Introduce yourself! :flowers:
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Kiribati SirCallen
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26 Jun 2017, 19:40

What science books do you read? You should read some Whitman too he dealt with the science of the soul!
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Bavaria j_t_kirk
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26 Jun 2017, 19:56

I read only physic books. :hehe:
The last book I read was from Albert Einstein about the theory of relativity.
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Italy gamevideo113
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27 Jun 2017, 13:13

I've been lurking here for a while, so i guess it's time to introduce myself. Not that i think anyone might be interested, but i'll do it for the sake of it :D

## General ##
Age: 20

Gender: Male

Country, origin: Italy

Religion, ideology: Hard question, i'm not too religious but i like catholicism.

Studies: Medicine, 1st year of 6.

Job(s): No job yet

Hardware details: Average stuff

## Likings ##

Hobbies: Videogames (ofc), music, i used to play volleyball but this year i took a break, bass guitar (i was in a band but i prefer to play it alone, so i quitted that), drinking beer with friends, traveling when i get the chance. I also plan to study german next year. When i have some free time i like listening to the No Dumb Questions podcast from the Smarter Every Day guy on youtube.

Favorite movies: I'm definitely a casual when it comes to movies, but i've seen some tv series and they were pretty awesome. (Breaking bad, true detective 1 and 2, How i met your mother)

Favorite books: I like a couple of authors a lot, Joe Schwarcz (scientific divulgation), Italo Calvino (italian author that writes some pretty interesting stuff, there's also a wide variety in his themes), and i liked a lot Voltaire's Candide.

Favorite mastermind: Not an expert on the matter but i think that those who made discoveries about electromagnetic stuff in the 19th century were some pretty clever guys (Maxwell, Faraday and others). Also Aizamk

Favorite politician: Asking this quesion to an italian is a stab in the back. I guess i'll skip it.

Favorite person in history: I really don't know.

Favorite music: I have some artists i listen to pretty regularly but usually i listen to whatever comes to my ears. I'll name the regular ones: Foster the People, Two Door Cinema Club, RHCP, Twenty One Pilots, The Black Keys, Justice, Deadmau5, Iron Maiden, and i'm surely forgetting some.

Favorite artists: Friedrich Loos, Egon Schiele

Favorite food: It's a tough call but it has to be pasta.

Favorite games: Age of Empires, Assassin's Creed, The Last of Us, CoD zombies (BO 1 was the best)

Favorite addiction: Videogames are pretty addictive. Besides those i'd say coffee.

Other interests: i have been a scout. Now i have other stuff to do but all the good memories are there.

## Age Of Empires III ##

Favorite civilization in AoE3: Portuguese/Iroquois (but i tend to switch often)

Favorite strategy in AoE3: Semi-FF, in its variants. Not sure why but i also love shipping Spice Trade when i play colonial, it's kind of a fetish of mine xD

Favorite unit in AoE3: Cassadore
Eat pasta, run fasta :love:
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Turkey Mameluke
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27 Jun 2017, 15:39

Some information about me ^_^

Age: 26

Gender: male as you can see

Country, origin: Turkish living in Germany

Religion, ideology: Islam

Studies: applied computer science

Hobbies: gym, swimming, football, aoe 3, some other stuff

Favorite person in history: Muhammad

Favorite food: meat

Favorite games: TAD

## Age Of Empires III ##

Favorite civilization in AoE3: Japan, Ottoman

Favorite strategy in AoE3: Rush

Favorite unit in AoE3: Mamelukes
If you see any mistakes in my grammar/vocabulary or whatever, please correct me. I really appreciate it :!: :flowers:
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New Zealand JakeyBoyTH
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28 Jun 2017, 22:04

It's 2017 it's harder than ever to distinguish male from female
Advanced Wonders suck

- Aizamk

Ugh Advanced Wonders suck

- Aizamk
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Italy gamevideo113
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28 Jun 2017, 23:15

It's harder than ever to distinguish male from female and from attack helicopter*

There, FTFY
Eat pasta, run fasta :love:
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Sweden Gendarme
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28 Jun 2017, 23:16

Holy fuck this sexism is fucking unbearable. Get your shit together, guys.
duck wrote:man it really sucks when you have to agree with gendarme on things
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Tuvalu gibson
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28 Jun 2017, 23:27

JakeyBoyTH wrote:It's 2017 it's harder than ever to distinguish male from female
for example many people here think that I'm a male based off my appearance and voice
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Netherlands edeholland
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02 Jul 2017, 12:26

After 17 pages I'm afraid I will have to close this thread :( But don't worry, you now have a whole thread to introduce yourself. New members, feel free to go here: viewforum.php?f=325
Whiteboards are remarkable
Not living in Ede
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