About Us

Welcome to eso-community.net, we are a community site for Age of Empires 3. We invite you to check out ESOC and hopefully join our forums.

This site was founded in 2015 with the explicit purpose of hosting an AoE3 tournament: The Age of Empires 3 Spring Championships. The ending finals was one of the most exciting matches to ever take place in Age of Empires 3. You can check out that match here. This tournament was indeed so successful, that a few people decided that the site used to host the tournament should be revamped a bit and turned into a true community site. Thus, ESO Community was born.

Since then, ESOC has grown into a full-blown community site. We're looking to provide AoE3 players a place to come together to discuss the game, share replays, stream the game and hang out. If you're also a new player to Age of Empires 3, you should absolutely check out Veni_Vidi_Vici_W's Guide for New Players! Please also take note of our side-bar, which holds a lot of information, such as live-streams currently playing Age of Empires 3. As an Age of Empires player yourself, you should probably join ESOC and check out everything else we have to offer.

We continue to host tournaments on a regular basis; they now take up the name of "Age of Empires 3 Seasonal Championships", or ASC. All tournament games are streamed on our own Twitch channel at twitch.tv/esoctv. These tournaments are funded entirely by community members; in fact donations are still open today. You can check that out on this page. We also have betting events for these tournaments.

ESOC has also decided to look into supporting Age of Empires 3 via its "ESOC Patch". This is essentially a patch which we have put together with the following goals in mind:

  • Addition of several new exciting maps, as well as resource-balancing for classic maps
  • Balance changes which make all civilizations competitive in Supremacy games
  • Anti-cheating countermeasures
  • Quality of life improvements

The patch has been worked on by established members of the AoE3 modding scene, the excellent map-maker Garja, as well as the best competitive AoE3 players currently playing. We are looking to do anything we can to make the AoE3 online experience as best as possible; it's absolutely something worth checking out if you are interested in AoE3, regardless of skill level. Naturally, the usage of this patch does not hinder a player's ability to play on the official "Patch 1.03". Installation of the ESOC patch is also very easy, so there is little reason not to at least try it out! You can download our patch by finding the appropriate link in the left side-bar.

We are ESO Community and we would not mind having you join our forums, our tournaments or trying out the patch. We do everything we can to provide an inclusive community for anyone playing Age of Empires 3. Be sure to check out our home-page for AoE3 related news.