This weekend marks the opening of the Autumn Championship Sign-ups!

Sign up for the tournament using your MyESOC panel!

And to celebrate, we have a grudge match redux -
a Best-of-7 match between SomppuKunkku and IAmSoldieR!

Casted by Kaiserklein and QueenOfdestiny

Watch live on ESOCTV beginning Sunday at 16:00 GMT

Autumn Tournament Information
Sign up for the tournament using your MyESOC panel!
*Mostly written by @CurassierAndCurassier

After an extended break from the tournament format, with which we are all familiar (looking at you Weekend Tours who shook things up in an awesome way over spring), we are now back hosting our (possibly annual) 1v1 Championship! Are you at least PR15? Do you like winning? Do you just like to play? Do you like money? Would you like to just play something, win, make money? Sign ups open soon!

New tournament, new rules. I’m sure you’ve got lots of questions, so let’s get right to it, shall we? Do note that this simply covers a few things. Threads will be open soon that will go into everything more thoroughly. A more thorough review.

What’s the map pool going to be like? I don’t want to have to prepare for dozens of maps.
There are only nine maps that will be used in this tournament. They are Manchuria, Tibet, Gran Chaco, Hudson Bay, High Plains, Alaska, Kamchatka, Baja California, and Herald Island. These are nine battle-tested, classic ESOC maps. But make sure to brush up on the ones you’re not familiar with, because these are all you get.

Are there any in-game rules I should know about?
Don’t be a dick. :devil: Respect and sportsmanship is mandatory. Serious offense(s) may disqualify you from the tournament. In the immortal words of Tomas Hertl: Fun must be had always.

I lost! But I still want to play so can I please come back into the tournament?
No. BUT if you get eliminated before the bracket stages, then you qualify for the Second Chance.

How much money can I win?
Don't know, it depends on how well you do. There is a $1600 (thank you to everyone who donates! :love: ) prize pool that will be distributed as follows: 1st: $800, 2nd: $400, 3rd: $200, 4th: $100, Betting champion: $100. There is no cash prize pool for the Second Chance Tournament, however its winner as well as the Autumn Champ Winner will receive special badges!

Where can I find the brackets?
The brackets are not yet completed so stay tuned.
Helpful Diagram

I don't care about playing, but I want to watch and put my betting skills to use. When can I do that?
Betting will begin September 24th. Caution: you will be facing the infamous @zoom, who is our own betting Lazarus. What is dead may never die! Even if you are 16k points ahead, as @iwillspankyou was last tournament, and Zoi is only sittin' on 100 points, you are still not safe. Maybe @somppukunkku will be the one to knock out Zoi. As always, betting is free and you are given points with which to bet.

Personally, I'm excited. People have been saying India is good, but are they really uncounterable? Is Brit still a strong pick on the more hunt-heavy maps? Do we have a dark horse in Japan? I have heard straight from the big G that they are underrated, and he's not the only one to say this. What about Ottomans? Are they really bad, or unexplored? Sioux? Spain's Spanish Gold card? There is a lot of uncertainty here, and if players prepare well, the tournament is bound to clear some of that up. Looking forward to some creative new builds that shake up our grounded meta. cough cough @[Armag] diarouga

As always, this tournament was funded by you all. Please don't forget to donate towards the next tournament. Thank you! :flowers: