Germany lordraphael
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03 Sep 2016, 20:43

I won
[[MosX] Mitoe(Dutch) Vs [ssMgc] LordRaphael(Dutch) - STARVE Mendocino UI(2,062) - Supremacy(.age3Yrec
(979.13 KiB) Downloaded 44 times
[[MosX] Mitoe(Iroquois) Vs [ssMgc] LordRaphael(Iroquois) - STARVE Adirondacks UI (2,062) - Supremacy(.age3Yrec
(966.41 KiB) Downloaded 44 times
[[MosX] Mitoe(Indian) Vs [ssMgc] LordRaphael(Indian) - STARVE Cascade range UI(2,062) - Supremacy(.age3Yrec
(1017.52 KiB) Downloaded 42 times
breeze wrote:they cant even guess how much f***ing piece of stupid retarded they look they are trying to give lesson to people who are over pr35 and know the best mu. im pretty sure that we need a page that only pr30+ post and then we could have a nice discussins.
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Netherlands momuuu
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03 Sep 2016, 20:43

grats rapha.

"When life give you incompetence, participate in the betting" - Jerom, winner of autumn betting, 2016
"but wer eyiu playig a gainst someone as magnificent as jerom? thats wha ti thogutb jerom is a beaaitful human being"- Mr_Bramboy
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Poland pecelot
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03 Sep 2016, 22:11

@forgrin here comes the money
wołk :food:
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Canada Mitoe
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03 Sep 2016, 23:15

The throooooows

More quality pitches in this series than a major league baseball game XD
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Canada forgrin
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04 Sep 2016, 00:19

pecelot wrote:@forgrin here comes the money

Indeed. @lordraphael , congrats! @Mitoe and you, PM me and we'll figure out the prize money.

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New Zealand zoom
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04 Sep 2016, 01:18

Congratulations to Mitoe and Rafufu. Thank you kindly to casters, organizers and players!
sudmakmak wrote:This patch Keshik don't have buff anti cavalry = noob patch2.0
and don't have nerf hard japan = noob patch2.0
because all more noob player at this patch = noob logic.
or they maybe have boyfriend.(japanese boyfriend fuck your ass them)
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Netherlands MCJim
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04 Sep 2016, 17:59

:food: AoE3 YouTube channel:
:wood: AoE3 Twitch channel:
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Germany aligator92
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04 Sep 2016, 18:07

if anybody is still wondering why building rotater would give a huge advantage watch game 2 and witness the tragedy of the farm wall
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Germany aligator92
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04 Sep 2016, 18:09

also congrats to LordRaphael and Mitoe, please consider typing less and winning more tournaments

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