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Netherlands momuuu
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07 Apr 2017, 20:15

We are trying to figure that out lemmings, so far we're not too succesful though. All I can say is stay tuned for more information on that question.

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Sweden Gendarme
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07 Apr 2017, 20:21

Don't hold your breath, though.
duck wrote:man it really sucks when you have to agree with gendarme on things
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Spain NekoBerk
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07 Apr 2017, 20:30

Is thish that kind of famous posts that promote tension, stress and violence in the community? because all i read is people blaming and flamming
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Kiribati SirCallen
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07 Apr 2017, 21:53

NekoBerk wrote:Is thish that kind of famous posts that promote tension, stress and violence in the community? because all i read is people blaming and flamming

and I quote the original statement
some esoc staff member wrote:Hello peeps,

as you may have noticed, the ESOC website has been under a denial-of-service attack for the past day, resulting in a lot of downtime on the services we normally offer. Our team has fought a tough battle with the attackers to bring ESOC back online and keep it that way (thanks Buckethead for helping out!). Unfortunately, I cannot yet say we are safe, but know that we are doing all we can to stay afloat and add protective measures against these types of attacks.

Please stay patient and be careful to not lose any important unsaved posts as we work through this issue, since there may be periods of downtime again.

Thank you for understanding.

Idk about you but reading that does not necessarily incite any feelings of tension, stress and violence that were not already present in me to begin with, such that I might use this post specifically to convince myself, a sort of (in)valid excuse, to express those views anyways rather than taking the post for what it is at face value: a simple explanation of esoc's recent and noticeable down time. Basically it's everyone elses' fault.
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United States of America _H2O
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07 Apr 2017, 21:57

How reasonable! :)
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Kiribati SirCallen
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07 Apr 2017, 22:00

zoom wrote:It does. Conversely, the community has the right to ban me.

You're making it an easier decision day by day, I feel.

Instead, try having no real, substantial opinions about anything like myself, or rather, never truly express them, and live in ever-safety, never explicitly diverging from the masses and never thinking critically for yourself.

I get along with everyone, and conversely, I do not get along with anyone.

Can't say it hasn't worked so far!
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United States of America noissance
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07 Apr 2017, 22:03

The website connection is kinda lame today, sometimes its irresponsive. I assume updates are happening or something.
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New Zealand zoom
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07 Apr 2017, 23:47

lemmings121 wrote:
zoom wrote:
lemmings121 wrote:erm,... i'm not talking about neuron or diarouga, i didnt say any name. lol
Actually, you did. I didn't.
wtf is wrong with you?
As is evident (although not from our exchange; what I'm saying is technically completely correct), quite some things.
sudmakmak wrote:This patch Keshik don't have buff anti cavalry = noob patch2.0
and don't have nerf hard japan = noob patch2.0
because all more noob player at this patch = noob logic.
or they maybe have boyfriend.(japanese boyfriend fuck your ass them)
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Poland pecelot
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08 Apr 2017, 08:47

Alright, enough of that. Please, keep it clean here :flowers:
sirmusket wrote:pecelot major :hehe:
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Norway iwillspankyou
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08 Apr 2017, 13:47

what just happend to the eso website? :cry: was down again! How can you prevent some vindictive smurf to ruin the tournament?? :hmm: would like to know and support if I can :love:
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Venezuela Hazza54321
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09 Apr 2017, 08:28

It was jerom!
Venividivici_w: i heard h20 signed up last minute. Prob waited for roby not signing up so he wouldnt get smashed again
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Switzerland sebnan12
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09 Apr 2017, 08:44

whisper to ramex19 on eso to know who it was.
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