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Q: What is the EP?
A: Refer to here:

Q: What is EP Beta?
A: EP Beta channel is where we first release new versions of the EP. Beta versions are used to test changes before rolling them out to the general public. There are typically several Beta iterations before a release is considered ready for production.

Q: How do I join the EP Beta?
A: Open the EP Launcher and click on Tools -> Check for EP Beta updates. This will have the EP Launcher restart in Beta channel mode and offer a download of the current Beta version (if any new Beta version is currently available). Accepting will download and install the EP Beta version, replacing whatever version of EP you had before. While you have a Beta version installed, the EP Launcher will ask you on every run whether you wish to download & install the latest stable Production version instead. The download offer page always indicates what channel are you about to download an update from (either "Beta" or "Production 2"). Take care, as the "downgrade" to production version is first offered immediately after completion of the Beta installation.

Q: Does the Beta apply to ESOC Treaty Patch as well?
A: Yes, these Betas contain all planned changes for the next release, which may include ESOC Treaty Patch changes, or changes to the EP Launcher itself and tools included.

Q: How do I make double sure that I'm really on the Beta?
A: Launch the Standard Supremacy ESOC Patch, proceed to Help and Tools -> About, check the game version displayed on top.

Q: Where do I find details on current Beta changes and how do I submit feedback of my experiences on the Beta?
A: When there is an EP Beta available, there will always be a pinned announcement thread on the ESOC Patch Discussion forum, which will detail current Beta changes and allow you to discuss them directly. The thread subject shall be in the format "EP 4.2.x Beta [2017-12-20]", where 4.2 is the major EP version line for which all Beta updates will be announced in the given thread, and the date represents the date on which the latest EP Beta version for this version line has been released on the EP Beta channel. This is to ensure anyone will be able to see, at a glance, when was the latest update released. The OP of the announcement thread shall always contain the full Beta changelog since the last Production release of the relevant EP version line. Sensitive information that could be used to secretly gain a game advantage or otherwise cause damage to the general user experience on EP may be withheld from the public changelogs partially or entirely. The changelog for each Beta release will be posted both as a reply to the announcement thread, and as an update to the thread's OP.

Q: I want to help with testing, but I'm not sure where to start. What should I look out for on the Beta?
A: Did you encounter any issues when downloading and installing the update?
See if you're able to launch each of the game versions (EP/TRP/XPMOD) and can log into ESO and successfully start a game there on each of those game versions.
Check out some changes in the Beta changelog and test them out - do they reflect reality?
Record a game and see if it's properly recognized in the EP "Recorded Games Recognition" tool. Also try out some older recs and see if they're recognized correctly.
Get another tester to try out playing a short match together (but at least 2 minutes) - did it appear correctly on the ESOC Elo Ladder?

Q: What are the reasons for making these Betas public?
A: More people to test out changes and find bugs/unforeseen problems.
More feedback on changes that we are perhaps not sure about.
Increased transparency of development, giving our community the ability to participate more directly by helping us with testing.

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