It is my pleasure to announce the $1K Table Topper for February 2021 will be going ahead this weekend, despite recent events. Due to the prevalence of cheaters on the ranked ladder, who have unfortunately impacted quite significantly the final standings, instead of the 2 highest placed players on the 1v1 ranked ladder, the following will occur:

  • Kaiserklein was at 2168 ELO at the end of the month and maintained a healthy ELO gap from the second rank for the duration of the last week of February, so will be given a bye into the showmatch.
  • Knuschelbär, Haitch and Samwise12 were on 2090, 2089 and 2085 ELO respectively as the month ended, with next being Jimmy Pickles who was on 2017 ELO.
  • I am not satisfied that Jimmy Pickles was within striking distance for second position on the 1v1 ranked ladder, and therefore, will not be invited to participate in the preliminary matches for the showmatch.
  • Knuschelbär, Haitch and Samwise12 will be invited to take part in a round robin, where each player will face off in a best of 3 against each other.
  • Hopefully the games do not result in a 3 way tie, as that is a difficult problem to solve and may delay things.
  • The sponsor has agreed to increase the prize pool from $1000 to $1500, with $500 being awarded to second place. This is to guarantee that the player who is successful in the preliminary games is rewarded for their success.

The first series of the preliminaries will be streamed on my twitch channel, beginning at 18:00GMT on Saturday 6 March 2021. My twitch channel can be found here:

The second and third series in the preliminaries will be streamed after the first series is complete on the EGCTV channel, who is the sponsor of this showmatch. The EGCTV twitch channel can be found here:

The show match between Kaiserklein and the player successful in the preliminaries will be streamed on the EGCTV channel, beginning at 18:00GMT on Sunday 7 March 2021.
>>March Subscriber Tournament<<
This month features another new wrinkle in the ESOC Bounty Board, a 32 player subscriber tournament using the January bounty winning map, vividlyplain's Empire Wars. The previous bounty for beating the extreme AI on Kamchatka by only gathering coin was collected by 2 time champion @CaRp with an insane time of 6:47. He has now won over 200$ since the inception of the bounty system. More about the tournament map, players start in the Commerce Age with more villagers and a variety of rickshaws/wagons to start their town. Since both players will have access to military buildings and a strong economy, the action will start immediately. There are two spawns on the map, one with water and one with no water. For more information about the map, check out the mod page and this wonderful spreadsheet containing spawn information by civilization.

This Sunday, starting at 18:00 GMT:
Image Knusch vs Haitch Image
Only on ESOCTV

This weekend, only on ESOCTV:

17:00 GMT - Haitch vs kynesie
20:00 GMT - Mitoe vs Knusch

18:00 GMT - Best-of-9 Finals


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