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17 Jul 2017, 21:38

So, DynasticPlanet5 here again, another week, another civ that'll mostly go unnoticed at a rate that resembles their attention back in 2012. Still, with the ability to add new content eventually...

So the Huns are known as the people who trampled Roman Europe and brought the Dark Ages, but did you know the Huns in Mongolia, called Xiongnu, existed several hundred years prior. These were Steppes riders locked in eternal war with China and are a large contributor to the existence of the wall. They also rode camels as well as horses. Still nomads and pastoral.

So how would this play out? Well, the biggest aspect of the civ is its mobile packable and unpackable buildings. Instantly packable, and unpackable, they move slowly, and not all buildings. Only military buildings, storehouses, yurts and towers. Fortresses, you wish, and Town Centers, you don't want to move cuz they're busy training villagers.

Also Yurts, the house replacement, costs 30w, builds twice as fast as a house, but has half the health and pierce armor.

Huns Age up at their Plunder Hall, a research facility, but only once its built in the Bronze Age. In Copper Age, you age up at the TC.

The Huns troops are built to raid, sporting a horsely bunch and a feeble Barracks lot with spearman as their only infantry unit. But two places to train mounted troops: Camel Pens and Horse Stables.

Their technologies can let them do some interesting things to enemy buildings.

Spearman - Age 1 troops. The Huns only infantry. For infantry-only side missions, this will be an interesting dilemma especially when you consider their 2 pop slot status due to their ruffian physique.

Archer - Age 2 archers are your main source of anti-infantry early on.

Skirmisher - Different from Norse, these guys wield a shield and it's noticeable. Age 3.

Camel Pens
Gobi Raider - A bizarre troop, the Gobi raider is an Age 2, axe throwing speedster who counters cavalry, but does so with the caveat of being a 3 pop slot unit.

Camel Archer - These cavalry archers are fast and light on base power vs. non-ranged units. 2 pop slots. Age 3

Heavy Camel - Armored camel rider who can do decent bonus damage vs. cavalry and infantry. 3 Pop slots. Age 4

Horse Stable
Light Cavalry - 1 Pop slot cavalry, their only early job is to hunt archers and priests. Fast, but frail. Age 2

Horse Archers - Age 3 Archer, good all-around damage vs. enemy troops but no bonus damages. Good for hit and run. 2 Pop, Age 3

Tarkans - Lance armed cavalry with a decent strike but their main job is to torch buildings and siege. 2 Pop, Age 3.

Raid Cavalry - Fast and decently armored, these raid cavalry are meant to run in, charge in even, against archers and break their ranks with a splash charge. 3 Pop, Age 4

Siege Workshop (Age 3)
Capped Ram Typical town smasher.

Mangonel - These Age 4 units are a lot like catapults, but less powerful, thus using 4 pop instead of 5.

Fortress (Age 3)
Trebuchet Palintonon with a legacy name. (Age 4)

Plunder Hall (Age 2)
A research center where reaching Silver and Gold ages are done.

Nomadics (Age 2) - Buildings that are packed move a lot faster.

Among Camels (Age 2) - Provides cavalry with added resistance to bonus damage.

Burning Pitch (Age 3) - Bowmen, Skirmishers, Horse Archers, Tarkans, Fire Galleys and Camel Archers get a burning attack DoT vs. buildings that slows down the production/research rate of buildings struck for a few seconds and houses and dropsites are like they don't exist (no pop slot dropoff)

Pillage (Age 3) Buildings destroyed provide a portion of their undiscounted cost and a small amount of gold.

Herding (Age 3) Storehouses generate an edible cow every 15 seconds.

Hit and Run (Age 4) The mounted archers and Gobi Raiders can attack while moving, but the attack does 1/3 the damage.

Musking (Age 4) Camel Pens units do 20% more damage to cavalry.

Desecration (Age 4) Destroyed buildings leave rubble behind which damages enemies lightly and prevents foes from building anything else there for 6 seconds.

Temple (Age 3)
The temple trains Shamans, worshipers most likely of Tengri. They're fairly basic priests like Greek or Babylonian.

Farsight - Increases priest health by 20% and range/LoS by 25%.

Dock (Age 1)
Fishing Boats - Fishing ships. That simple.

Merchant Transport Trade and transport. Simple.

Galley - Basic 3 pop warship.

Fire Galley - Age 3 Anti-boat vessel. Their Burning Pitch DoTs enemy boats as well.

Mangonel Galley - Much like the other siege boats. Befitting for punks like these.

Palisade (Age 1)
The Palisade wall is the Hun Wall. It may upgrade to a stone wall once, but it has the unique feature of costing 1w/2s instead of full on 3s.

Other Aspects: The farm technologies are feeble, if even only the first tech is there, fortunately you can spawn cows.... you may want to spawn a lot of storehouses to get a lot of cows. Lumber is full Two Man Saw, and Gold Mining is Hydraulic. You're gonna need them for armies of mounted archers. You'll also find weak defensive technologies, though you can move your towers if you want to do a safe 'Tower Rush' or build towers at home before putting them on a boat. Just don't get too attached to tower or defensive strategies.
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19 Jul 2017, 15:12

I know this would be a sort of far off project, but the silence is deafening, as I thought people liked Huns.
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25 Jul 2017, 03:50

People tend to just read and leave. There really isn't much feedback to give other than balance, but who wants to add balance changes when it's near impossible that a new civ will ever be added. New civs require new art and tons of work. It took 100k for MS to make 1 civ and that was a team of devs who's main focus was to work on that specific civ. It seems like a good concept, like the Goo faction from Grey Goo, and all this analysis is just mine. Who knows? Maybe we will get a Huns civ.
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25 Jul 2017, 06:51

the work:reward ratio seems lacking. Do as you wish, though.
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25 Jul 2017, 15:56

sircallen wrote:the work:reward ratio seems lacking. Do as you wish, though.

It's that weak? How can I improve the ratio? I don't want a civ nobody will play.

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