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Wales CelticCrusader
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05 Jan 2018, 05:04

If you liked to lame Iro on RE patch check out in WoL they have 100 wood tradeposts , as do all other orginal native civs . Double tp Iro start, as if the guaranteed tp start wasn't enough already.
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Russia yurashic
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05 Jan 2018, 07:57

tilanus wrote:
milku3459 wrote:
CelticCrusader wrote:@noissance
Bulgaria is insanely OP. Just wall like hell , get to industrial and you win . Auto win once you reach age 4. I can see it already, everyone laming Bulgaria.

"laming bulgaria" is not a phrase I expected to hear in any mildly historical RTS game

What did you expect, this is WoL, not NE. :hehe:

Just like laming Swiss in NE. :)
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Germany tilanus
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05 Jan 2018, 13:21

Haha, yea, I was expecting this one. ;) You won't recognize them again in the next version. :D
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