Greece tedere12
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08 Jan 2017, 22:42

Tedere12_Russia_VS_bwinner_British_ESOC Hudson Bay.age3Yrec
(980.73 KiB) Downloaded 7 times
Tedere12_France_VS_bwinner_France_ESOC Pampas Sierras.age3Yrec
(918.45 KiB) Downloaded 5 times
Tedere12_British_VS_bwinner_Portuguese_ESOC Indonesia.age3Yrec
(1.07 MiB) Downloaded 5 times
bwinner_Russia_VS_Tedere12_China_ESOC Manchuria.age3Yrec
(961.08 KiB) Downloaded 8 times
[[stln] bwinner(Russians) Vs [DITC] Tedere12(British) Vs FightinFrenchman(Portuguese) Vs [[TΣ]] duolckrad(Chinese) - ST_Herald_Island - Supremacy].age3Yrec
(848.88 KiB) Downloaded 8 times
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France Kaiserklein
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08 Jan 2017, 23:07

Nice rec names
kickass_OP wrote:lbs vs cavs no is good

look wrote:Detail, garja was cattle for slaughter in my hands.

look wrote:I have something in particular against Kaisar (GERMANY NOOB mercenary LAMME FOREVER) And the other people (noobs) like suck kaiser ... just this ..
Palestine Mimsy for President
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08 Jan 2017, 23:12

Yesh, I'm getting pranked..!
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United States of America Vinyanenya
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09 Jan 2017, 01:56

Could you use the result submission tool for this?
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Poland pecelot
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09 Jan 2017, 12:20

I bet the ear won at least one of these FFAs :hmm:
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Germany Akechi_Mitsuhide
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ESO: Akechi_Mitsuhide

09 Jan 2017, 16:15

Tedere won 3-2?
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India gh0st
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09 Jan 2017, 16:17

Akechi_Mitsuhide wrote:Tedere won 3-2?

yep, How can you not get that by looking at the image in "spoiler" ? :biggrin:
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No Flag fightinfrenchman
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11 Jan 2017, 07:34

Great Britain Hazza54321
Posts: 3297

12 Jan 2017, 14:20

Vanquisher of the bloser
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