Signups are OPEN until August 14th!

The Wars of Liberty team and streamer Daedralus, in partnership with the ESOC Team, are proud to announce the third official tournament for the Wars of Liberty mod, hosted right here on ESOC next month! After another successful tournament last year, we've released more balance changes than ever before! Thanks to everyone that participated, and congratulations again to last year's winner, @Jerimuno!

Signups are open until August 14th, with the tournament beginning on the 16th. Be sure to use the time in between to download and learn the unique civilizations, maps, and playstyles included in the Wars of Liberty mod! We have three new civilizations and dozens of new maps since the last tournament, so be sure to get your knowledge up-to-date. Details on civilization and map selection, dates, prizes, and other tournament information will be coming over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

How to get Wars of Liberty
1. Download and run the Wars of Liberty Installer. (Additional tutorial: viewtopic.php?f=414&t=13327 )
2. If you've downloaded the Updater since June 30, 2017, simply run it to make sure your game is up to date! Otherwise, download the Updater and run it. The current version is 1.0.13a, released July 22, 2020. The update is very recent and carries a new civilization, so be sure to check the patch notes for that update here!
3. You should be ready to play!

Prepare for the tournament
Be sure to check through the WoL wiki, the most up-to-date source for WoL info, to read about each civ before playing them. You can also get a look at every WoL civ and some of the maps included in the mod by watching the Official Gameplay Videos on our YouTube channel, which feature nearly every civilization in the mod, or test them out yourself in singleplayer or LAN by downloading fully-levelled Home Cities.
A 1v1 event starting this Saturday at 14 GMT with a unique twist
Over the summer historically there's been a gap in the schedule for events in the AOE3 world, last year we had this filled nicely with Escape's lan whilst this year we're seeing the success of streamers' personal tournements with Jailed's 2v2 tournemant and GUA's 1v1 tournemants both utilising a random aspect for both civilisations and maps. Although it's always fun to see Kaiserklein repeatedly get rolled the Aztec civilisation, I do understand that some players have been wanting a tournement that's slightly more standard for a while now. In light of that I'd like to run a Hidden or Smurf style tournement utlising rules much alike to the 2v2 Treaty Hidden Cup.

Smurf Specific rules
- 16 players total which are chosen by the top 16 signups by max EP and current JP Elo importantly the list of participants will be private
- Each player will be given a smurf which they are free to use for the duration of the event. However they cannot tell anyone their identity
- Chat will be discouraged by players, players can still chat in game but any chat pertaining to who they are could result in a disqualification
- As each game is going to be casted, casters will not know the identity of players.
- Seeding in the bracket will be done semi randomly, in this regard the seeding will be random but i might change the bracket slightly to keep games interesting.

General Tournament rules
- Bracket structure will be Best of 5s for the RO16, Best of 5s for the RO8, Best of 7s for semi-finals and a best of 7 for the final.
- New world championship rules will be used for civ picks, with the winner of the previous game picking first.
- Map set will be released at a later date
- In general the event will work in a similar fashion to previous weekend tournaments hosted by ESOC


Map Pool

Due to the nature of the event viewers will know who is participating overall but not who their smurf is. With this in mind $100 of the prize pool has been allocated for a betting event, which is free to enter, More Info HERE

The prize pool currently stands at $500 USD, with $100 from myself and an additional $400 added by ESOC. The prize pool with be split between the betting and the tourney, with $100 going towards the betting, $50 for the player who is able to hide their identity and $50 for the participant that guesses the most players correctly, and $400 for the prize pool of the event, this being split $200 for 1st $100 for 2nd and $50 for 3rd and 4th.

Admins :

Special thanks to:
@dicktator_ & @FloKo83 Aoe3 for allowing me to admin the TR hidden tourney which has set as a basis for this.
@SirCallen For being the genius behind the smurf tourney before it took off in AOE2
@Cometk For formating this post
@n0el for making the banner
@Sargsyan for making all the accounts


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