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Netherlands Goodspeed
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20 Apr 2017, 12:51


Gamblers of ESOC,

Hold onto your tits, for betting has begun. To everyone who signed up, you should have a PM with a link to your personal betting sheet where you can place your bets. To the people who didn't sign up, you can still do that here or by sending me a message.

The first 5 matches to bet on are round of 128 matches, which are best of 3. The following 5 have been selected, and should all be streamed sometime this weekend (refer to the stream schedule for when):

EAGLEMUT vs QueenofDestiny
Mr_Bramboy vs TPHB
tedere12 vs AraGun_OP
Victor_swe vs Supernapoleon
miggo1999 vs NekoBerk

For more info and rules refer to the thread linked above.
To the people who are not planning on participating but would like to see the statistics, the stats sheet is public and can be found here.
Future info and communication on betting will go via PM or via tags, so don't rely on news posts to keep you up to date.

Good luck to all, and most importantly enjoy. Don't let zoom take your points!
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Switzerland sebnan12
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20 Apr 2017, 14:50

lets hope aragun and queen put them upsets :)
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France Kaiserklein
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20 Apr 2017, 15:06

I'm going to bet 1500 on queen and then play on her account :D
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Poland pecelot
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20 Apr 2017, 15:36

heheheheheheheh what a genius hehehehehehehehe
wołk :food:
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Singapore milku3459
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20 Apr 2017, 15:39

Kaiserklein wrote:I'm going to bet 1500 on queen and then play on her account :D

match fixing by being pure op
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Germany aligator92
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20 Apr 2017, 16:42

Kaiserklein wrote:I'm going to bet 1500 on queen and then play on her account :D

And then you drop a game...
Venezuela Hazza54321
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25 Apr 2017, 18:39

Or 2 and lose, gj kaiser
Venividivici_w: i heard h20 signed up last minute. Prob waited for roby not signing up so he wouldnt get smashed again
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