No Flag shmras
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17 Jul 2015, 15:34

gg. I won 2-0.
shmras_France_VS_C3LT1CSP3C1AL_France_ESOC Manchuria.age3Yrec
(733.47 KiB) Downloaded 24 times
shmras_China_VS_C3LT1CSP3C1AL_Spain_ESOC Indonesia.age3Yrec
(760.33 KiB) Downloaded 38 times
No Flag celtic
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17 Jul 2015, 15:51

Games were actually pretty close, the french mirror he comes from behind after I kill a lot of his vills to win. Would be a decent watch.
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18 Jul 2015, 10:02

shmras still very good :)
Australia SoL_The_Crusher
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14 Jul 2017, 02:36


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