A Recap of the Round of 8 of the Grand Tour Playoffs
What's happened so far?

Image Knuschelbär vs iamturk Image
Written by @occamslightsaber

In the Northeast section, two Nilla Ninjas, Knuschelbär and iamturk, went head to head in a best of 7 series last Sunday. For those who don’t know, Knuschelbär is a renowned team player from Austria and he is no push-over in 1v1 either. His defensive play style with an emphasis on macro-management often means that his score can snowball rather quickly unless his opponents are always on their toes to stop him. On the other hand, iamturk, hailing from (you guessed it) Turkey, is recognized for his exhaustive micro-management skills and mechanical gameplay, which earned him his title "iambestmechanics". He is also known for his remarkable patience and persistence even against overwhelming odds, to the point that a drawn-out struggle is always anticipated by his opponents.

In the first game, the two players faced off in a German mirror.

Image tabben vs Conquerer999 Image
Written by @Vinyanyérë

Down by the Southwest, we have two lone cowboys with something to prove. tabben — the 2019 season's poster boy — hops off his saddle after a long trek from Orgrimmar. After claiming a piece most of the Grand Tour's bounties, he's a man with few wants, besides a cool drink from Dirty McGertie's. However, the challenger of high noon, Conquerer999 is in town, and looking for vengeance. The last time these two desperadoes met was in the finals of the Two Towns Tour, a blistering best-of-5 series that left Conquerer with a hole in his hat and a chip on his shoulder after a 3-1 loss to Texas Tabben. One last attempt for vainglory, we have our jabroni's meet for a final showdown, a best-of-7 series in the Grand Tour Playoffs - who will be the first to throw in the towel?

The players started off with one of the classic matchups on a classic map.

Image Kaiserklein vs Lukas_L99 Image
Written by @Mitoe

Coming soon.

Image Mitoe vs SomppuKunkku Image
Written by @SirCallen

Coming soon.

The ESOC WarChiefs Classic II // No Rush November NR20 Tournament
>> Sign up here! <<

Open tournaments are back in season, baby! To round out the end of the 2019 tournament year, ESOC will be hosting two minor tournaments, with the return of the native-civ player's favourite WarChiefs Classic and the first-of-its-kind NR20 Tournament. The previous iteration of the WarChiefs Classic back in 2017 had The People's Champion @Aizamk coronated TWC King, after a pretty handy victory over @[Armag] diarouga in the finals. Other heavy hitters from last season included @Mitoe, @Kaiserklein, @princeofkabul, and @somppukunkku, but after several new editions of the ESOC Patch and over two years for the metagame to develop, it is truly anyone's guess who today's tournament victor will be. The ESOC WarChiefs Classic II will run concurrent to the No Rush November NR20 Tournament, the first-of-its-kind tournament for NR20. Seasoned upper-class NR20 players like @dicktator_, @mongobillione, and @masterchif are expected to be the top performers, but treaty veterans like @Lukas_L99 and @FloKo83 Aoe3 and players with mixed backgrounds like @Hazza54321 might also give the title a shot. Even for those unfamiliar with the format, a glimpse of some NR20 action should be fun for anyone.

Both the WarChiefs Classic II and NR20 Tour will run on the same schedule from late October to the end of November. Anything but minor, both tournaments will have starting prize pools of $500. A huge thank you is in order to iwillspankyou and [TLDT]Amsterda for laying down the cash in order to host these events — it's much appreciated by players, viewers, and tournament admins alike! Likewise, further contribution is always appreciated. Half of all donations to ESOC during the month of November will contribute towards the prize pool of the ESOC WarChiefs Classic II. Additionally, all donations to ESOC that specify they would like to contribute towards No Rush November will be added towards NR20 Tournament's prize pool.

Sign-ups are open now and will close on October 18th, 2019 at 23:59 GMT. Both tournaments will be capped at 64 players on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you would like to participate it's better to get your sign-up in sooner rather than later, or you risk not being allowed to compete at all!

Finally, a new regulation has been added to the tournament ruleset. Rule 3.2 stipulates that if a player is more than 15 minutes late to a casted match, the defaulted player will be forced to lock his civilization first in Game 1. Please, players, make an effort to arrive on-time, for the sake of casters, viewers, and patient opponents!


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