ESOC Autumn Championship 2018
Will be seeded by EP ELO

This year, we are going to pre-seed 36 players by taking the 36 top ELO ratings on the ESOC Patch. You can see the top ten on the scoreboard to the left and you can check anyone's rank by typing their name in here:

The pre-seeding will be announced Sunday, September 2nd.

Autumn 2018 Schedule

  • Stage 1: The Qualifying Rounds: September 3rd - September 16th
    The Qualifying Stage
  • Stage 2: Placements: September 17th - September 23rd
  • Stage 3: Brackets: September 24th - October 28th
If you get knocked out before the brackets start, you'll be eligible for the Second Chance Tournament because going home after the group stage is painful. Don't believe me? Just ask the entire nation of Germany.

More information about the ESOC Autumn Championship 2018 will be coming soon.
We look back on a successful first Grand Tour!

From lightning-speed treaty to forts that can be conquered; from ultra-dynamic team deathmatches to pure mano-e-mano Supremacy. In this unique tournament, players underwent rigorous competition to get a chance at claiming the crown of Grand Tour Champion.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed the first iteration of the ESOC Grand Tour, so let’s take a deeper look at Season 1 in review!