Sunday the 26th at 17:00 GMT - hosted on EscapeAoE!

The New World Championship qualifiers may be over :sad: But that just means we'll have to resume our weekly Sunday showmatches! And what better way to kick it off than having the #1 & #2 seed going head to head in a best of 9 8-)

Tune in live on Sunday the 26th at 17:00 GMT! If you won't be around, fear not - we'll put the VOD on YouTube. Here's our previous series:

The Calm Before The Storm

The qualification tournament has come to an end and there’s now just one and a half months to go until the LAN tournament. The top 8 have been determined and their flights have been booked. The New World Championship will resume Thursday July 11th - Sunday July 14th with a LIVE studio audience & on Twitch.

It’s been an intense journey. Initially, we had doubts about double elimination. But it’s proven to be a very exciting AoE3 format. Each qualification series almost felt like a grand final! The excitement was there, the viewers were there and best of all - the player motivation was so high it was through the roof. Maybe too high in some cases.

This has also been the most civilization diverse tournament we’ve ever seen with 84.76% of all possible matchups being played! Given the competitive setting, that’s something to celebrate and shines a light on the new civilization rules, map pool & current EP balance.

*A big thanks to @BrookG for putting the stats together (more to come soon!)

Prize Pool

The prize pool has been altered slightly to reflect the extra games 5-6th place will play.

  • $1400 - 1st
  • $800 - 2nd
  • $600 - 3rd
  • $400 - 4th
  • $250 - 5-6th
  • $150 - 7-8th

Seeding & Brackets

The top 8 have been seeded by their peers as follows:

  • LordRaphael
  • Kaiserklein
  • Mitoe
  • Snowww
  • Hazza54321
  • Diarouga
  • PrinceofKabul
  • Tabben

On the Thursday and Friday, they will play a group stage to determine who will play off in the weekend's single elimination semis & finals.


Map Pool

Best of Nine:
Each best of nine series will be played on the following maps in the following order. Players will not issue vetos.

  • Summer Kamchatka
  • Baja California
  • Deccan
  • Thar Desert (?)
  • New England
  • High Plains
  • Pampas Sierras
  • Fertile Crescent
  • Florida

Best of Five:
Before each best of five series, a live map draft will occur. Players will pick & veto maps from the list above until 5 remain.

How will this work?

Can I attend in person?

Yes, of course! Everyone is welcome to attend. This is a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to finally meet everyone in the AoE3 community. Feel free to come for a day, the weekend or however long you like.

There’s plenty of space for a live audience!



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