NWC Ro32 Recap/Ro16 Preview by Vinyanyérë

So what's happened so far in the New World Championship?
Round of 32 Recap

In the contemporary AoE3 competitive scene, it's around now that we'd separate the wheat from the chaff. Often, it's the point in the bracket that ESOC pre-seeds its top players, and, often, it's the point in the bracket where we see the current group of top-tier players run through the group-stage heroes on their way to the competitive stages. Occasionally, though, we see players break through and make a splash onto the scene. And in the Round of 32 Upper Bracket of the New World Championship, we've seen more than a few splashes.

We'd be remiss to not mention tabben. He's a player who, in the last six months, has gone from the dubious honor of "potential Second Chance Winner" to a real contender for a top 8 finish - the finish which, of course, leads to a trip to Manchester. And yet, just as tabben looked poised to repeat his impressive finish in the 2018 Autumn Championship, it was risi123, the ever "almost, but not quite" gatekeeper of top players who came in with the upset. With a narrow 3-2 victory over tabben, this series is one to watch.

There were a few minor upsets in the Ro32 to keep in mind. bwinner, GiBthedurrty, Jerimuno, and theonlybaus each took a game off of their opponents, diarouga, Lukas_L99, Hazza54321, and Mitoe, respectively. If you're a fan of these players, fear not, as they still have room to show their strength in the lower bracket of the championship. Perhaps also worth noting is Wicked "Oh, he still plays this game?" Cossack, who took a 3-0 victory over mongo10 (a top 4 finisher in the 2016 Autumn Championship) to hit the Ro16.

We're not quite finished in terms of breakout players. iamturk, just like tabben, has been on a rampage recently, and found himself coming out ahead against Princeofkabul 3-1. Prince, infamous for losing matches that his skill level has no business losing, will move down to the lower bracket to face off against GiveUAnxiety. The winner of those two goes on to face Conquerer999, and the winner of that goes on to face the loser of umeu vs. IAmSoldieR. Watch this side of the lower bracket, because the names here are stacked.

Round of 16 Preview

Looking ahead at the Ro16, we've a number of matches to look forward to. IAmSoldieR and umeu will be facing off shortly. It's, of course, our one and only QuickSearch Hero against "Every QuickSearch opponent who's ever beaten you, ever" AdrianCarrot/DutchLucifer/HokeDog/DonaldTrump33/GiantTrashCan/iamgrunt/etc. battling it out for the future of our ladder points. Hazza54321 and Mitoe, too, will be going at it as well. As these players are top contenders to win the entire event, their match will be a must-watch.

Meanwhile, iamturk finds himself against kynesie, the second-place finisher of the last major. This will be exciting (as long as walling is your thing) - kynesie's unorthodox style will match up against the narrative of iamturk and will lead to an extraordinary match.

Speaking of unorthodox - Aizamk vs. diarouga is a Ro16 match. We saw this before in the finals (!) of the TWC Classic, where Aizamk won 4-1. Don't place your bets just yet, though: Aizamk, known for his inane innovative style, was expected to overperform in a format that favored creativity. It would be unsurprising if either of these players made it to the top 8, and thus, this will be a match to keep on your radar.

In the lower bracket, there are a few matches to keep your eye on. mongo10 vs. OPTIMUS_PRIME will be an interesting one - Optimus has had a couple of minor results in the past (including a Second Chance victory) and should make this an interesting match. The winner of these two goes on to face tabben, and the winner of that against Lukas_L99. That's several top players in a very narrow part of the bracket, and will surely result in several heartbreaking defeats (and one glorious victory).

The top prizes - a trip to Manchester, and a substantial amount of prize money - remain up for the taking as we move into the later stages of the tournament. Keep watch for announcements of upcoming matches, as all of them are sure to astound.
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'Tis time. Actually it has been, but I forget things sometimes, who am I kidding, all the time. Suddenly the ro32 is upon us, and I wouldn't want to leave all you passionate gamblers (this includes myself) hanging. Of course there's a betting event.

Last time the winner was @princeofkabul, and it was quite a journey. He was screwed out of a huge win once by the betting admin, who made a questionable decision about cancelling a match, and then a second time by himself, accidentally betting on the wrong player. But he still managed to come out on top, which begs the question: How many points would he have had if he'd won both those previous times, too? Probably a record amount. The 55k he ended up with was already pretty impressive. He left second place (@umeu) in the dust, with a whopping 20k point lead.

Of course, even though @zoom didn't win last time, we are kidding ourselves if we don't consider him the favorite. With 3 betting victories under his belt, his superiority at betting remains undisputed and copying his every move remains the best strategy. Another better to keep our eyes on is @somppukunkku, who has now won 2 betting events.

Most of you know the drill. Those who don't, please take the time to read the rest of this post, or at the very least the rules.

Betting begins with the round of 32 of this event. That's tomorrow! Bets will be opened sometime this week.
Happy gambling and may fortune be with you.

There is a $50 prize up for grabs. Winner takes all! The winner is the player with the most betting points after the finals of the tournament.
Participation is free.

How to sign up
Simply leave a reply in this thread, or send me a message. You will receive a PM with further info. If you're reading this after the tournament started, you can still sign up.

How the system works
After you sign up, you'll receive a message from me with a link to your own personal betting sheet (example) where you can enter your bets and a link to the stats sheet which contains the standings as well as everyone else's bets. The system is hosted in the cloud (Google docs) and updates automatically as you place your bets. Where to enter your bets: http://i.imgur.com/84cIjd2.png but on your own personal sheet of course.

Betting results and updates will be posted in the discussion thread, with all betters tagged in it. So make sure you keep an eye on your notifications during the event! Alternatively you can keep an eye on your betting sheet, which will always show all of the open betting matches and when they are scheduled to be played.

You start with 1500 points.
Which matches to bet on will be decided by me. There will be at least 5 matches to bet on in every round up to the round of 16, and after that you will be able to bet on every match. I will send a message to all participants if there is a new match to bet on. This information can be found in your player sheet too, of course.
Note that if a match is played early in the round and there is still some time, I may select another match in that same round to bet on so keep an eye out for that.

The system rewards participation, as there is a bit of inflation each match which only benefits people who participate (and win). Typically the point total at the end of the event will be around 150% of the point total at the start of the event.

How the odds work
If the odds against player A winning are 5.00 (also read as 5 to 1) that means you get 5 times the amount of points you bet in payout if player A wins. So if you had bet 1000 on player A winning, you would get 5000 points in payout which is a 4000 point profit.
The odds update real time based on your and other players' bets. The odds are frozen right before the match starts and payouts will be based on those final odds, not based on the odds at the time you placed your bet.

If many people bet on a result, you will get less points in payout if it happens. This means you are not betting against a bookmaker, you are betting against the other betters and if a lot of them think player A will win but you think player B is underrated, it could be a worthwhile strategy to bet a bunch of points on player B.
In short, if you bet on a result which the community thinks is unlikely and it happens, you are rich! If you bet on a likely result and it happens, you also win but you are less rich. The more risk you take the higher your potential reward, but of course many well-placed safe bets can also add up to big profit. Develop your own betting strategy accordingly.

1. There is a maximum of 1000 points per specific result (like Player A winning 3-0) and 10000 on the results "Player X winning". The system will complain if you try to put more points on results than allowed.
2. At the bottom of your player sheet is your balance (points available to bet with). If this number reaches less than zero as a result of you placing bets, none of your bets will be counted so make sure it stays above or equal to zero.
3. You can't bet on your own matches except on you winning and/or you winning x-0.
4. You are allowed to donate points to other players, but only if they have zero points left AND if you have more points than the average amount per player (1500 to start). "Malicious donations" (under 50 points) are not allowed.


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