United States of America Dadbody
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16 Apr 2018, 14:28

My son got this error when signing on to ESO online after downloading age of empires III online. Any suggestions on what needs to be fix this error?

Account creation failed: [101]
Error 101bplease see

Greece tedere12
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16 Apr 2018, 14:34

maybe you have already used the cd key to create an account?
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Bavaria j_t_kirk
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16 Apr 2018, 16:42

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Czech Republic EAGLEMUT
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16 Apr 2018, 17:54

I'm not certain what you mean by downloading it online. Did you actually buy the game? If not, you will need to buy a legitimate Steam copy in order to get a valid, unused CD key to create an ESO account with.

@j_t_kirk I don't think he has it anymore.

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