Australia Rather
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Game: AoE Online

28 Dec 2017, 07:34

I love all the work ESOC does and I would like to make a donation ear-marked for the next AoEO tournament (I really enjoyed the last one).

Always thought this game deserved a scene and I've been inspired by the benevolence of ZutaZuta. :smile:
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Netherlands Mr_Bramboy
ESOC Media Team
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28 Dec 2017, 10:24

The donations are stored seperately (aoe3 & aoeo). If you submit a donation ask someone from the business team to move the donation to the correct pool for you.

There's also a seperate streamlabs link, but I'm not sure if it's to be found anywhere since we have no aoeo tournaments going on right now.
Australia Rather
Donator 07
Posts: 3
Game: AoE Online

28 Dec 2017, 10:28

Thanks for your help Mr Bramboy, I shall do just that.

For anyone wondering, the Business Team can be found under 'The Team' link at bottom of page.
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No Flag Zutazuta
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29 Dec 2017, 05:16

Speaking of which, update the donations page!?!
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United States of America giveuanxiety
AoE:O Team
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29 Dec 2017, 05:31

Hello Rather, thank you for your donation, and I'm really glad you enjoyed the last tournament. Right now the aoeo dev team is working on making the leader boards working for aoeo. I believe that will happen very soon. Once we get the leader boards we will see a large spike in aoeo pvp activity and streams, and then the aoeo tournament team will begin organizing the next AOEO tournament!
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Germany Carnage
AoE:O Team
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07 Jan 2018, 14:16

Wow. Thanks a ton m8.
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Netherlands Wout
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ESO: Wout

07 Jan 2018, 14:27

Amazing stuff rather <3

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