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14 Feb 2018, 02:40

First of all thanks to @Aizamk for coming up with such troll strategies which makes us go "wow" and inspire us to play non-standard.

Few Notes:

1) You need to have extremely good unit control (miss clicks can't be afforded).
2) You should know exactly how units work and what each unit is capable of -> when to take fights, should you call mm or not? use villagers, holding pressure under TC etc.
3) This is a troll build and success depends a lot on knowing what your opponent is up-to and keeping what you are doing a secret for as long as possible.
4) Success rate grows exponentially if you can lure your opponent under your TC and time units perfectly for the initial attack.


Age 1:

1) 300 Wood start: Gather 25 wood. Make consulate and one shrine.
200 Wood start: Gather 125 wood. Make consulate and one shrine.

2) Ally with Spanish consulate asap.

3) 1st shipment: 2 villagers.

Regardless of wood start you should reach about 800 f when you have approx. 16 villagers including 2 from shipment. Idle TC a bit if needed. Age up using shogunate.
Note: It is must that you ally with Spain and age up with shogunate.

Transition from age 1 -> age 2:

1) 2nd shipment: Good faith agreements.

Leave couple villagers on wood to gather wood for your 2nd shrine.
Build it asap and move villagers back to f. Keep making villagers.

Age 2:

1) 3rd and 4th shipment 600 g. Note: Send your 4th shipment after doing pt. 3).
2) 5th shipment: 300 export. Note: Your 5th shipment may or may not arrive before you start aging up.
3) As soon as you have 121 export, research "merchant marine" from consulate.

Age up with Toshogu shrine.
Note:It is must that you age up Toshogu shrine.

Transition from age 2 -> age 3:

Leave 5-6 on food and rest on wood, shrines on wood. Build as many shrines as possible.

Age 3:

1) Research Bullionism from consulate.
2) 6th shipment: 1000 g.
3) 7th shipment: 5 Ronin.
4) 8th shipment: 1000 g.
5) 9th shipment: 12 Ninja/5 Ronin.

Improvise from here as needed.

Must have cards in deck:
Age 1: 2 villagers, good faith agreements.
Age 2: 600 g, 300 export.
Age 3: 1000 g, 5 Ronin, 12 Ninja.

Rest cards you can select depending on your game style. However I will suggest some cards which I think are important.

Suggested cards:
Age 1: Heavenly Kami.
Age 2: 4 villagers, 600 w, 5 Ashigaru musketeers, 5 Yumi archers, Yumi archer attack, Daimyo.
Age 3: 7 villagers, 1000 w, 2 Flaming arrows, Way of the bow, 8 Ashigaru musketeers, 9 Yumi archers, Ashigaru musketeer attack.
Age 4: 16, Yumi archers, 14 Ashigaru musketeer, 4 Flaming arrows, Shogun.

Link to original Aizamk game:

Note:With my mediocre macro I was still able to achieve original timings within a range of +- 10 seconds, with a much better backup economy.


1) How do you get so many shipments within such short time?
Ans: Shogunate upon age up gives 400 xp. Bullionism tech gives 1500 xp.

2) Why are these wonders must and other's not viable?
Ans: Shogunate as age 2 wonder is must for getting enough xp to get needed shipments. In original build order Toshogu shrine was needed in age 3 to have enough pop space for Ronins. However, using this build order it might be possible to replace to Golden pavilion for better military or wonder of your choice. I would suggest Golden pavilion if you want to replace.

3) Can I play this in rated games?
Ans: Yes, you can. However, keep in mind this a troll strategy and works as long as opponent is not aware and gets caught off-guard. It also depends on your skill level and that off opponent. Suggested is too play in unrated games or when you are in troll mode. If you care about rank and ELO this might not be the best strategy for you.

4) can I use this in team games?
Ans: At your own risk. It has higher chance of failure in team games, and your team mates might flame you for that.

T&C: While author takes complete credit for the PR, ELO, wins, fame, and fun you would get from using this strategy, he/she shall be in no way responsible for your loss in PR, ELO, losses, frustration, flame from team mates, and other things not mentioned in credit.
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14 Feb 2018, 02:49

That's probably one the worst build orders aiz has pulled off so far
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14 Feb 2018, 13:21

Toshuga shrine is needed for the export right, not just pop space for ronin.
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14 Feb 2018, 13:41

well you send 300 export, so unless you want to call pike men not really
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14 Feb 2018, 15:41

Sending swisspike was the worst decision I have ever seen in my entire life, gratz @Kickass_OP

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