Snowww (aka KönigErik) vs Tit (aka Aykin) - LIVE Today, 16:00 GMT

Hot damn. This is the very last qualification series! The winner will make up our 8th and final contestant. Then we must wait until July to resume the tournament at the studio. Summer is coming. I feel like I’m waiting for the finale of an awesome TV show. Damn, with all the players together and absolutely no lag... I’m sort of wondering what’s gonna be blamed instead!? Too little lag? Creeping treasures in single player can sometimes catch you off guard. And the crate starts are gonna be frantic AF. I’d recommend the top 8 practice that in singleplayer with the gamespeed set to fast :lol:

Anyway, let’s talk about this match. I’m gonna say this right off the bat. I think this series will be much closer than most people are expecting. Fine… I’ll concede that Snowww is probably one of the top players at the moment. His performance vs LordRaphael (a man who’s no stranger to tournament grand finals) was impressive. He did end up losing but it was a spectacular 4-3 series and could have gone either way. I think most people are expecting Snowww to have an easier time tomorrow

But don't count Tit out. Sports bra mode has been activated. This man is serious and determined to play the best he can. He told me today it would be a “kid dream... playing a lan”. Going into this, we can expect him to be pulling out all the stops and playing with a good attitude. And that kind of mindset can work wonders. Look at his performance this tournament…

3-1 vs bwinner, clean sweeping the esocG (sort of), and a very impressive 3-1 victory over iamturk! That last one was a bit unexpected. Especially given turk defeated PrinceofKabul 3-1 in the Ro32 (who we just saw qualify today).

I think Tit stands a real chance here. He’s been playing a ton recently and is totally on form. He’s also a man with a versatile play style... He can play standard, and we’ve seen him dabble in that Kynesie style too on occasion.

Snowww is a formidable opponent though. He won the previous ESOC major. He knows what he’s doing. He is probably the favourite. But he’s gonna have to fight for his position at the LAN. Tit is clearly looking to put up a fight. I’m very much looking forward to this.

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The LAN is nearly upon us! With Mitoe, Kaiserklein, Diarouga, and LordRaphael already qualified, the final top 8 will be determined very very soon! Check out the brackets here.

There’s almost exactly two months to go now. The New World Championship will be broadcasted LIVE on the EscapeAoE Twitch stream with commentary from Interjection, H2O_, WickedCossack & some of the qualified players.

Event Schedule:

Wednesday July 10th: Arrivals day (no games)
Thursday July 11th: GSL style group stage day 1 (5x Bo5)
Friday July 12th: GSL style group stage day 2 (5x Bo5)
Saturday July 13th: Semifinals (2x Bo9)
Sunday July 14th: 3rd place and Grand Final (2x Bo9)
Monday July 15th: Departures day


We welcome all of your feedback on this system as we still have time to tweak things before the event starts. Though, we think this format best takes advantage of having 8 players in one place. It provides a variety of matchups (group stages) whilst keeping the intense Bo9 single elimination feel we usually have for tournament finales.

How will seeding work?

The top sixteen from the qualification event will be asked to seed those who qualify. I.e., players will privately rank each other from strongest to weakest (excluding themselves) and the resulting average will become the seed.

Can I attend in person?

Yes, of course! Everyone is welcome to attend. This is a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to finally meet everyone in the AoE3 community. Feel free to come for a day, the weekend or however long you like.

There’s plenty of space for a live audience!

Please note that there will be a fee for attending (to be decided, but around £15 per day). This will be used to provide food and drink* on site as well as to cover cleaning costs etc. The event is not-for-profit.

*We cannot provide alcoholic drinks as we are not licensed to do so but please feel free to bring as much or as little alcohol as you like from the nearby supermarket!


We will be providing accommodation for the players & casters at the nearby Travelodge, 322 Newton Rd, Lowton, Warrington WA3 1HD.

We’ve deliberately booked some extra rooms which we intend to pass onto anyone looking to come which will cost ~£28.4 per person per night*.

Directions on Google maps here: By foot, it’s about a 30 minute walk, but we’d recommend the bus!


Bus Route (Catch: Bus 10 for ~ £2 return ticket)


*Room pricing:

Guests will be expected to share with another community member.

We have:
- 3x Twin rooms (2 beds) costing £56 per night (£28.4 per person)
- 3x family rooms (3 beds) costing £56 per night (£28.4 per person)
- There are 2x more family rooms available at the time of writing which we have not booked.
- There’s also 3x double rooms available if you’re wanting to share a bed with someone (a partner perhaps). We haven’t booked these either.

If people are happy to share as 3 in the family rooms then it's possible to reduce the cost to £19 per night.

We expect the rooms to go quickly, get in contact with me on Discord if you would like one we’ve booked: Interjection#9323

Other Accommodation Options:

There are other hotels nearby. The closest hotel is the Holiday Inn Express Leigh, however you can expect to pay high price here as there is an event that clashes with the LAN pushing the prices up. If price is not a factor then we would highly recommend this hotel as it’s just 15 minutes walk away from the studio.

Other options are at Haydock, there’s a few hotels here which can be found at this link: Haydock Hotels.

Some guests are planning to get an AirBnB and share, if you’d like to join one of these groups or ask any further questions about accommodation then please join the Discord server and ask there.

Traveling to the studio:


For more info on everything you could possibly ever need to know, check out this Google doc we put together.

If you are attending, it would be helpful to us if you join this Discord server. Thank you! (Feel free to join even if you’re not attending too).


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