Global Championships Group Finals - Live on ESOCTV and EGCTV this weekend.

Friday - Starting at 22 GMT on ESOCTV (casted by Minimoult)
Match #1 (Group A) - Perez vs. Prinz
Match #2 (Group H) - KINGofOsmane vs. Absolute_Eutopia

Saturday - Starting at 17 GMT on EGCTV (casted by Pesti / Lecastete)
Match #1 (Group F) - A Steady Table vs. Ageofkiller
Match #2 (Group D) - Kaiserklein vs. iamturk

Saturday - Starting after the EGCTV stream
Match #3 (RO16) - Haitch vs. minimoult21 - LIVE at ESOCTV and EGCTV

Sunday - Starting at 18 GMT on ESOCTV (casted by Fitzbro and Mitoe)
Match #1 (Group C) - Ezad vs. theonlybaus
Match #2 (Group E) - Optimus vs. Soldier
Match #3 (Group G) - Aizamk vs. kynesie

Global Championships Week 1 - Live on ESOCTV at 16:30 GMT

Match #1 (Group E) - GiveUAnxiety vs. Optimus
Match #2 (Group C) - Ezad vs. theonlybaus

casted by Lecastete and Kaister

TakkCafe Cup This Weekend & Global Championships Sign-ups Extension

Greetings folks! An exciting weekend is ahead with loads of AoE3 events popping off, including the TakkCake Cup Quarter-Finals due to be streamed tonight, Saturday May the 8th, and tomorrow, Sunday May the 9th on none other than ESOCTV. The events on both days are set to begin at 18:00 GMT, so be sure to tune in!

The sign-ups for the AoE3 Global Championship Pro Division have closed, however the Amateur Division sign-ups have been extended through the weekend and will close this Sunday at 23:59 GMT. If you have only just now checked out the website for the event, or if you have any buddies you'd like to get involved, the time to sign up is now! Signing up is free and a player need only a steam account and ESOC forum account to be eligible to participate. You can sign up in your MyESOC panel.

And without further ado, the Top 32 Pro Division of the AoE3 Global Championship!

Image is proud to announce the details for the first sponsored event, the TakkCafe Cup. Generously sponsored by Takk.Cafe, an app that helps cafes and coffee shops improve the experience of their customers, the TakkCafe cup will feature eight players and supplement the Table Topper. There will be a $500 prize pool for the event, and supplemental prizes for using certain units. This event is open to all players who have not qualified for the Table Topper; with the top eight players by ELO selected at the end of the month. If you would like to signup, please post here with your steam ID.


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