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Tuvalu gibson
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15 Nov 2017, 03:59

When i went to work on accident and left it open to my email and I received a lot of email
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No Flag fightinfrenchman
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15 Nov 2017, 04:17

How embarrassing
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United States of America IAmSoldieR
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15 Nov 2017, 04:25

Lmao. How is that even done
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Tuvalu gibson
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Location: USA

15 Nov 2017, 04:39

I was in a hurry and I hosted someone and forgot to close my stream in obs
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United States of America Cometk
ESOC Media Team
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15 Nov 2017, 04:40

you and callen should form an elite group
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Greece BrookG
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15 Nov 2017, 13:26

When I saw your stream on, I knew something was wrong. Hilarious
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"This game is dead af. Can't find games anymore. Instead its everybody discussing such useless shit here." - Somppu, June 2018
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New Zealand zoom
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15 Nov 2017, 14:01

Going to work on accident. #dam
sudmakmak wrote:This patch Keshik don't have buff anti cavalry = noob patch2.0
and don't have nerf hard japan = noob patch2.0
because all more noob player at this patch = noob logic.
or they maybe have boyfriend.(japanese boyfriend fuck your ass them)
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United States of America Hidddy_
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15 Nov 2017, 14:15

I was doing homework all of yesterday. I'd pop in occasionally to your stream to see if you were still getting trolled :P
Jesus3 is my moral compass
Marco1698 :love:
Brazil jesus3
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15 Nov 2017, 16:52

eh, how does that happen? I don't quite get it but most of those messages were your friends anyway I'd guess
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No Flag lejend
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15 Nov 2017, 21:00

Nathan Scott a shit. Lucas was the best. The uncle was great, too.

Pretty funny thread.

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