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Korea South Googol
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ESO: Butifle
Location: Prague

09 Oct 2017, 09:43

Zhanson10 wrote:I'm back lol hey site hit me uppp :)

Great !
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Norway oxaloacetate
Posts: 212

09 Oct 2017, 11:30

Can someone bring me up to speed when it comes to the juice that made Site leave to begin with?

Furthermore, come back if you want to. If you don't want to, then don't. Intricate matter this.
Chess, Go, toothpicks. In that exact order.
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United States of America _H2O
ESOC Business Team
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09 Oct 2017, 13:38

Sure! The game can always use more players and with the DE coming soon it should be a lot of fun.
Great Britain Hazza54321
Posts: 3629

10 Oct 2017, 12:53

wait what happened, why did he leave and uninstall in the first place?
Venividivici_w: i heard h20 signed up last minute. Prob waited for roby not signing up so he wouldnt get smashed again
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Finland princeofkabul
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ESO: Terkkson
Location: Cold ghettos of Malmö

10 Oct 2017, 13:06

why is he making a poll if he should reinstall lol. like no offense but who cares i doubt nobody is against it.
LoOk_tOm: U think that can u the lag
Hazza54321: Go fking play mariokart seriously

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Argentina AraGun
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ESO: AraGun_OP
Location: Buenos Aires

10 Oct 2017, 13:43

princeofkabul wrote:why is he making a poll if he should reinstall lol. like no offense but who cares i doubt nobody is against it.

Well its obvious he wants to know if ppl missed him and still love him and want to give him free blowjobs. WHy else xD
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European Union jesus3
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Location: some bunker, GDR

10 Oct 2017, 14:06

n0el wrote:Yes! Reinstall and start streaming again. Someone needs to compete with @gibson in the American night time.

not that it's possible to compete with @gibson but oh well
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Sweden Gendarme
ESOC Dev Team
Donator 02
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ESO: Gendarme

10 Oct 2017, 14:11

Gibson is invincible these days. Noel and Callen were the first to succumb to his wrath, and Gibson's crusade has only begun.
duck wrote:man it really sucks when you have to agree with gendarme on things
Greece tedere12
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ESO: Tedere12
Location: Greece

10 Oct 2017, 14:13

no one can match gibson
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