The $750 ESOC Stay-at-Home Cup

An ESOC charity event, all proceeds from Twitch subs & bits received
throughout the tournament will go towards COVID-19 relief funds!

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Beginning on July 20th, ESOC's Stay-at-Home Cup is a unique event that will put competitors on both familiar and unfamiliar territory. Conquest is the name of the game, and winning hard will put a player deep into enemy fields - that is, whenever you win a game, the next map in the series will be a map of the opponent's choice. The ESOC Stay-at-Home Cup will feature a mechanic whereby, before the sign-ups closing, players submit 3 maps to the admin team, which will form their "home pool" of maps. After losing a game in a series, a player will be allowed to select the next map that will be played from their "home pool". Maps can range anywhere from classics like ESOC Hudson Bay and ESOC Kamchatka to new-additions like ESOC Zavkhan and ESOC Nahanni to big memes like Ceylon and ESOC Global Warming. You can find more information on the map selection rules here.

An ESOC charity event, all proceeds from Twitch subs & bits received throughout the tournament will go towards COVID-19 relief funds, specializing in assisting those facing homelessness in America. The Sacred Heart COVID-19 Financial Assistance Program provides temporary financial assistance and supportive services to low-income families and individuals who are at risk of becoming homeless in Santa Clara County, California. At the end of the event, ESOC will forward our revenue accrued via Twitch to Sacred Heart to help combat poverty and homelessness struggles that have been exacerbated by COVID-19. If you would like to contribute directly, consider donating to Sacred Heart here.

The tournament is set to last until the end of August, and will feature two seperate brackets - a top-level field for the highest-rated 32 players and a lower-level division for up-and-comers and AoE3 aspirants. Whether or not you're an ESOC tournament veteran, this tournament has a place for you. You can sign-up for the tournament in your MyESOC panel.

Thanks, and here's to a great event!

This Sunday, July 5th on ESOCTV

The Conclusion of
iNcog's Empire Cup 2

15:00 GMT — India_Bot1999 vs PrinceofKabul
17:00 GMT — Mitoe vs Knuschelbär
19:30 GMT — Empire Cup 2 Grand Finals!

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