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So this is what round-of-8s are like? We’ve seen two explosive series come to completion: Hazza54321 vs Mitoe and LordRaphael vs SomppuKunkku (see below for the results), the upshot of which is that two players who have looked dominant now line up, Sepoys-in-hand, for the semi-finals. Meanwhile, the tension is very much alive as Kaiserklein vs snowww (Sunday 14 GMT) and Tabben vs Kynesie (Monday 18:30 GMT) are yet to play.

Kaiserklein vs snowww

How to predict this matchup? Snowww aka KonigErik was one of the strongest 1v1 and team players for a long time: he used to throw down with the likes of Veni and was a training partner of sorts with Blackstar. Besides his pedigree, anyone who has played him knows his tough, aggressive style and he will be a potent threat to Kaiser, chiefly – it’s reasonable to presume – with the European civs. And did I forget to mention it? Erik defeated Erik beat Erik got lucky against the AOE 3 Deity himself – the mighty Garja! Of course, it lagged, and Garja had twice as many units as Erik, but sometimes you need a bit of luck and, to his credit, Erik played well himself and in any case finds himself in this intriguing ro-8 clash. In also overcoming Jerimuno, another tough opponent, Erik hasn’t yet dropped a game. Not bad, not bad at all.

Kaiser for his part has shown in recent times what an allround top player looks like: game knowledge, micro, decision-making, it’s all there. He also hasn’t dropped a game as he defeated orgi1234 and iamsoldier 3-0 each.

It’s not easy to pick holes in his game, but we might want to look out for a stylistic clash as Erik’s teamgame pedigree leaves him a bit more inclined to focus on chaos and raiding than Kaiser, who prefers to control the tempo and assert his decision-making and micro.

Tabben v Kynesie

Fan-favourite cheatias tabben has cheated his way played his way from mid-tier to top player in a remarkably short ascent over recent months. Can anything stop him? Conquerer999 couldn’t, as the fake-Swede overcame him 3-1. Neither could Knuschelbär, the talented wildcard-of-sorts who is a deservedly top player in his own right. The two fought a very close series with tabben securing the 3-2 victory with an vulnerable-looking fast-industrial play in the final game which ended up steamrolling his opponent with the higher-tech military he utilised.

And Kynesie? What can we say about Kynesie? AOE 3’s resident turtler-in-chief, we all know him for his defensive wall, boom and tech-up style. He defeated his long-time friend and recent tournament winning partner, the one and only Tit, 3-1, as well as Chusik 3-0 on his road to the ro-8.

The match is a contrast of both style and experience. Tabben is no fan of sea-based play and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him wall up either. But there’s a reason he’s here: he’s a quick learner, plays all civs and has figured out something for them all to suit his own direct, efficient playstyle. It will be interesting to see whether Kynesie’s sheer experience and his dangerous builds win out over tabben’s fluid, land-based strategies.

Mitoe vs Hazza54321

It was all rather impressive for Hazza54321 as the disciple of various AOE3 Hall-of-Famers including WickedCossack, Veni_Vidi_Vici and - one supposes also – his elder Elephantine colleague Aizamk defeated ESO-C’s deputy dictator and perennial birthday boy Mitoe in summary fashion, sweeping aside his decorated opponent (winner of no less than three ESO-C tournaments in 2017) four to nothing....


LordRaphael vs. SomppuKunkku

Still the king? LordRaphael sends SomppuKunkku limping back to Finland, vodka-bottle in hand, as he dominated the heavyweight contest 4-1. Having switched on god-mode for the final three games, LordRaphael set himself up for a semi-final against either tabben or Kynesie.


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“Thou who art Trash, art chosen. In thine exodus from the Autumn Tournament, maketh pilgrimage to the land of the Ancient Losers. When thou playeth for your Second Chance, the fate of the Trashcans thou shalt know” - Oscar of Grouchland

With another major underway, the real star of the show is making another appearance. The end of the placement matches signals the beginning of the fourth ESOC Second Chance Tournament, and to celebrate this momentous occasion, we’re launching this with triple the prize pool of the previous Second Chances.

There’s something inexplicably enjoyable about watching matches between bad players. Whether it’s the Razzie awards, “so bad it’s good” films, clown fiestas, baron throws, or the Star Wars sequels, it seems that an integral part of the human experience is to find enjoyment in watching disasters unfold. And that’s what we’re bringing. We’ll be bringing coverage of the Autumn 2018 Second Chance Tournament to all of you, deciding who will take the crown of “Best of the Worst”.

To put the trashcan meme aside for a moment, though, we shouldn’t be too hard on these players, because the field is looking stacked.

The first and second best Treaty players of all time, Conquerer999 and Lukas_L99, complete with their 200+ IQs, are making a run at the Golden Trashcan after disappointingly short runs in the Autumn Major. Memeology Ph.D.s like afdafa, sheckler, and gibson are showing up as well, demonstrating that this tournament will have no shortage of entertainment. The “almost, but not quite” fan favorites, always on the cusp of breaking into the top tier of competitive play, present themselves in Jerimuno, RSY, Mongobillione, and bwinner. Cornerstones of the ESO Community, like yoqpasa, Pikilic, Mr_Bramboy, and others (there’s too many names to mention all of them) show up as well, making every match every bit as dramatic as a LordRaphael vs. _H2O.

The sign-ups are overflowing with players who will be a joy to spectate, a joy to commentate, and a joy to practice with. We’ll be running Second Chance matches concurrently with the main event, streaming as many of the games as we reasonably can. Keep an eye out on Twitch and YouTube for commentary on the exciting matches that we’re sure to experience.