The History of AOE3: Episode 1 by CurassierAndCurassier

Something a little different: Age of Empires 3 is rich in historical detail.
There's a story behind every unit, every leader, every action.
My hope is to shine a new light on this game we all love with something fresh and unexpected.

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The name O'Higgins may be the last one most people would associate with Chile and the Spanish speaking world. But Bernardo O'Higgins is one of the most important founding fathers of Chile, and his story is a remarkable tale of overcoming adversity, yet ultimately being consigned to obscurity.

In Age of Empires 3 O'higgins is playable via the Revolt mechanic if you start as Spain or the Ottoman empires. As both of these nations are popular with non-standard trolls who like to Fast Revolt (uh, me) O'Higgins is probably the most often used Revolt leader. His bonus upon Revolt is ten Imperial Hussars, one of the best bonuses of all the Revolt leaders and the key to the strategy. But what's his story? What's the man behind the game?

Bastard Orphan

O'Higgins was the illegitimate child of Ambrosio O'Higgins, an Irish ex-pat who joined the Spanish military and rose through the ranks to become a wealthy, powerful man in South America, being the Captain-General (essentially, the second-in-command) of Spanish Chile. His very birth was a scandal, O'Higgins was promptly sent away, first to Lima, and then to Europe. With the child out of sight and out of mind, Ambrosio O'Higgins continued to follow his political ambition. It is the ultimate irony that in sending his unwanted son across the sea, he began a chain of events that would see his son becoming the man who deposes the Spanish Empire.

In Europe, O'Higgins became associated with a masonic lodge (not kidding) that included a colorful cast of future Latin American icons, whose mission was to bring Enlightenment, American-style ideals to South America along with independence from the Empire. It was here that O'Higgins learned of his father's identity. Perhaps it was the sting of being an unwanted son, or perhaps he easily took to the radical ideas of democracy and abolition that the freemason lodge was advocating, but O'Higgins would not grow up to be the Spanish nobleman his father was.

Far, far from it.

He was going to tear down everything his father worked for.

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ESOC Autumn Championship 2018
Will be seeded by EP ELO

This year, we are going to pre-seed 36 players by taking the 36 top ELO ratings on the ESOC Patch. You can see the top ten on the scoreboard to the left and you can check anyone's rank by typing their name in here:

The pre-seeding will be announced Sunday, September 2nd.

Autumn 2018 Schedule

  • Stage 1: The Qualifying Rounds: September 3rd - September 16th
    The Qualifying Stage
  • Stage 2: Placements: September 17th - September 23rd
  • Stage 3: Brackets: September 24th - October 28th
If you get knocked out before the brackets start, you'll be eligible for the Second Chance Tournament because going home after the group stage is painful. Don't believe me? Just ask the entire nation of Germany.

More information about the ESOC Autumn Championship 2018 will be coming soon.