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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first installment of the ESOC Premier League! Before diving into the Grand Tour Playoffs, we'll be taking a bit of a detour this September. ESOC's next big event will be the ESOC Premier League (EPL) - a team-based tournament where 4 Team Managers draft a squad from a pool of players and duke it out over the following 3 weeks round-robin style to make it to the playoffs, where the best 2 teams face off to determine this year's reigning champs. Each team must have a minimum of 6 players, with 5 players on the main roster and at least 1 substitute. Players will be drafted in a Live Auction Event, with Team Managers bidding on players using a limited amount of "duck coins". Each team is also granted one "champion", a player who is theirs for free and basically functions as the team's assistant manager. This should be one of the most fun and engaging tournaments ESOC has ever hosted, so read on if you're interested!

The admins for the event this year will be @BrookG, @Mr_Bramboy, and myself, @Cometk.

With that said, I'd like to welcome our managers and their champions:

Mandarin Duck Squad - @Vinyanyérë + @Mitoe
The Nilla Ninjas - @Aizamk + @iamturk
Somali Kabuli Gaming - @princeofkabul + @somppukunkku
Cuirassier Management Co. - @TheNameDaniel + @Kaiserklein

Player sign-ups are open now. You can sign up in your MyESOC panel. Keep in mind that signing up does not guarantee that you will be drafted - hop in the ESOC Premier League discord and make sure to prove your skills to the team managers to ensure your place in the event!

General EPL Rules & Regulations

Description of the Team Manager

Sign-ups Information

Live Auction

Week 1

Week 4 - Playoffs

Prize Pool

This post marks the formal start to the ESOC Premier League. Managers may now hold official tryouts.

>> Gameplay Rules <<
>> Tournament Schedule <<
>> Tournament Discord <<

Any further questions, feel free to ask in this thread. Here's to a great event!

Today we have all sorts of exciting and upbringing news for our community. We can happily announce that there is a new addition in the ESOC tools. A great developer and creator of several ESOC Maps @Rikikipu has designed for us only, the ESOC Mobile App. In the App you can find information about the ESOC Ladder, search each player see their games and many more. Also, you can find links to the last streams of the esoctv channel on twitch as well as scheduled streams and events in the future as shown on ESOC Calendar. Alternatively, you can manually add the events on your personal calendar by pressing the grey zone containing the date of the event. Currently, it is a quite simple and straightforward application, but depending on the demand, there is room for new features, like push notifications or more. It is available both in AppStore and Play Store.


Secondly, I would like to make a shout-out for the ESOC Bot on the community’s discord channel. It was designed by @Ashvin, another large contributor from the developer side. Few of its special features include checking whether ESO is up or down, checking stats about any specific player, like their PR or their online activity. Additionally, with the ESOC Bot it is possible to link your personal account on ESOC with the discord server, by typing !link and following the instructions sent by direct message.

Lastly, the previous month we have managed to host over 20.500 new users in our site, which is around 16% more than the previous, hitting a record of users in the entire ESOC history! The suspect is clearly the New World Championship LAN hosted by @EscapeAoe, the first Age of Empires 3 LAN Tournament for a whole decade! The peak of influx was on the first day of the Tournament on the 10th of July, counting 1500 different users daily!


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