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12 Jan 2017, 07:39

Is there like an official list or anything where people post names and proof of those losers who cheat, because i keep running into cheaters and i want to be able to spread the word and get these kids out of our community. Just now I played a game with [redacted], and he was using the spawn hack but i guess he isnt too good with it because he spawned 20 skirms on a native tp that was within my town centers line of sight, then i guess he realized it and tried to delete them but it was too late. But back to the question, if there is an official list or thread can you please show me thank you!

PS. People have told me that somewhere somebody posted that i cheat or something, Thats not true, ive never cheated a day in my life, whoever posted that is just bitter they got beat.
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Reason: cheating accusation [redacted]
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12 Jan 2017, 08:59

This will be closed :/
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12 Jan 2017, 09:18

There is an unofficial one whose veracity seems to be questionable. I was going to link a thread discussing it, but apparently ESOC moderating has already struck, like quiet lightning.
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12 Jan 2017, 11:13

You can perhaps contact this guy:
Other than that, Buckethead works for a blacklist on his own, so you may shoot him a PM.
Unfortunately as ESOC we are not able to do anything more with that and we want to prevent flame wars, false accusations and witch-hunting. Consider writing it on official AoE forums to get more done, possibly.
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