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No Flag bugattivitesse
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07 Jan 2017, 02:36

Doesn't it make more sense to just go up with 17? That would get the age 2 age up perfect as soon as the vils are trained. What is the benefit for waiting for 2 more batches?
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Singapore milku3459
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07 Jan 2017, 02:48

I was going to say "no one goes up with 23 LOL i always go up with 14" then I realised "23" didn't make sense to the point where it probably wasn't even an Aizamk strat, so I checked if I was on the Treaty forums.
I was right.
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No Flag ovi12
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07 Jan 2017, 02:50

My guess is that your age 3 time is faster if you age with 23 vills rather than 17. The only benefit of rushing to age 2 is steel traps.
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India gh0st
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07 Jan 2017, 02:57

wait, wut
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United States of America dicktator_
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07 Jan 2017, 04:25

Yeah the point is to click up to 3 as soon as you are aged to 2. You can try it with 20 vills but unless you get good treasures your TC is usually idled for ~10 seconds. With 23 you can also get steel traps as soon as you're up to age 2, and if you sent wood trickle you can age to 2 with 2 vills instead of 400w (with trickle and 23v ageup you still have enough wood when you reach age 3).
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Netherlands momuuu
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07 Jan 2017, 11:45

It probably results in a faster age up time to age 3 like dicktator says. Why?

Well imagine aging with 17 vills, for the duration of the age up you will (obviously) have 17 vills gathering, and then you create two sets of 3 more and then you go to age 3. If you make 23 villagers, you will have 6 more villagers gathering during transition from age 1 to age 2 which gives a clear boost in the amount of resources you collect.

The one other factor is market upgrades, and then steel traps in particular, but apperantly getting steel traps earlier does not make up for missing 6 villagers for the duration of that age up. I hope I explained the 'mathematical' concept somewhat clearly.

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07 Jan 2017, 21:26

23, if you get your macro right. Otherwise, 26.
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