Jamboree Journal, Volume 4 by ShinkuroYukinari


Welcome Again, Reader!

As I already noted in Volume 3, this volume will be shorter, since Volume 3 was a much longer write-up on 1 game, so I kept it concise, and I wanna fulfill my usual 2 per round quota. Think of this one as a Volume 3.5 if you so wish.

Ottoman vs Belgium, Asunción

Yup, Eaglemut himself joined the tourney!
Entering this game, Daniel was rocking a sweet 1:0, surprising everyone by successfully beating Eaglemut's Ottomans as Malta, making it a fine nod to history and a fun game to observe.
This time though, Daniel ended up choosing the Ottomans for a sorta double-feature, and for a good reason.

Before I proceed, it is important to talk about the Asuncion map itself...

Now, for the civs themselves...

Now for the game itself!
Eaglemut decided to go for an early TP spam with his second shipment being Advanced Trading Posts, which was a pretty solid idea given how good TPs on Asuncion are, their now 120 wood cost and that it curtails the Ottoman economy ever so slightly with that 5% debuff per TP.
As for Daniel, he went really aggressive with the usual early TP and a quick age-up into Janissary spam.
Those Jans then proceeded to siege down the Abandoned houses, giving Daniel a massive gold boost, to the point that he switched to Abus Gun spam while having only 2 villies on gold! The map was really good for him in that regard, allowing him to artificially boost his usually bad Ottoman economy due to the slow villie spawn rates with the trickle from sieging, plus free food crates as a cherry on top! Really a match made in heaven for Daniel!
Eaglemut was generally at a disadvantage during this game, but he fought rather well, and tried to utilise his strengths to the maximum, cementing his TP advantage with securing 4 out of 6 TPs and attempting to raid Daniel's villies, albeit unsuccessfully.
By 11 minutes Daniel was able to stroll into Eaglemut's base with a large army of Jans and Abus, successfully sieging down his Town Center and killing off most of Eaglemut's army in the process...
Even with 4 TPs to Daniel's 2, the Might of the Ottomans proved too strong for Eaglemut, and he resigned 2 minutes later, which meant 2:0 for Daniel.
Half an hour later, this became a 3:0 for Daniel as Serbia proved Strong once again, vs China!

Huge thanks to both Eaglemut and Daniel for providing us with such entertaining games and really good sportsmanship, and good luck to Daniel in the Semifinals, as he recently beat the one and only Mitoe in the Round of 8!

Luckily this time, I happen to have the stream link right here!
Thanks for reading and I'll see you in Volume 5, covering Round of 8!
>> Tournament Bracket <<
Tune in this Sunday, June 23rd at 15:00 GMT
for the
$206 Two Towns Tournament!

Image North West Section Image

Topping off our bracket is the Mighty Mr. @Mitoe himself, who was established last week as our Underused Champion and anointed leaderboard-leader for the season so far. @optimusprime and @risi321, Middle-Seed Welterweights and Maschinist Masterclass, will have a fierce undercard bout just one slot below before facing the Canadian Striker in the Round of 16. On the other side of the pond we have @Lukas_L99, who, having completed his Zen training in the scenic mountain valleys of Parallel Rivers, will step up to face Sir Kabuliford the III @princeofkabul, the hulking beast of Panjshir. While Lukas has been proving himself a challenger on ladder, just how many Hadoukens will it take to defeat the everlasting gains of tip-top 8 Kabuli? Mitoe is expected to take the upper half by storm but might certainly meet some scuff from one of these two players should he let his guard down.

Image North East Section Image
Turbo @tabben, fresh off a semi-finals finish in the UU Cup, takes Seed #4, to not many surprises. Gib in: @GiBthedurrty, revered Bōei practitioner won't have a walk-over this time meeting @TheNameDaniel in the Round of 32, a player who, taking a page out of the Book of #TT, is a bright up-and-comer and should be expected to give a good showing. Sinun ei pitäisi tuhlata aikaa ajattelemalla - @somppukunkku, kunkku of the shady swedes, offers up another heavy hitter to this section, occupying Seed #5. Never-tilted-just-saving-time @Jerimuno will be the man to beat for Brasiliero Herói Revelado @Kickass_OP in the Round of 32, with the winner meeting Somppu "Simuna" Kunkku in the next match.

Image South West Section Image

@Kaiserklein and student of Kaiserklein @bwinner1 represent the hot French kiss fantasy on this side of the bracket. But such a reverie will only be fulfilled if bloser botto btop8 bSometimesBeatsRaphael defeats notorious nilla boy @theonlybaus, the South African (?) native looking for his best tournament finish yet (and trust me he's got the skill to prove it.) The fruity frenchmen will eventually meet the victor of the Legendary Showdown of Sultans, the Round of 16 match between #1 mechanics @iamturk and #1 walls @breeze, a battle that pits yarak vs yarak for the definitive claim of Authority of Anatolia. I'm hard-pressed to pick a favorite.

Image South East Section Image
The indomitable (unless your name is Mitoe) @lordraphael will be Seed #3 for this event, but is never a slouch. Let's hope Chicago Slugger SoldieR (fka @IAmSoldieR) and fellow American representatives @Vinyanyérë, @dicktator_, and @giveuanxiety don't make this look like landing day at Normandy in the wake of Raffa Supreme's terror. Also punching in on this side of the bracket will be Dark Horse @yurashic, his first tournament appearance after an almost year-long hiatus from Age. He's a bit of a rusty Ruskie but he still has Lt Col skills and will be meeting Franco Chevalier @flontier for their Round of 32 appearance.

The tournament stream and first round matches will begin Sunday, June 23rd at 15:00 GMT on both ESOCTV & EscapeAoE. Be there or be square!


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