After the success of EP7(.1) – which made major strides in improving the game, while in players’ eyes simultaneously improving balance between civilizations, significantly – I am focusing on streamlining the latter, in order to achieve an even better state, with this update. As well as balance changes, there's a host of other improvements, in addition to several great-looking, new maps.

Depending on feedback, it’s entirely possible that there will be a minor update released, some time after the launch of EP8, to tweak things. Ideally, a future EP9 would feature further rebalancing of age-up options, consulate allies, mercenaries and minor natives.

Thank you to everyone who’s provided feedback, since the release of EP7.1!
~ @zoom


changelog since EP
unless specified otherwise, game changes apply to all of ESOC Patch / ESOC Treaty Patch

Bug fixes
- Fixed a deck inspection glitch allowing players to discern which cards were sent by other players in the game.
- Planned (unstarted) building foundations are now only immune to damage from players who don't have Spies researched, and therefore cannot see them. [addresses an issue introduced on EP]

ESOC Patch bug fixes
- Outdated/incorrect Consulate unit stats have been updated to reflect counterpart unit statistics, in the following cases:
  • Zweihander hitpoints adjusted to 240 (from 230) [addresses an issue introduced on EP]
  • Tufanci Corps hitpoints adjusted to 210 (from 235) [addresses an issue introduced on EP]
  • Life Guard, Bashkir and Gardener ranged resistance adjusted to 0.2 (from 0.1)
  • Siberian Cossack ranged resistance adjusted to 0.3 (from 0.1)
  • Czapka 0.75 Villager multiplier removed; speed adjusted to 6.75 (from 6.5); hitpoints adjusted to 180 (from 190); ranged resistance adjusted to 0.3 (from 0.1)
  • Carabineer hitpoints adjusted to 140 (from 222); siege attack damage set to 6 (from 10); hand attack damage set to 7 (from 11); ranged attack damage set to 14 (from 22)
  • Besteiro inaccuracy removed; ranged attack damage adjusted to 16 (from 18); multipliers adjusted to x2 vs Light Cavalry & Eagle Runner Knight, x0.75 vs Cavalry & Coyoteman, x1.25 vs Heavy Infantry (from x1.5 vs Light Cavalry & Eagle Runner Knight)
  • Prussian Needle Gunner and Roger's Ranger multipliers adjusted to x2 vs Light Cavalry & Eagle Runner Knight & Heavy Infantry, x0.75 vs Cavalry & Coyoteman (from x1.5 vs Light Cavalry & Eagle Runner Knight, x2 vs Heavy Infantry)
- Saloon Pirate now correctly snares/speedboosts and its speed is correctly halved in Cover mode.
- Catamaran now correctly uses its siege attack against ships, rather than using ineffective ranged attack.
- Chukonu no longer have reduced ranged attack accuracy in Stagger/Defend mode.
- Renegados and Thuggees now correctly display as semi-transparent when obscured by other units, based on the "Obscured Unit Alpha" game option.
- Fixed an issue preventing the percentage cost reductions granted by Mosque Construction and Old Ways from being applied. [addresses an issue introduced on EP]
- Fixed an issue preventing hotkeys for Mongolian and Black Flag armies from working. [addresses an issue introduced on EP]
- Team Cheap Barracks no longer grants the extra 400 coin crate from Spanish Gold twice. [addresses an issue introduced on EP]
- Teepee improved economic aura (activated by Aggressive Expansion Policy) no longer stacks intensity. [addresses an issue introduced on EP]
- Adjusted cost of 2 sentries (enabled by the Village Defense shipment) to 50f/50c (from 80f/80c), consistent with the cost of 2 irregulars.
- Fixed an issue preventing the Aztec Warchief Swashbuckler ability hotkey from working.
- Fixed an issue preventing the Indian Monks and Sioux Warchief from performing certain actions in Trample/Defend mode (build, pick up treasure, heal).
- Fixed an issue with certain techs being mis-flagged as unit upgrade techs (Abassid Market, Topkapi, Tanzimat, Rawhide Covers big button, Flaming Arrows big button, Cipatli big button) and therefore being affected by Zen Meritocracy and TEAM Cheap Unit Upgrades.
- Homecity-shipped Sohei outdated multipliers adjusted to same values as regular Sohei have.
- Nootka Warchief bounties recalculated from 20/20 to 30/30, per current unit cost.
- Outpost Wagon now builds Asian Outpost (Tower) instead of War Hut/Blockhouse for native civilizations and Russia. "Team Defenses" shipment no longer enables Outpost for all civilizations on the team (which effectively enabled Russian allies to build 7 Outposts).
- Fixed an issue with a number of techs awarding "fake" additional score when their effects already fully awarded the intended amount of score indirectly. (BigAztecRaidingParty, BigAztecScoutingParty, BigAztecWarParty, BigDockCipactli, BigFarmCinteotl, BigFarmStrawberry, BigHouseCoatlicue, BigIroquoisRaidingParty, BigIroquoisScoutingParty, BigIroquoisWarParty, BigLonghouseWoodlandDwellers, BigNoblesHutWarSong, BigPlantationMapleFestival, BigPlantationTezcatlipoca, BigSiouxDogSoldiers, BigWarHutBarometz, ChurchBashkirPonies, ChurchBlackWatch, ChurchGardeImperial1, ChurchGardeImperial2, ChurchKalmucks, ChurchPetrineReforms, ChurchQuatrefage, ChurchRogersRangers, ChurchStadholders, ChurchTopcuCorps, ChurchTowerAndSword, ChurchTufanciCorps, ChurchWaardgelders, ChurchWesternization, ChurchWildGeeseSpanish, ImpArtilleryRegiments, NatChocolateRecipes, NatDogSoldier, NatHuntingGrounds, NatMorningWars, NatSequoyahSyllabary, NatXPCheyenneHuntingGrounds, NatXPHuronTradeMonopoly, NatXPKlamathHuckleberryFeast, NatXPMapucheTreatyOfQuillin, NatXPZapotecCloudPeople, YPNatSufiPilgramage).

ESOC Patch map changes
- Introducing 6 new maps (you can find more information about them here):
  • UIx ESOC Bering Strait
  • UIx ESOC Dhaka
  • UIx ESOC Fraser River
  • UIx ESOC Nepal
  • UIx ESOC Tuparro
  • UIx ESOC Wabakimi
- "Tournament Maps" map-set updated to reflect EPL2 maps.
- "Standard Maps" map-set updated to include UIx ESOC Bering Strait, UIx ESOC Dhaka, UIx ESOC Manchac, UIx ESOC Nepal, UIx ESOC Tuparro, UIx ESOC Wabakimi.
- "ESOC Team Maps" and "Team Maps" map-sets updated to include UIx ESOC Bering Strait, UIx ESOC Dhaka, UIx ESOC Nepal, UIx ESOC Tuparro, UIx ESOC Wabakimi.
- UIx ESOC Lumaco: added minimap image for lobby screen.

ESOC Patch balance changes
Comments by @zoom, in italic.

– Artillery Foundry cost reduced to 250w (from 300w); bounties adjusted to 25xp ('build', from 30xp) and 50xp ('kill', from 60xp)
A direct result of the recent balance poll, this buff to the viability of training the relevant units has various implications of limited significance to inter-civilization balance; most notably, perhaps, for Ottomans.

– "Mass Cavalry" improvement cost reverted to 750c (from 600c)
This is a simple revert of an insignificant and surely unwarranted compensatory change.

– Trading Post minor native alliance trickle tweaked to 0.8xp per second (from 0.7xp per second)
This buff improves the general viability of civilizations on 0TP-maps, as well as the general viability of minor natives.

– "Advanced Trading Post" shipment decreased to -40% Trading Post cost, +30% Trading post hitpoints and Trading Post attack-action enabled (from -40% Trading Post cost, +50% Trading post hitpoints and Trading Post attack-action enabled)
As a direct result of the recent balance poll, Trading Posts will remain buildable regardless of enemy starting Town Center(s). Considering this – as well as the buffs to minor native TPs, Portuguese and Spanish – making Advanced Trading Posts easier to eliminate (which also saw strong support in the poll) should do both balance and game-play good.

– Honcho The Pet Grizzly treasure-guardian and hero multipliers decreased from 3 and 1 to 1.2 and 0.5, respectively
This nerf will drastically improve the balance of the treasure, without disproportionately limiting its viability – and without adverse impact on the "3 Grizzlies" shipment.

– Incan Huaminca attack decreased from 15 to 14
By mitigating the pre-existing significant risk of the minor native alliance trickle, this nerf helps faciliate its slight buff.

– "Seminole Bowyer" improvement decreased from +25% archer attack to +20% archer attack
A direct result of the recent balance poll, this nerf improves the general civilization viability on affected maps, and limits the extent of balance issues related to the improvement.

These changes are adjusting a couple of unbalanced treasures.

– +40% hero hitpoints (guarded by 3 Wolves) decreased to +20% hitpoints (guarded by 2 Wolves)
– +20% hero hitpoints (guarded by 2 Polar Bears) increased to +30% hero hitpoints [only spawns in team games, since EP7]

– "The Shaman" council increased by 1 War Hut Travois for Colonial, Industrial and Imperial Ages
An indirect result of the recent balance poll, this change makes for a good exception to include an age-up viability change with EP8; improving build diversity and the viability of Colonial council options. Please note that Fortress Age "The Shaman" has already been increased by 1 Nobles Hut, on EP, and that with this change, Colonial Age will be 2 War Hut Travois, Fortress 2 Nobles Huts, Industrial 2 Nobles Huts and 1 War Hut Travois, and Imperial 2 Nobles Huts and 1 War Hut Travois – in addition to the effect on these buildings' attack and hitpoints, which is +10% for Colonial, Fortress and Industrial Ages, and +20% for Imperial Age.

– Puma Spearman "siege trooper" unit-tag removed
A direct result of the recent balance poll, this buff will cause the unit to take decreased damage from Irregulars, Minutemen and Warriors, and increased damage from defensive buildings (other than Town Centers, which are unaffected). It should have virtually no synergy with the above "The Shaman" buff.

– Manor House "kill" bounty increased from 54xp to 81xp
An indirect result of the recent balance poll, this is a non-intrusive and slight general nerf to the civilization, that helps balance the mechanic of "Manor-mapping" by incentivizing the defence and sieging of Manor Houses.

– Rocket projectile velocity increased to 45 (from 30)
Currently, at half the value of every other artillery piece, the Rocket both underperforms, and suffers extreme variance (its performance varies wildly from one battle to another), due to its poor accuracy. This buff will offset these issues, to an extent, while maintaining the identity of the unit as a cheaper and less reliable artillery piece.

– Disciple train-time reverted to 11s (from 7s)
– "TEAM Improved Warships" shipment reverted to +15% (from +20%) attack & hitpoints
A direct result of the recent balance poll, these changes undo previous, now possibly unwarranted buffs.

– "4 Hussars" shipment increased to 5 Hussars
This buff, which is an indirect result of the recent balance poll, should help keep the civilization competitive in the context of this update, while being significantly less significant to team games.

– Zamburak ranged resistance reverted to 30% (from 20%)
A direct result of the recent balance poll, this change undoes a previous, now possibly unwarranted nerf.

– Mahout Lancer "heavy infantry" multiplier increased to 1 (from 0.5); "infantry" multiplier decreased to 1.5 (from 2); Mansabdar adjusted accordingly
A direct result of the recent balance poll, "this slight and tweakable revamp of the unit will help differentiate it from the Sowar, giving the two more different roles, by increasing Mahout Lancer damage output against heavy infantry (hand infantry and musketeer-type units) by 50%, while decreasing it against non-heavy infantry (archer and rifle units) by 25%.

– Sowar heavy infantry multiplier decreased to 0.57 (from 0.67); infantry multiplier increased from 1.5 to 1.75; "Desert Terror" shipment heavy infantry multiplier effects adjusted accordingly to -0.125 (from -0.17); Mansabdar adjusted accordingly
As an indirect result of the recent balance poll, in order to avoid adverse effects of testing the turning of the Mahout Lancer into a Mahout Lancer, it's important to ensure that the Sowar, which is widely considered a weak(er) unit, is able to fill the role in which the Mahout Lancer will be less effective (against compositions featuring non-heavy infantry, and no heavy infantry). Considering the current state of the unit, in addition to the three significant nerfs to Indians introduced with EP7(.1), this change –which is both less impactful for team-games and tweakable – should not prove problematic.

– "TEAM Chonindo" shipment no longer affects hunting or livestock gather-rates
This change is designed to help team-game balance, while making the shipment more distinctive of the civilization's identity.

– Spyglass cooldown decreased from 120s to 90s
An indirect result of the recent balance poll, this buff rewards active and attentive players (especially in the earlier stages of the game), makes the civilization more fun to play, and is less impactful for team games.

– Cassador cost reduced to 75f, 35c (from 80f, 35c); bounties adjusted to 11xp (from 12xp)
An indirect result of the recent balance poll, this buff to training the unit should slightly help Portuguese, overall – especially in 1vs1 games.

– "11 Musketeers" shipment increased to 12 Musketeers
– "9 Halberdiers" shipment increased to 10 Halberdiers
– "20 Strelets" shipment decreased to 19 Strelets
An indirect result of the recent balance poll, these changes address the arbitrary and excessive disparity in strength (and viability) of Russians Fortress Age unit shipments, without undoing the fundamentally sound and popular buff to the “17 Strelets” shipment—and without adverse effects on team-games

– "12 Bison" shipment changed to "20 INFINITE Bison"; moved to Industrial (from Colonial) Age
Thank you to @gamevideo113 for suggesting this change, which will help late-game options (particularly relevant in team games), and synergizes well with "Great Hunter".

– Teepee attack and hitpoints auras decreased from +10% to +8% each; gather-rate aura increased from +5% to +8%; hitpoints partially reverted to 450 (from 600)
Overall, Teepees seem less problematic than on previous iterations. These changes will help balance the civilization by increasing its strength – while making it less unbreakable – throughout the game.

- "Aggressive Policy" shipment gather-rate aura effect increased from +5% to +16%; moved to Industrial (from Colonial) Age; no longer increases Teepee aura ranges; renamed "Aggressive Expansion Policy"
This change will allow for better and less problematic scaling in the late-game.

– Town Center cost reduced to 400w (from 500w)
Another thank you to @Mitoe for suggesting this buff, which makes particular sense, on account of how Sioux Town Centers do not provide 10 population room. The change should also be more significant for team games.

– 4 Villagers” shipment increased to 5 Villagers
Thank you to @Mitoe for presenting a convincing argument as to why this change, which is greatly popular with some players, isn't quite senseless.

– Tashunke Prowler cost increased to 150f, 75c (from 125f, 75c); bounties adjusted to 23xp (from 20xp); hitpoints increased from 170 to 220
Please note that while this replacement is a relative buff to the unit, overall, Tashunke Prowler hitpoints increases by half the amount (5%) that attack does (10%), per unit in radius 20.

– Per-shipment experience points required decreased to 72% (from 75%)
An indirect result of the recent balance poll, this buff will ensure Spanish world domination; nevermore shall the sun set on Piroshiki.

– "Caballeros" shipment tweaked to +1 Lancer infantry multiplier & +1 Lancer range (from +1 Lancer infantry multiplier & +2 Lancer range)
This tweak to the shipment addresses valid concerns about the late-game performance of Lancers.


- @Kevsoft for his work on UHC2 (deck inspection glitch fix, allow damage to visible planned building foundations)
- @vividlyplain for new maps Bering Strait, Dhaka, Fraser River, Nepal, Wabakimi
- @dansil92 for new map Tuparro
- @XaKOps for new minimap images
- @mandosrex for designing all other "special" assets


1. If you have a previous version installed, you can simply run the EP Launcher and auto-update should have you covered.
2. If you're installing for the first time, download the exe installer.
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Gameplay Rules Event Discord Tournament Schedule

Ladies and gentlemen,
Welcome to the 2nd installment of the ESOC Premier League!

Expanding on the success of its first iteration, ESOC's next big event will be the second season of the ESOC Premier League (EPL) - a team-based tournament where 6 Team Managers draft a squad from a pool of players and duke it out over the following 5 weeks round-robin style to make it to the playoffs, where the best 2 teams face off to determine this year's reigning champs. Each team must have a minimum of 6 players, with 5 players on the main roster and at least 1 substitute. Players will be drafted in a Live Auction Event, with Team Managers bidding on players using a limited amount of "duck coins". Each team is also granted one "champion", a player who is theirs for free and basically functions as the team's assistant manager. The ESOC Premier League is one of the most fun and engaging tournaments ESOC has to offer, so read on if you're interested!

The admins for the event this year will be @BrookG, @Mr_Bramboy, and myself, @Cometk.

With that said, I'd like to welcome our managers and their champions:

Mandarin Duck Squad - @Vinyanyérë + @Mitoe
The Nilla Ninjas - @Aizamk + @iamturk
Hudson Bay BIGs - @n0el + @samwise12
New World Challengers - @WickedCossack + @[Armag] diarouga
Somali Kabuli Gaming - @princeofkabul + @Hazza54321
Cuirassier Management Co. - @TheNameDaniel + @Kaiserklein

Player sign-ups are open now. You can sign up by making a post in the Sign-ups thread with your ESO username. Sign-ups will close Friday, March 27th at 23:59 GMT.

Keep in mind that signing up does not guarantee that you will be drafted - hop in the EPL discord and make sure to prove your skills to the team managers to ensure your place in the event!

General EPL Rules & Regulations

Description of the Team Manager

Sign-ups Information

Live Auction

Week 1

Midseason Auction


Week 6 - Playoffs

Prize Pool


This post marks the formal start to the ESOC Premier League Season 2. Managers may now hold official tryouts.

>> Sign-Ups <<
>> Gameplay Rules <<
>> Tournament Schedule <<
>> Tournament Discord <<

Any further questions, feel free to ask in this thread. Here's to a great event!


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