No Flag chronojj
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12 Feb 2018, 10:19

I have the original AoE3. I try to install it and the installation gets hung up on "Removing Applications." Eventually it gives an error message , "Data error (cyclic redundancy check)" and will progress no further. I searched Google and saw a few reports of other games having the same problem; with a variety of solutions for those games.

Anyone had experience solving this for AoE3?
No Flag PeachTree
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12 Feb 2018, 16:52

Have you tried the register wipe script? I have seen it on other posts on this forum.
No Flag chronojj
Posts: 69

13 Feb 2018, 12:30

Uhh no... No idea what it is; I checked a few threads and it seems it's more for CD key issues or game issues... which i don't have. I just cant get the game installed at all. I assume there's nothing to wipe because it's never been installed.

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