ESOC Update

23 days ago

Image As many of you have now noticed, ESOC has been refreshed with updated graphics, new team members and a renewed focus on promoting a positive culture around AoE3. The website has been a hub for players of the classic real-time strategy game for over a decade, providing resources, discussions, and tournaments for the game's passionate fanbase and now its time to take the next step forward for the game we all love. The refresh includes a sleek new design for the forums, updating to match the wonderful graphical updates that the Definitive edition has brought us, as well as updates to the Discord, Twitch and Youtube graphics. But the main focus of the new ESOC is on promoting a positive culture around Age of Empires 3. The community aims to be welcoming, inclusive, and respectful to all players, regardless of their skill level or background. We have implemented a new code of conduct and moderation policies to ensure that the community remains a safe and positive environment for all. The new ESOC provides a fresh start for the community and a platform for continued growth and engagement for years to come.
Code of Conduct
In order to achieve and maintain the new ESOC, we have several new team members which have joined across the various functions of ESOC. In the @Community Team, @edeholland is joined by @EliteRifleman, @moonshine, @dutchdude117, @Jaegerchere, @KrispyK, and @Nicius. In the @Media Team, @Joshua667746 (aka Josh) will lead the streaming and content side while @Guigs will lead the tournament admin side; they are joined by @Bronchy, Facundo, Chosen, @GKShaman, GeneralSpades, and @Challenger_Marco. The @Development Team now has @Dunamai and Dori helping the legends @EAGLEMUT, @musketeer925 and @Kao. Last but not least, we have introduced a new team which is adjacent to the ESOC staff, the @Pro Team. The ESOC Pro Team is responsible for offering key input on event rules in order to maintain the highest level of competition possible and creating content to help new players learn the game (check out the Strategy Wall for recent additions). The ESOC Pro Team consists of @Ezad, @Revnak, @Kawapasaka, @Kynesie and @JulianK.
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10 Feb 2023, 15:12

Image Live on this Saturday at 18 GMT

We have something very special planned for you guys... Have you ever wondered... "What would happen if you gave 2 of the best players ever an extra town center at the start of the game?" Well... you are about to find out! In a best of 7, Mitoe will be facing off against Aiz! Are you ready for the incredible build orders? The am-aiz-ing plays? Its going to be an incredible show! See you there!
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AOE3 World Cup Kick Off

20 Jan 2023, 19:40


Welcome to the AOE3 World Cup Kick Off!! Formal Kick Off for this Global Event!
Image Announcement: viewtopic.php?t=24896
Rules: viewtopic.php?f=1132&t=24895&p=583196#p583196
Player List Image Bracket
Kickoff: Jan 20th

Qualifiers will be casted on:
Admins -
Europe: @Gaius Iulius Μέγας @M.F.D.
Americas: Imperial Ragnar @Tigre
Asia: @Jägerchere @cheeesemonger

Trailer (Thanks to @Widgie):
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Happy Holidays!

26 Dec 2022, 21:19

Image Happy Holidays from your friends at ESOC! We've had a great year and we are looking forward to what 2023 brings! Thank you to all of you continue to support this great community.
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Hidden Cup 2 Main Event

15 Dec 2022, 18:08

This weekend, the final four players will continue their hidden journeys to become the Hidden Cup 2 champion. The eight players who qualified are JulianK, Alvaroes, Optimus, Ezad, kynesie, Aizamk, Ungurs and Yukietty, but their identities remain hidden. Do you think you know who is who? If you do, you can enter your guesses at a chance to win $25. Make sure to watch the final four games for even more intel to figure it out!

Semi-Final #1 @ 15 GMT ~ General Warwick vs. Pierre Beaumont ~ Casted by Harrison
Semi-Final #2 @ 18 GMT ~ Kanyenke vs. Major Cooper ~ Casted by Kaister & Don Artie

Bronze Match @ 15 GMT ~ Casted by Widgie & MFD
Grand Finals @ 18 GMT ~ Casted by Guigs and Minimoult

❓ Guess the Hidden Identities of the Players ❓
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