Great Britain Hazza54321
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20 Mar 2017, 19:21

do you deliberately try to be the biggest cunt or is it just a gene
Venividivici_w: i heard h20 signed up last minute. Prob waited for roby not signing up so he wouldnt get smashed again
My recently started youtube channel: ... 15ZhFONCBg
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Hungary Dsy
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20 Mar 2017, 19:25

Cover mod should be removed from china explorer aswell. Too bad its like a terminator with the bug. These explorers already strong without cover mod.
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New Zealand zoom
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20 Mar 2017, 19:40

Hazza54321 wrote:do you deliberately try to be the biggest cunt or is it just a gene
Funny. Given this thread, I could have sworn you must be writing to yourself.
sudmakmak wrote:This patch Keshik don't have buff anti cavalry = noob patch2.0
and don't have nerf hard japan = noob patch2.0
because all more noob player at this patch = noob logic.
or they maybe have boyfriend.(japanese boyfriend fuck your ass them)
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Poland pecelot
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20 Mar 2017, 21:38

Please, stop those personal remarks in such a beautiful and promising thread for the community :flowers:
wołk :food:
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Germany 666_X
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20 Mar 2017, 22:25

Isn't Garja in the EP team? if so I like that he is at least self aware of the overwhelming awesomeness that is the EP 3!
risi12345 : jerom ist fine
risi12345 : u make sam epiki wuth 700 Wood one barak
Hardcoar : what does the following have in common? 1. tibia best team-player;. 2. noel top seed of anything. 3. this game.
Hardcoar : all are indications of a #stronkera

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