ESOC New Year’s Classic

ESOC is proud to announce the next in the great line of AoE3 events, the ESOC New Year’s Classic. This tournament, unlike the previous seasonal events and invitational events, with feature a hybrid style where the field is limited to the top 32 players that choose to participate (see rules post for seeding guidelines). Also, this tournament will revive one of the most popular weekend tour rules: MONO-CIVILIZATION. That’s right, get your main civilization ready to duke it out over five weeks on a variety of seasonal map styles. In the weekend tours, we saw Mitoe take down the tournament with Japan. Who will reign supreme this time? We will find out when the tournament starts on December 24th. Signups are open now, and will close on December 22nd. All the players must choose their civilization by the final day of sign-ups, and can do so by PM’ing @QueenOfdestiny. The tournament will feature a $400 prize pool (thank you to all the donators!), and as always, can be watched live on

P.S. For those who read this and are thinking, I am not going to make the top 32, don’t worry! We will be hosting a lower bracket featuring the same set-up for players who don’t qualify for the main event. Sign-up as you normally would for the main tournament if you wish to participate regardless of which bracket you are seeded into.
The Time2Micro Weekend Tournament
Signups are open now and will close Friday, 23:59 GMT!
The one-day tournament will begin Sunday, December 9th at 15:00 GMT!


What is Time to Micro? Time to Micro is a 1v1 scenario where both players spawn with equal units for 13 rounds of hot action. The only thing that decides the winner of each round is who has the best micromanagement of their units (hence the name of the scenario)! It's been over two years since the last Time to Micro tournament, where we saw @Kaiserklein take home the gold over the virtuous @Vinyanyérë, so it seems like a good time to host another one where we can hopefully see the aforementioned gold-winning Micro King dethroned. The tournament stream will occur on ESOCTV and begin about 1 hour and 30 minutes after the tournament starts. With a $150 prize pool there are sure to be many strong contenders this time around, so we hope to see you there!

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