The $1000 ESOC Challenge Cup

The First Big Competitive Event of the AoE3:DE Era

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Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen, and without further ado it's my pleasure to introduce the first big competitive singles tournament of the AoE3:DE era. The $1000 ESOC Challenge Cup will be a cut-throat event held in the month of February for the Top 16 select competitors. To qualify, you'll need to be among the highest rated players on the 1v1 Supremacy Elo leaderboard, as only the 16 players with the highest rating will be seeded into the Group Stage. Sign-ups close on the evening of January 28th, so there is still ample time to affect your rating and secure yourself a spot in the ESOC Challenge Cup.

The top 16 players will be seeded into a Group Stage, 4 groups, 4 players in each group. From there, it'll be a 3-week onslaught with only the single player with the best record advancing from each group. The Semi-Finals and Finals will be crammed into a single stacked weekend bash at the end of the month with 80% of the prize pool on the line. Not for the faint of heart, this event is a proving ground for true competitors.

To read up more on the tournament rules, click here. Here's to a great event!

A cap to a great event this past weekend with the conclusion of the ESOC Goodhouse Cup! Peaking at 750 live concurrent viewers this Sunday, a congratulations is owed to @Hazza54321 for a well-fought match, taking the Finals series victory over @Kaiserklein with a score of 4-3. A thank you to everyone who contributed big or small to our donation goal throughout the course of the tournament. Our little community managed to raise over $1800 for Cedric's upcoming operation. A special thanks is owed to one Yuria of Londor, who contributed $1400 by the end of the tournament.

The fight is not over. We recommend that if you haven't already, to read Mr. Cedric Good House's story. A Knowledge Keeper of Lakota traditions, Cedric contributed his expertise to inform a more faithful remastering of our favorite game. While the Goodhouse Cup is over, Cedric's GoFundMe campaign is not. Contributions at any level would not go without appreciation.

Again, a huge thank you to all our donors, players, casters, and viewers for a successful event. Our collective dedication is what has allowed this community to persevere throughout the years. Here's to more great events and an exciting future for the ESOCommunity!


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