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12 Jan 2017, 10:58

Couprider wrote:
JakeyBoyTH wrote:
pecelot wrote:An option is to start church with spies and go for a 15-musk semi, then add more in transition and send cannons to put good pressure on your opponent. Japan can't really deal with mass cannons that efficiently so you might as well go for 1000w/1000c, lately I got 6 falcs in total from that pretty quickly, which is quite a force. Of course then make some goons to counter nagi, skirms vs yabusame, musk/cuirs for meatshield and a culv vs flaming arrows.

mass yabasume?

train flaming arrows should be better imo.
2 falconet>2 flaming arrow, but 4 falconet<5 flaming arrow. flaming arrows has 2 more range, better LOS, better move speed, can show some hit and run.

They are bad against almost everything, except for artillery and perhaps cavalry, naturally, so if Jap is making them I feel it's a win in itself.
That's why I said you should train a culverin or two as well, as they deal with flaming arrows really effectively. Also once you built your artillery foundry it's easy to mix them up into your army.
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12 Jan 2017, 11:07

Mass cannons is very hard to deal with, yabs are too specialised and cost over 200res thats mostly coin. Flaming arrows are just poor vs art also
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