Week 3 of the EPL
Duck Squad's Final Stand vs The Voracious SKG

Tune in to ESOCTV this Saturday, September 21st

This weekend will mark the formal end to the league stage of the ESOC Premier League, and while the dream of Playoffs is no longer in sight for every team, the quality of matches is sure to be customarily high. This Saturday we'll see an intense series - the final bastion of Team NA vs the voracious SKG.Image
The match of the day will pit "Yogi Master: Humble Warrior" WickedCossack, the league MVP and premier SKG representative, against formidable MDS IAmSoldieR. Wicked has been dominating the league so far, bagging a crushing victory over old A414A comrade GoodSpeed in Week 1 and a near repeat versus Samwise12 in Week 2. Shirking mirrors and rabidly clicking the Sepoy button, his overall record for the season is 9 and 1 - that's right, 9 wins and one (singular) loss. On the other hand we have American Highflier IAmSoldieR who has been holding fast for the Mandarin Duck Squad, sporting the best winrate on his team. While he's mostly been fighting opposing middleweights, you can consider that to be a sort of warmup as SoldieR is expected to put up some good games this series - that's just what happens when you put the underdog in a corner.

You can tune in for the show this weekend on ESOCTV. See ya there!

Hey guys, this Sunday I'll be casting Smackdown with @Zutazuta. It took a few months to corner him into a set date but we finally found a time that works :flowers:

For the first hour or so we'll catch up, talk about life & what's been going on since we last spoke, etc. I'd like to use the opportunity to talk about Escape in detail and basically record a podcast live (which I'll also edit and upload separately as usual). Afterwards, we'll cast a best of 7 series just like good 'ol times (normal supremacy but played on Smackdown patch).

At this moment, I'm still looking for players so please let me know below if you're available! As always, I'll aim to pair the most even match up possible.

Map Pool:
1) Uix Indonesia
2) Uix Hudson Bay
3) Uix Mendocino
4) Uix Kamchatka
5) Uix Deccan
6) Uix Bonnie Springs
7) Uix Tibet

The series will be played using NWC civ rules.

I'm really looking forward to this stream, it'll be on my personal channel


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