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United States of America alistairpeter
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17 Jul 2017, 02:41

How can you actually calculate the rof if these units? Also Gatlin guns
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Korea South jj0823
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17 Jul 2017, 03:18

I guess after a second of attacking, record the damage a unit takes. Divide that value by the base attack of your unit, and you'll have its ROF. Actually, that's DPS, nevermind... To find the ROF you would need to very accurately record the time it takes between two instances of damage.
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Australia Gear_Head
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17 Jul 2017, 07:16

There is also an AOE3 Wikia. What I usually do is google the unit name and type aoe3 next to it. Usually that returns a result for that unit's wikia page which contains all relevant information (including ROF). Keep in mind, ROF in AOE terms is how many seconds between each attack.

Here is the page for the Gatling Gun.

Even though the Gatling Gun fires multiple shots per "attack," it is still standardized by when each attack "starts."

You'll find that most ranged infantry have a ROF of once every 3 seconds (3.0). Archers/Xbow are usually 1.5. Melee units are 1.5. Anti-Infantry cannons (e.g. Falconet, Horse Art, Gatling Gun) are 4.0. Anything that differs from this is considered unique and their stats should be taken into consideration accordingly when comparing to its unit-class peers.

Also, siege ROF may differ from normal attack ROF for many units.

As jj said, DPS is a different calculation, but it's easy to obtain once you know ROF. :smile:
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Russia yurashic
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17 Jul 2017, 12:28

Look into the data files in the game folder. I think it is in protoy.xml.

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