The Elite Gaming Channel is proud to bring you the African Championship of AOE3! This will be a special 8-person invitational event, all shown over one weekend of action on 14th and 15th August! This will be a straight knockout tournament, starting with the Quarter Finals on Saturday and the Semi-Finals and Finals on Sunday!

There will be NO SEEDINGS for this event, and the entire draw will be made completely at random!! The lineup is as follows (alphabetical order):

Aussie Drongo

The Maps will be announced shortly (ALL AFRICAN) and the format will be as follows:

QF and SF:


Ethiopia vs Hausa
Hausa vs Ethiopia
Free African Pick vs Free(ish) Pick*
Free(ish) Pick vs Free African Pick
Either African civ, chosen blind

In these games, the player using the African civ gets to narrow down the opponents choice by choosing any 7 civs that are excluded. From the remaining 10 civs, the non-African player chooses one. The aim of this is to show matchups featuring the African civs while increasing the chance of the African player having a reasonable chance of success. Once the field of civs is narrowed, the picks are made blind.



Ethiopia vs Hausa
Hausa vs Ethiopia
Either African vs Free(ish) Pick
Free(ish) Pick vs Either Africa
Ethiopia Mirror
Hausa Mirror
Blind Civ Style from either African Civ

This past weekend we all saw the conclusion to one of the most dominant runs in the long history of Age3.

CAUTION Spoilers

Many thanks to everyone who made this event possible, especially EGCTV for co-hosting and funding half the prize pool. Thanks to @Aussie_Drongo , @I_HaRRiiSoN_I , @Lecastete , @fitzbro, @minimoult21 and others for all the streams that they led. Over the course of of the pro-division and the end of the amateur division, we managed to cast almost all of the games, a tremendous accomplishment. Special thanks to the team at Aoe2cm, who modified their software in order for us to use a draft for civilizations in the end of the event. If you’d like to use it for your own fun, head over to and check it out.

Of course, tournaments like these wouldn’t be possible without the support of the community. In order to keep providing high level content going forward, we need your help. We at ESOC are looking to add our team. Specifically we are looking for those interested in helping to run or cover tournaments for Age 3 and Age 4. If you are interested, please send me a PM or contact me on discord. We also rely on your generosity to fund the events that we run. I’d you’d like to donate or subscribe on Twitch, that would greatly help us in order to host future events like EPL3.

Other than those events, what else does ESOC have in store? Well, with the release date and upcoming beta for Age of Empires 4, it is past due time that we opened a forum specifically aimed at that game. More and more information will continue to be released, and no doubt there will be great discussion to be had. Head over there and check out the existing topics. There will be a closed beta soonTM, so stay tuned for more information about the launch of the beta and head over and become an Age Insider on if you are interested in participating.

Global Championships Amatuer Division Finals - Live on EGCTV starting at 1530 GMT on Sunday.

Global Championships Pro Division GRAND FINALS Match - Live on ESOCTV at 21 GMT.

Global Championships Amateur Division Semi-Finals - Live on EGCTV and ESOCTV

Saturday July 3rd: Starting at 17:00 GMT - Kévin vs Yukietty casted live on EGCTV

Sunday July 4th: Starting at 18:30 GMT - Bram vs Chusik casted live on ESOCTV


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