After two qualifiers, the main event for Hidden Cup 2 is finally here. This weekend, eight players with hidden identities will begin their journey to become champion. The eight players who qualified are JulianK, Alvaroes, Optimus, Ezad, kynesie, Aizamk, Ungurs and Yukietty. Each player has been given a fresh account with a new identity, and only one admin knows who each player is. The first round will be streamed live on ESOCTV this weekend, with the following matchups and casters:
P1 vs P2 : 15gmt Morgan Black vs Pierre Beaumont Casted by MFD/Widgie
P3 vs P4: 17/18gmt Lizzie the Pirate vs Kanyenke casted by Kaister/Mini

P5 vs P6 : 15 gmt Sahin the Falcon vs General Warwick casted by Tobi/MFD
P7 vs P8 : 18 gmt Major Cooper vs Alain Magnan casted by Harrison
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Dear Esoc People,
the wait is finally over and I'm gladly announcing the Legacy Hidden Cup, which is starting in 2 days. This Tournament will include 2 Open-Qualifier in which Invited Players will face each other and fight over the spots in the Mainevent, which will be held in Hidden Cup Style.

General Tournament rules:
- The Tournament will contain 2 Open Qualfiers à 16 invited Players, in which 4 Players will advance to the MainEvent. The Mainevent will be hold with the Top8 Players, who gonna play on Smurf accounts to hide their real identity.
- Players will play with Legacy Civs only through the whole tourney; Legacy Maps included
- Forbidden Cards: Germany: 500c Pandour shipment; Ports: Feitoria age1 shipment
- Some General Tourney rules:

For Qualfiers 1 & 2:
- Qualifier1: 14.11-21.11
Qualfier 2 28.11-05.12
--> Players have one week to set their games with oponnents; Ro16 and Ro8 have to be finished till the end of the week
- Bracketsystem for 16 Players, Ro16 Bo5, Ro8 Bo5 --> 4 Players Advancing each Qualifier
- KOTW Civruleset: * Each Player can ban one Civ and Map of his opponent; Once one Civ got banned, both players cant use the Civ for the rest of the series; Higher Seed bans first
* Players will use a special Civtool to select their Civilation for the match

For MainEvent:
- Players will play with a complete new steam account with the game
- Players are not allowed to share their identity with anyone; Revealing may result into a disqualification
- One Admin will know the Identity of all 8 Players to schedule the communication between themselves
- Same KOTW Civruleset as Qualifiers; Except that admins will randomly determine which player will ban civs/maps first
- Decknames have to be changed to "1,2,3,..." etc to prevent knowing the language of player

The Mainevent will be expanded over 2 weekends:

Ro8: Bo5
Saturday 10.12:
  • P1 vs P2
    P3 vs P4
Sunday 11.12
  • P5 vs P6
    P7 vs P8

Semis: Bo7
Saturday 17.12:
  • Semifinals 1
    Semifinals 2
Finals Bo7
Sunday 18.12:
  • 3rd Placematch
    Big Finals

Player List for Q1

Player List for Q2

Playerlist for Mainevent: Smurfnamelist:


Screenshot (782).png
For Q1:
-Ro16 Bo5: Gran Chaco, Punjab, Sagunay, Bengal, Dakota, Florida, Kamchatka
-Ro8 Bo5: Manchuria,Kamchatka, Pampas Sierra, Indonesia, Central Plains, Cascade Range, Dakota

For Q2:
-Ro16 Bo5: Cascade Range, Central Plains, Indonesia, Pampas Sierra, Kamchatka, Manchuria, Punjab
-Ro8 Bo5: Sagunay, Punjab, Gran Chaco, Bengal, Dakota, Florida, Central Plains

-Ro8 Bo5: Gran Chaco, Dakota, Manchuria, Bengal, Kamchatka, Indonesia, Pampas Sierra
- Semis Bo7: Central Plains, Sagunay, Cascade Range, Punjab, Florida, Pampas Sierra, Kamchatka, Manchuria, Bengal
- Finals/ 3rd Place Bo7: Bengal, Florida, Central Plains, Gran Chaco, Indonesia, Punjab, Pampas Sierra, Sagunay, Dakota

1st: 250$
2nd: 150$
3rd: 75$
4th: 25$

Admins: @n0el @Lecastete @minimoult21 @Riotcoke @kevinitalien and myself
Special thanks to:
  • @bahocalyps for donating over 150 subgifts on Twitch
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KOTOW Final Stage Starts Now!

26 Aug 2022, 13:34

Image After weeks and weeks of qualifiers, sixteen of the game's best players battled it out to determine who the remaining eight players would be to challenge for the title of King of the Old World. This weekend, it all comes to an end. Starting now, at 14 GMT, the quarterfinals are kicking off between Warsword and Absolute Eutopia live on The remaining series will series follow and after today's action we will be down to the final four. Tomorrow the semi-finalists will battle it out starting at 15GMT and on Sunday the bronze match and Grand Final will conclude the event.
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I’m glad to introduce the new Age of the World mod for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition!
Image There are some of the features you will find in here:

The first main difference you’ll find between this mod and regular AoE3 is the absence of population costs of every units except Villagers! This is the new feature I want the most to have feedback of, as I have been playing the Wars of Liberty Mod for legacy, and it has been very enjoyable to have the limitation of population once more.
Another difference is that defensive structures no longer have a build limit, and wall conectors can now transform into the civ’s defensive building.
All civs now have a late game infinite Wood building. For most, it’s the Sown Grove - Grove Sowers can be trained from the Town Center - but some civs have very different buildings.
All the civs not introduced in this mod, so all the civs present in DE and its expansions, have been left mostly untouched besides the new aformentioned features, with some minor tweeks to some civs.

Now to the new Civilizations and Cultures!Note: each civ includes new units, but I encourage you to explore them yourselves as they are A LOT and I don’t want to make this post exceedingly long!

New Culture: Legendary Outlaws

This culture’s economy is all about gold. They have a unique age-up mechanic, Raids! Raids can be started with the explorer type unit of a civilization and have a higher gold cost and lower gold cost than regular age-ups from the Colonial Age forward! They have unique Villagers who have a mixed Food and Gold costs with specific bonuses. They also each have a unique fort type that combines the functions of a Fort and a Capitol, providing both a strong frontier defense aswell as a late game economic improvements. Their gold building is also avaliable from Colonial Age

Civs in this culture:

Barataria Pirates - Their unique Villager is the Crewmate, having a bonus at gathering gold. Their unique Dock has an anti-ship attack, and can train Treasure Ships - ships that can’t attack but generate gold when tasked to a Pirate Dock. Their unique fort type unit is Fort Tortuga and their leader is Jean Laffite.

New Culture: Polynesian

This culture is all about… well, culture! Each civilization in this culture has a civ specific statue with different variations that provide different bonuses. They cannot be built with a Villager, and instead builders can be sent from their Home City and spawned at the Ceremonial Site. Speaking of which, the Ceremonial Site is where they Age Up. Instead of selecting a Politician, they will select a God each age. For now they grant shipments like other civs, but in the future it is possible they will grant bonuses depending on the age they were chosen depending on feedback. Their age up is particularly slow, but can be sped up by tasking Villagers there, which also speeds up the spawn rate of builders. Finally, their late game resource building is the Altar, which can be toggled to gather any of the 3 resources from. Initially, the gather rate is slow, but can be significantly improved upon.


New African Civs:

Moroccans - The Moroccans are well versed in the art of trade. That is reflected one of their unique buildings: the Moroccan Plantation (name subject to change) - here they can gather either Wood or Influence. They also have access to the Moroccan Marketplace that combines the function of the Livestock Market and a Farm.

Egyptians - The Egyptians are a camel civilization. They have 4 different camel units to choose from, and are not left behind in infantry either. They obtain Influence through Monuments (functionality will be changed in the future, but aspect kept) that change model everytime you build one. They passively generate Influence. The Egyptian Field allow for 10 gatherers instead of 3 like regular Fields.

Zulu - The Zulu are one of the civilizations whose buildings will be visually rework in a very near future. They future the Kraal as their food building instead of the Field. Here they can also train Nguni Cows and fatten livestock. The Herbalist Market provides the normal techs and functions of a regular market, but significantly increase in price from Fortress age forward, also becoming their gold building. The Royal Hut replaces the Palace, having an arrow attack instead of cannon.

Yoruba - The Yoruba are one of my favorite visually. Unlike the rest of the African Civilizations, they don’t have access to the Granary, instead having the Plaza - a building that is also free to build and slowly generates influence and increases nearby Villagers’ gather rate. They also lure hunt and provide economic improvements like the Granary. They have a build limit of 10.Note: the Zulu and Yoruba were part of a sub-culture, therefore their Age Up is currently different from other african civs. They are similar to European age up techs but feature sub-tribes or relevant cities instead of politicians. This is will be removed in the future and replaced with regular Alliances. New Alliances will also be added in the future.

New Native American Civilizations:

Cherokee - The Cherokee are similar to other North American Native civilizations. They are unique in their Alliance with Railroad Company, represented in their unique market - the Railroad Work Post. This Market also has a unique Big tech that allows Railroad Works to be trained from Artillery Foundry. These units attack close range with a pickaxe but shine throwing dynamite at enemy buildings. They can also send Imprisoned Settlers from their Home City in larger number than regular Villagers shipments.

Mayans - The Mayans will undergo a visual building rework in the near future aswell! The civ is a mixture of their ancient self and the Mayans represented in the Mexican revolution, featuring a mixture of older and more recent units. They are particularly good at gathering gold, especially from their unique gold building - the Gold Quarry. Their house unit, the Nah Huts, also allow Villager to garrison in them gaining a ranged attack similarly to the Town Center.

Inuits - The Inuit are one of my favorite civs from this mod! They are visually very striking, and are particularly good fishermen and hunters. They have access to the Hunting Cottage which lures hunts, contains hunting upgrades, and increase the huntable gather rate of nearby Villagers. They also have a unique aditional Villagers - the Huskies! They start the game with 4 Huskies and 4 Villagers, and can send more from their Home City, enabling them from being trained from the Town Center and increasing their build limit. The Huskies can gather from animals and be tasked to the Community Plaza with half the effectiveness of a regular Villager.


New Sub-Culture: Rainforest Natives

This is a sub-culture of the Native Americans, being very similar, but with their specific trait being that they can’t directly gather gold.

Caribs - One of my favorite civs! Like mentioned earlier, they can’t directly gather gold… but they do use gold. They obtain it from the Western Trade Post, their unique market, where they can buy chests of gold with food and wood in an even exchange rate. They also have access to the Caribbean Tree Plot, their unique Wood building that benefit from all tree gathering upgrades, and the Native Gathering House that train cavalry and (other units) from other tribes.

Tupi - The Tupi can’t gather Wood, but on the other hand don’t use it at all. The Malocas can toggle between food and wood gathering, and instead of the Market they have the School! Here they can research economic upgrades and research techs that allow Villagers to be trained faster. They can research a tech at the Town Center that enables currency exchanges in the School.


New Asian Civilizations:

Cambodian Khmers - As expected, they are an elephant civilization! They have their unique Wonders (almost all of which don’t work yet lol) and a wide array of elephant units to choose from. They are missing unique cards, but they will be added very soon!


New European Civilizations:

Jesuits - The Jesuits are one of the most unique civilizations in this mod. I placed them here, but I could’ve just as easily placed them under the Native Civilizations. They cannot gather gold directly either, but they can generate it with the Jesuit Churches and by attending sermons at the Town Square! They can improve the generation of gold by the Jesuit Churches in the churches themselves, aswell as having access to an array of cards that can upgrade the churches! They are thematically very unique and I highly recommend them!

Finnish - The Finnish are the civ most similar to other civs already in game, while having a lot of things keeping them very unique. Instead of houses they have Northern Lights Viewing Tents, which besides supporting population can also be garrisoned by 5 villagers or infantry units and improves nearby gather rates. Instead of Mills and Plantations they have Maatilas. This building allows two resources to be gathered at the same time, being able to toggle between the 3 possible combinations. Instead of the Livestock Pen they have access to the Sámi Reindeer Farm, that slowly spawns herdable reindeer and can also train them at a faster rate (and also fattening livestock faster). Finally, the Finnish Dock spawns a Perch when built - a fish providing an infinite ammount of food. The Finnish are also lacking their unique set of cards. (edited)

This is a very quick summary of the mods’ features, possibly having a lot of typos due to the speed I am typing this at, so I encourage you to try the mod for yourself!

MOD CREATED BY: Kaeto Santos

If you want to give it a shot, don’t forget to visit and join the mod’s Discord server:
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⚔️>ESOC Discord<⚔️>Knights of the Mediterranean<⚔️>Donate Now!<⚔️>Sign Up!<⚔️
⚔️ Kings of the Old World ⚔️

⚔️ $9000 AOE3 1v1 Supremacy Tournament ⚔️

For those who missed this weekend's stream, we are happy to announce that through the generosity of an anonymous sponsor, the Kings of the Old World prize pool is now $9000, and with the help of the community we are sure we can get it over the $10,000 mark. Due to the large growth in prize pool, the admin team thought it wise to increase the amount of qualifiers to the main event from eight to sixteen. With this change, we are also adding TWO additional qualifiers and changing the format of the current Last Chance qualifier which was scheduled to take place the final weekend of July. The July 30/31st qualifier will now be focused on the AP region and begin at 9 GMT on Saturday and 10 GMT on Sunday. An additional qualifier will be added on August 5th and will start at 17 GMT and finish the same day. The final qualifier will take place on August 6th and that will be invite only. The invites will focus on players who have made it far into the final stages of previous qualifiers without succeeding so far along with a special name or two :D., For the full updated rules and information, please see this post. Qualifier #4 signups will open tonight, we look forward to seeing even more of the amazing performance from the Asia Pacific region players.
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TakkCafe KOTOW Awards!

20 Jul 2022, 19:06

Kings of the Old World qualifier #3 is coming this weekend, and our friends at Takk.Cafe have graciously sponsored two side prizes for the event. The first prize is for the best underdog run of the tournament. The second prize is for the best match of the tournament. Both prizes will be awarded at the end of the event for $100 each. Next time you are in your local cafe, make sure to mention the services that Takk provides!
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