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Italy Garja
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30 Sep 2016, 16:34

TPs have little to do with ports being good. On non TP map they would be even better vs other TP civs.
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United States of America Darwin_
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30 Sep 2016, 16:40

Garja wrote:TPs have little to do with ports being good. On non TP map they would be even better vs other TP civs.

Yeah they really dont, but they are better with one, as most civs are.
Hazza54321 wrote:Holy fuck an autobiography
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Brazil macacoalbino
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30 Sep 2016, 17:52

Garja wrote:TPs have little to do with ports being good. On non TP map they would be even better vs other TP civs.

But they are better vs non tp civs that can't slam a TC in the middle of the map to control the line.
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New Zealand zoom
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11 Dec 2016, 21:36

Found some gems:
zoom wrote:
thebritish wrote:
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whats the difference? brits need more hunts then ports for sure.
1 musketeer is 75 fod-1 cassador to counter it is 80 food
1 hussar is 120 food-1 goon is 90 food to counter it
when you sum it all, its 195 food vs 170 food.

-Basically brits need more hunts than ports, and you still want to buff ports and make them perfect civ. why?

Are you really asking me how British and Portuguese are different?

For the last time: Please stop discussing British in the Purtuguese Discussion Thread. If you want to ask for buffs to the British then do so in the relevant thread. Focus on the Portuguese civilization here.
zoom wrote:
thebritish wrote:You are asking irrelevant buffs for the portuquese civ, thats why

I'm just giving thoughts and suggestions. If you want to cry about British as a result then do so in the British Discussion Thread and stop spamming this thread with off-topic posts, please.

Also, I don't think you're using the word "irrelevant" correctly.
thebritish wrote:Ports are already too OP to be buffed more.
If you think their military is weak, make vills only from 1 TC instead of 3TC in early-mid fortress and you will need to make more barracks and stable instead of one barrack and 1 stable, so you can spend you resources in military.

I still dont understand, are you all dumb or what.
They cant make vills from 3 TC's (or techically boom and have enougn military to fight).
If you all thing they should, then why not allow France to boom from 3 TC's and have enough military. not okay, ha?
Then stop whining and think when you will know have fresh mind
Atomiswave wrote:
thebritish wrote:
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Ports currently 4 or 5 in tier list, 4 if you play on water map.

1 is the worst, 5 is the best?

No, the other way around. Currently Port is the weakest civ along with Spain.
thebritish wrote:
zoom wrote:
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That sounds completely unreasonable, unlike my above suggestion.

cassadors are even better than all skirms out there (even lbows) and if you make them cheaper, they will become OP and with the 20 range goons, ports will become the best civ and will demolish everyone once it gets in age 4