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Belgium chrisie
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17 Nov 2017, 15:29

Note: This schedule is subject to change at any time. We always try to stream as much as possible, however, matches in this schedule may not be casted due to the lack of casters available at specific times. Series which are stricken through are being played, but not streamed. Want to get your match casted? Schedule a specific (GMT) time and tag the media team. This schedule will be updated as more matches are scheduled. Every match will be streamed on

All times are in GMT.

Saturday (18/11)
17:00 - 18:30
hleung vs. brookg

18:30 - 20:00
flontier vs. rsy

Sunday (19/11)
17:00 - 18:30
deadrising78 vs. queenofdestiny (betting match)

bwinner vs. purple_squid (betting match)

look_tom vs. pikilic
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Netherlands MCJim
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17 Nov 2017, 15:31

:food: AoE3 YouTube channel:
:wood: AoE3 Twitch channel:
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Netherlands dietschlander
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17 Nov 2017, 15:44

Theres going to be a dam, the great dam and we'll let the beavers pay for it - Edeholland 2016
It wouldn't be practical to haul my groceries a few kilometres just because I'm a die-hard tree-hugger - Dolan 2016
No Flag purplesquid
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19 Nov 2017, 05:26

Looking forward to playing! If bwinner and I are both ready may try to start our match as soon as the deadrising/queen series ends
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New Zealand zoom
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20 Nov 2017, 11:23

Will anyone be available to stream iamturk vs macacoalbino at 15 GMT, today?
sudmakmak wrote:This patch Keshik don't have buff anti cavalry = noob patch2.0
and don't have nerf hard japan = noob patch2.0
because all more noob player at this patch = noob logic.
or they maybe have boyfriend.(japanese boyfriend fuck your ass them)
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Germany queenofdestiny
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20 Nov 2017, 12:53

zoom wrote:Will anyone be available to stream iamturk vs macacoalbino at 15 GMT, today?

Maybe :hmm:
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