Pringles Weekend by QueenOfdestiny


Text by Interjection

Ladies and gentlemen,

This gunna be one stacked weekend. I mean… really stacked. I’m talking so stacked, that not even Mr Pringles will be ready (and pringles are widely regarded as a good example of ‘fairly stacked’). Three whole days of non-stop Age of Empires with TWO GRAND FINALS to boot. So grab some snacks pringles. Set your alarm. (Or just tune whenever you can this weekend :lol:). Starting Friday 23rd at 2:50am GMT, the Autumn Championship Rebroadcast will begin. Then...

Tune in LIVE on Sunday for:
14:00 GMT ESOC Snowww vs Kynesie Grandfinals rerun
18:00 GMT AoEO Celeste Open Championship LIVE Grandfinals here
Also, there will likely be parallel streams in Russian and Spanish for the AoEO Grandfinals

Tune in for some Age of Empires Online action directly after the AOE3 rerun. cG_Zerton VS Eery will be casted live over on projectceleste Twitch. Take a look at the bracket to see how we got here, you’ll notice some familiar names! here.

Tournament Drama:

So… Zerton has already defeated Eery earlier in the event (knocking him into the losers bracket). However, Eery held onto his tournament life there! He had to make it through Carnage first though (the guy who KOed GiveUAnxiety). But, after a close 3-2 victory, he made it through resulting in the Eery vs Zerton grandfinals rematch. This should be interesting. Zerton won earlier, yes. But it was a close 3-2 series. Will he win again and walk away with $150? Or can Eery turn it around this time. Tune in live for the result. projectceleste Twitch
More information here.

As you’ve probably guessed, we’re rejigging the Autumn Championships rebroadcast so the AOE3 grand finals rerun doesn’t coincide with the AOEO live ones. Basically we’re starting 4 hours earlier than previous scheduled so we can host the projectceleste

Autumn Tournament Rebroadcast

Text by Interjection

Can we get some PogChamps in the chat!? We’re officially a Twitch partner baby. Three and a half years of streaming, $5000+ in prizes and 28 events later… we’ve put ESOC on the map. And with AoE3DE & AoE4 on the way this could just be our Discovery Age of streaming.

What does being a Twitch partner mean?
  • We get guaranteed quality options every time
  • ESOC now earns money when ads are shown
  • Companies take us a bit more seriously!

Think sponsors… it might be time to start supplementing our event funds with those corporate dollars! Regardless, to celebrate (and make the most of our new ad revenue share :lol:), next weekend we’re going to rebroadcast the entire Autumn Championships from start to finish! Not only will this earn us revenue, but should be a good exposure opportunity to make more people aware of what we’re all about. Tune in to rewatch the finals and have a good ‘ol chat (Twitch chat 4Head)

Autumn Championships 2018 Rebroadcast
  • 64 hours of continuous non-stop streaming
  • Starts 6:50am GMT Friday (23rd)
  • Tune in for the grand finals 18:00 GMT, Sunday (25th)

Matchup of the Month

Matchup of the week month is returning with a few additional twists. Now run with a monthly frequency, these events will be split into two parts, opening with a general discussion thread (see the first one here). In addition, top players in the community will play in best of 5 showmatches in the given matchup.

This month’s matchup is Japanese vs. Indians, and, to kick off the returning event, we’ll be holding a match between kynesie and Hazza54321 (our Autumn Championship silver and copper medalists!) this Sunday. The exact time for this match is still to be determined, so check back here for updates!

Team Changes
You may have noticed a few changes to the team at ESOC.

Firstly, of course, we are saying goodbye to _H2O as he makes his transition from Dictator over to Eternal President. Ryan has contributed to ESOC immensely over the past few years, and will be stepping down to pursue other interests. Like other retiring staff members, he will still be around in some capacity, but will not be actively contributing to the ESOC staff.

Incognoto/kami_ryu is retiring from the Community Team, while Princeofcarthage/Sav0ryBeef and musketeer925 are retiring from the Development Team. All of these members are on leave to make time for their various other life commitments, but are all welcome back anytime.

Interjection is stepping down from a direct contributor role on the Media Team, but will still be making tons of content (he wrote half of this news post, for instance). Keep an eye out for more great content from him!

In a few team shuffles, XeeleeFlower will be switching from a dual Community Team-Media Team role to a purely Community Team one, while BrookG will be adding to his role on the ESOC wiki team (that’s when you have a seat on the Community Team but are not given the rank of moderator) by joining the Media Team as a stream manager. Queenofdestiny has taken over as team lead for the Media Team, overseeing all aspects of the burgeoning ESOC Media Empire.

In pure additions, we are welcoming googol/Butifle to the Media Team as a news post writer. And, while they do not currently have forum tags, blockchain enthusiast Snuden will be working with MCJim in the YouTube management section of the Media Team, j_t_kirk will be taking time away from the Enterprise to work on the Matchup of the Month event, and breeze will be helping him (and hopefully becoming the Official ESOC Poll Maker).

Lastly, huge thanks to XakOps and PF2K for their past and continuing work for ESOC. XakOps has been working with the Media Team to create the new ESOC casting overlays (which has improved our production values immensely) and PF2K has been doing various graphic design work for us.

As always, ESOC is hiring, so if you’re interested in helping out, send us a message reaching out. We are well-funded, although we’ll mostly be paying you in duckCoin vouchers and exposure.