EscapeAoE is very pleased to announce The New World Championship!
The first Age of Empires 3 LAN tournament in over ten years.

Starting on the Thursday 11th July


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Another mindblowing update is coming in fast off the back of UHC2. This time, @Kevsoft has taken interest in the discarded possibility of saving & restoring multiplayer games; something that could never be done in AoE3. Surely the original developers thought about this and didn't include the feature for a reason. It would be too hard to implement properly, right? Well, apparently not for @Kevsoft, because today we are introducing full support for saving and restoring multiplayer games on both ESO and LAN! Amazed yet? Hold up, there's more. Any multiplayer game that goes OOS (out-of-sync) will now be saved automatically and thus allow for restoring it and finishing the match. Similarly, players now also have the ability to quickly save a multiplayer match from within the "drop screen" dialog that appears when a player becomes unresponsive due to connection issues.

Aside from this flagship feature, the patch brings in a number of pleasant bugfixes and an update to the standard mapset. Be sure to check out all the details below.

A message from @zoom

Based on continued feedback, re-evaluation, and self-criticism, the following changes are being made, to the "ESOC Standard Maps" map-set, effective immediately:

Herald Island added; Klondike and Thar Desert removed.

Apart from reflecting player opinion, these changes underline a minor shift, away from layout & game flow, towards civilization viability. Please be advised that map sets remain subject to change, based on feedback.


changelog since EP

- Default state of the Free-for-all, Observer Mode, and Locked Teams options in multiplayer lobbies (ESO/LAN) now persists for the host indefinitely, as the options are saved in the standard way in user profile.
- Improved the Observer Mode button tooltip to be more descriptive.

Bug fixes
- Fixed an issue in the LAN game room UI where the "Allow Cheats" button was partially overlayed by other gadgets.
- Fixed an issue where diplomacy stance change notifications would unnecessarily announce a change to the same diplomacy state (when triggered by triggers).
- Fixed a UI issue where diplomacy towards the sixth player could not be changed.
- Fixed a possible client crash upon leaving a multiplayer game room.
- Fixed an issue where a map would fail to load on EP/XPMOD if the pre-selected map was not changed and the host's last match was played outside of EP/XPMOD on one of the following maps: Honshu - Regicide, Silk Road, Ceylon, Deccan, New England, Yellow River, Himalayas - Upper, any "Lrg" large map.

ESOC Patch map changes
- UIx Parallel Rivers: fixed a bug where more mines than intended were being spawned in observed games.
- UIx Jebel Musa: fixed a bug causing all whales to spawn on the top side, instead of being distributed fairly.
- UIx Jebel Musa: implemented mine spawn for observed games.
- UIx ESOC Global Warming: added new map for the purpose of special events. The map is essentially ESOC Indonesia without water.
- ESOC Standard Maps map-set: UIx ESOC Herald Island added, UIx ESOC Klondike and UIx ESOC Thar Desert removed.

Multiplayer save/restore
- Added "Save" option into the main game menu of multiplayer matches. Works the same way as in Singleplayer.
- The game will now be automatically saved on each player's computer upon encountering an OOS (out-of-sync). The savegame filename is in the format "oos_recovery_", followed by date and time of OOS occurrence.
- The "Unresponsive Player" dialog now allows any player to save the game on his computer using a new Save button (this does not affect the voting). In this case, the savegame filename is in the format "unresponsive_recovery_", followed by date and time of save.
- Players are now able to host a multiplayer game of the "Savegame" game type, which will allow them to select a savegame file to restore. A "restored" game room can only be joined by players who participated in the original game (verified by player name, including the host), no game room settings can be altered before launching the restored game.
- A "restored" game room must be hosted by the same player who had hosted the original game.
- All players in a "restored" game room must select a homecity of the same civilization they have originally played with.
- Remote transfer of the savegame file between players in a game room is handled automatically, similarly to Scenarios or Custom Maps.
- All restored games will be unrated on ESO.
- Note that a restored game which was played on any mapset will display with an unselected map in the game room. This does not signify that there is anything wrong with the savegame.
- Note that loading a foreign savegame in general can cause some of your game settings to change (such as camera zoom distance), similarly to loading recorded games.


- @Kevsoft for his work on UHC2 (mp save/restore, persistent profile settings)


1. If you have a previous version installed, you can simply run the EP Launcher and auto-update should have you covered.
2. If you're installing for the first time, download the exe installer.


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