Palestine Mimsy for President
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31 May 2015, 16:31

for the lulz.

8 Spahi Revo

Age 1 : build 1 tp & 1 house. Age up with 400w.

Age 2 : send 700coin. Age up with 4 hussars. Build the 2nd tp & upgrade to stagecoach. All trade posts set to gather the resource you need. Usually wood is the wisest choice. Send 700wood. Build the 3rd tp & 4 houses.

Age 3 : send 1000coin. Age up with the politician that gives 3 spahi. Send 5 spahi while aging.

Age 4 : send 2 bombards (or 8 huss). Do what you have to do (yeah I cant explain this part) to revolt with the politician that gives you 10 imperial hussars !

Revolution : all trade posts gather food in order to train milicians.

note : I built a rax to fool him/her. Idk if it worked but dont do that. Spare your wood instead.
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06 Jun 2015, 17:54

Good strategy, Unless your opponent will do a nice timing though. Against a japanese player would be correct to play
Palestine Mimsy for President
Posts: 3680

06 Jun 2015, 18:00

If I were you, I would do it only in unrated games. It's clearly not a competitive bo as mentioned in the preamble :))
But still thanks Marco ')
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France [Armag] diarouga
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06 Jun 2015, 18:02

As I said in the previous topic, this strat isn't viable but FI fort is.
Palestine Mimsy for President
Posts: 3680

06 Jun 2015, 18:27

shaolinstar wrote: It''s clearly not a competitive bo
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Switzerland _venox_
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06 Jun 2015, 20:30

I like [strike]trains[/strike] Spahi, nice strat try 8 grenades + 1 bombard with 6 grenades and 5 grenades in transitoon though, more troll factor
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Italy arcangelusregis
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11 Jul 2016, 17:15

I've been beated by this strat .. i was using french .. I lost cause i semi ff'ed with huss .. even if i killed almost 7 vills he got to revolution and gg (i admit i didn't know otto could revolt.. only noobs use otto)
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Canada forgrin
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11 Jul 2016, 17:23

You can really catch players unaware with this strat if they don't scout. I guess you have to timing push with goons/other anticav around when the spahi come out and try to pick them off if you're against this? You could also siege TC down I suppose if you had alot of dopps. Come to think of it, the black watch kick might actually roflstomp this strat.


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