While the Qualifiers and Placements Stages of the ESOC Autumn 2018 Championship are well under way, we have some announcements for you all!

  • Betting event
    It's time, my stardusty friends. Time for zoom to win another betting event. Time to show everyone else that you are the most active participant in the AoE3 high level community, or its most religious viewer, and know exactly who is in shape and who isn't. Time to sign up for the Betting event!

  • Tournament Rules
    Did you sign up for the tournament? If yes, please take a moment to review the following changes to the tournament!

  • ESOC Wiki is up
    You can find it here. If you wish to edit it, please send a PM to a member of Wiki Team.
    Wiki team members

  • ESOC Discord
    - We have been reaching out to various great Age of Empires communities. You can find and join them via our discord server under #other-communities.
    - As we have always wanted to make our discord server more user-friendly, we are working on a feature where you can decide on which type of notifications you wish to receive, or to disable them altogether. For that reason, a poll is now open on our discord server for you to voice your opinion under #news.
    - Not in our high-tech-discord server yet? Then come and join us now!

  • ESOC Calendar
    Not wishing to miss any ESOC content or events? Check out our brand new ESOC Calendar!

ESOC Calendar by BrookG

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all excited with the upcoming Autumn Tournament. With expectations not to miss any streamed game here, we have created a calendar, that you can keep in track all the games before they start. The calendar will be refreshed automatically, so you won't have to edit it yourself. All ESOC events will be also added there! Just log in your Google Account and paste the following link on your browser. A pop-up window will ask you if you want to add that calendar, click add. It should appear in the right column under 'Other Calendars'. Make sure the box next to it is ticked. If you don't want to miss anything from ESOC, click below!


ESOC Calendar