Dear Esoc People,

I am excited to announce the First KEK🍪-Serie Tournament. This tournament format will highlight maps that are often overlooked in the standard map pool selection.

General Tournament rules:
- The Tournament will contain 8 invited Players only
- Players will play on: Old competetive, forgotten and Trolly maps
- Players will have the option to ban specific maps, but there will not be bans on civilizations.
- Some General Tourney rules:

This Tourney:

- Players have to sign up in "MyEsoc" with:
Name & Link to steamprofile
- If there are more than 8 players who signed up for the tournament: Myself (and admins) will decide individually, who will take part in this event. Eventually everyone can sign up, but the final decision belongs to the Admins.
-Players will be invited after the Signup Deadline
- Crucial Reminder: In order to participate in the event, it is essential to have "The African Royals" and "Knights of the Mediterranean" DLCs. The USA/Mexico DLCs are not mandatory for this tournament. This is due to the fact that specific maps can only be accessed with the DLC content.
-There wont be any seeding in this tournament. All playermatchups in the bracket will be determined randomly live on monday 1st april.
- No Civbans, There are no restrictions on the 22 civilizations that can be selected.
- Mapbans, Each Player will have the option to ban one map of the mappool given.
- No Civresets: in a Bo7, Players are forced to play 7 different civs, Finals 9 civs.
- Civpicks: Players will use the civpicktool for the matchups from this present:
- Games need to be livecasted to avoid OOS Replays due special maps. Players have to stay in contact with the Casters the whole series


Sign ups: 24.03-30.03 23:59 gmt
Players will be contacted: 31.03 -01.04
Livestream with all necessary Informations (Playerlist, Brackets, etc.) on 01.04 (evening)
Ro8: 01.04-14.04: Players will be given 14 days to finish their games, Ideally 2 series each weekend (Bo7)
Semis: 15.04-21.04: (Bo7)
Final: (Bo9), Bronze: (Bo7) 22.04-28.04


Meloncola, Kingofosmane, kaister, Juliank, Kévin, Frontline, Ungurs, Dennis
Bracket: kek-tourney-by-ezad/brackets


Quarter1: Mappool6
............................... Semi1: Mapppol2
Quarter2: Mappool3
.................................................................Finals: Mappool Finals / Bronze: Mappool Bronze
Quarter3: Mappool4
................................ Semi2: Mappool5
Quarter4: Mappool1

Special rules:
Players are allowed to ban one map each series. An Admin will coinflip, who will ban first.
Great Lakes: Only Summer version will be used
Budapest: The map has 3 versions(Summer Water, Summer Hybrid, Winter), only the hybrid summer version will be used for the tournament
Yellow River: Only the Land Version will be used

Currently: 50€ + 25€ + 25€ + 25€ + 25€ + 18,55€ + 9,10€ + 4,43€ + 9,10€ + 23,53€ = 214,71€
1st: 55%
2nd: 30%
3rd: 15%
(Distribution may change if donations rise)

Ezad + Pérez


Special Thanks to:

@MMFD for donating 25€
@I_HaRRiiSoN_I for donating 25€
@LionHeart for donating 25€
@moonshine for donating 25€
@Oddkuchen for donating 18,55€ + 9,10€
@mhongpa for donating 4,43€
@LopsidedFluff for donating 9,10€
@Bronchy for donating 23,53€

Final Notes:

My aim for this tournament is to ensure that everyone can enjoy themselves, even on the less frequently played maps.

Please enjoy the show 🍪
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Welcome trailblazers to another exciting update for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition! While there are plenty of notable fixes and features in today’s update, you can look forward to lots of bug fixes, balance updates, plus a few things we’ve tweaked to make your gameplay experience stellar.
Link to patch notes

They released the PUP early and left out a lot of the proposed changes. Thoughts?
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AoE Official wrote:Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition: After giving our players a new way to play for free in 2023, we are excited to reveal a new DLC with new civilizations.
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AOE3DE Patch for Build 15.30007

14 Dec 2023, 13:20

Image ... -15-30007/

RIP Pillarless walls, you shall not be missed.
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Get ready for the ultimate clash of legacy civilizations in the ESOC Winter Championship 2023 for Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition! Top players from around the globe will battle fiercely in this prestigious tournament, showcasing their strategic prowess and mastery of the game. Witness epic battles, clever strategies, and intense competition as participants vie for the title of winter champion. Sign-ups starting soon. ⚔
Note: Only AOE III Legacy civilizations will be permitted for this tournament: Haudenosaunee, Aztec,Ottomans, Russia, India, China, Lakota, Spain, Germany, Portuguese, Japan, Dutch, France and British

💲 Prize Pool & Prize Distribution 💲
$750 Base + Donation Split
1st Place: $400
2nd Place: $200
3rd Place: $100
4th Place: $50

🗺 Map Pool 🗺
The map pool for the event is:
Alaska, Arctic territories, Baja California, Bengal, Cascade Range, Central Plain, Colorado, Dakota, Fertile Crescent, Florida, Gran Chaco, Great Plains, Himalayas, Kamchatka, Korea, Malaysia, Manchuria, Mexico, Mongolia, New England, Painted Desert, Pampas sierras, Punjab, Saguenay, Siberia

Group Stages - BO5: Fertile Crescent, Saguenay (random spawn), Painted Desert, Mexico, Kamchatka
Group Stages BO5 Decider Games: Himalayas, Alaska, Cascade range, Mongolia, Punjab
Round of 16 - BO7:: Arctic territories, Malaysia, Gran Chaco, New England, Korea, Bengal, Dakota
Round of 8 - BO7: Siberia, Baja California, Pampas Sierras, Central Plains, Colorado, Florida, Painted Desert
Semi-Finals - BO7: Fertile Crescent, Saguenay (random spawn), Cascade Range, Dakota, Kamchatka, Malaysia, Gran Chaco
Bronze Match BO7: Himalayas, Alaska, Korea, Bengal, Great Plains, New England, Siberia
Finals Match BO9: Arctic Territories, Florida, Painted Desert, Mexico, Manchuria, Baja California, Pampas Sierras, Mongolia, Punjab
Note: All the games will be hosted in a Standard Supremacy format.
⏳ Tournament Schedule ⏳
Weekly Schedule
Group stages Round 1 and 2 - Bo5: January 8 – January 17
Group stages decider games: January 18 - January 21
Round of 16 - Bo7: January 22 - January 28
Round of 8 – Bo7: January 29 - February 4
Semi-finals - Bo7: February 5 - February 10
Finals - Bo9: February 11
Bronze match - Bo7: February 11
Note: Times are approximate based on the completion of previous rounds.

Please refer to the document for the tournament rules:

Note: If you have any further questions regarding the rules please contact the tournament admins in ESOC official Discord channel.

✍🏻 Sign-ups ✍🏻
Sign-ups will be open from Monday 18 December to Sunday 31 December. You may sign up using the tournament center in MyESOC (Login to your ESOC profile at and then find the top right corner on your profile name and then select MyESOC).
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On Dec 30th (Postponed to 31st), two Titans of AOE3 collide! Lets see Frontline vs Minimoult in a BO7 at 17 GMT!

Discord Event Reminder
Watch on Royal Twitch
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