use badges for tournament winners, so that's an extra reason to sign up!

We hope you guys enjoyed and we are looking forward to see you again! If you have any feedback, please post it here: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=11303

- The ESOC Team

BlackStar_OP vs LordRaphael
SUNDAY JUNE 11TH -- 15:00 GMT Casted by Interjection & Veni_Vidi_Vici_W

A fairytale run through a tough bracket is something special. A sort of magical air can surround a player who completes upset after upset, who gains the crowd's favor as a vanquisher of the elite, a crusader who quests onwards, who overcomes obstacle after obstacle in fantasy-esque triumph.

There are no fairy tales today, friends.

When the brackets were first released two months ago two names alone stood above all others, pitted against each other, each opposite the other in the crooked road to the finals. It is these two names that yet still stand. Previous champions BlackStar_OP and LordRaphael will, this Sunday, finally go head-to-head in the match that was meant to be, as two paladins competing for the sweet affection of fair maiden “One Thousand USD.” They hoist their lances level, points aimed at hearts, armed with dangerous uhlan semi ff’s and powerful jan-abus rushes.

There were contenders, of course. Dark horses of the likes of Mitoe and Kaiserklein but horses they were and horses they remained, no match for the knights who proved themselves their masters.

It is now the masses excite, eager to congregate and bear witness as two giants attempt to fell the other. There has never been a two-time ESOC tournament champion yet that very title lies at stake this weekend, ready for the taking. Who can claim themselves king? Who can claim themselves the most accomplished modern-era Age of Empires 3 player?

The dust has settled. The ground now lies ready for battle.