Welcome to the AOE3 World Cup Kick Off!! Formal Kick Off for this Global Event!
Image Announcement: viewtopic.php?t=24896
Rules: viewtopic.php?f=1132&t=24895&p=583196#p583196
Player List Image Bracket
Kickoff: Jan 20th

Qualifiers will be casted on:
Admins -
Europe: @Gaius Iulius Μέγας @M.F.D.
Americas: Imperial Ragnar @Tigre
Asia: @Jägerchere @cheeesemonger

Trailer (Thanks to @Widgie):
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Happy Holidays!

26 Dec 2022, 21:19

Image Happy Holidays from your friends at ESOC! We've had a great year and we are looking forward to what 2023 brings! Thank you to all of you continue to support this great community.
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Hidden Cup 2 Main Event

15 Dec 2022, 18:08

This weekend, the final four players will continue their hidden journeys to become the Hidden Cup 2 champion. The eight players who qualified are JulianK, Alvaroes, Optimus, Ezad, kynesie, Aizamk, Ungurs and Yukietty, but their identities remain hidden. Do you think you know who is who? If you do, you can enter your guesses at a chance to win $25. Make sure to watch the final four games for even more intel to figure it out!

Semi-Final #1 @ 15 GMT ~ General Warwick vs. Pierre Beaumont ~ Casted by Harrison
Semi-Final #2 @ 18 GMT ~ Kanyenke vs. Major Cooper ~ Casted by Kaister & Don Artie

Bronze Match @ 15 GMT ~ Casted by Widgie & MFD
Grand Finals @ 18 GMT ~ Casted by Guigs and Minimoult

❓ Guess the Hidden Identities of the Players ❓
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JulianK talks Balance!

12 Dec 2022, 00:21

Tomorrow, Live on ESOCTV at 17 GMT, @FloKo83 Aoe3 aka KOTOW top four player JulianK, will talk about game balance. Make sure to join in and drop your questions in the chat!
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AoE3 World Cup

09 Dec 2022, 13:59

ESOC in partnership with the Royal Clan are happy to announce the AoE3 World Cup! The AoE3 World Cup, a 3v3 team team tournament, will feature 8 teams from four regions of the world (North America, Latin America, Europe/Africa, and Asia/Oceania) battling it out to bring glory to their nations. Sign-ups are now open and you can sign-up for your region here! For the official rules, make sure to check out this post. The event will start in 2023 and be streamed live on ESOCTV and Royal. May the best nations win!

🏆 Sign-Up Now 🏆
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Dear Esoc People,
the wait is finally over and I'm gladly announcing the Legacy Hidden Cup, which is starting in 2 days. This Tournament will include 2 Open-Qualifier in which Invited Players will face each other and fight over the spots in the Mainevent, which will be held in Hidden Cup Style.

General Tournament rules:
- The Tournament will contain 2 Open Qualfiers à 16 invited Players, in which 4 Players will advance to the MainEvent. The Mainevent will be hold with the Top8 Players, who gonna play on Smurf accounts to hide their real identity.
- Players will play with Legacy Civs only through the whole tourney; Legacy Maps included
- Forbidden Cards: Germany: 500c Pandour shipment; Ports: Feitoria age1 shipment
- Some General Tourney rules:

For Qualfiers 1 & 2:
- Qualifier1: 14.11-21.11
Qualfier 2 28.11-05.12
--> Players have one week to set their games with oponnents; Ro16 and Ro8 have to be finished till the end of the week
- Bracketsystem for 16 Players, Ro16 Bo5, Ro8 Bo5 --> 4 Players Advancing each Qualifier
- KOTW Civruleset: * Each Player can ban one Civ and Map of his opponent; Once one Civ got banned, both players cant use the Civ for the rest of the series; Higher Seed bans first
* Players will use a special Civtool to select their Civilation for the match

For MainEvent:
- Players will play with a complete new steam account with the game
- Players are not allowed to share their identity with anyone; Revealing may result into a disqualification
- One Admin will know the Identity of all 8 Players to schedule the communication between themselves
- Same KOTW Civruleset as Qualifiers; Except that admins will randomly determine which player will ban civs/maps first
- Decknames have to be changed to "1,2,3,..." etc to prevent knowing the language of player

The Mainevent will be expanded over 2 weekends:

Ro8: Bo5
Saturday 10.12:
  • P1 vs P2
    P3 vs P4
Sunday 11.12
  • P5 vs P6
    P7 vs P8

Semis: Bo7
Saturday 17.12:
  • Semifinals 1
    Semifinals 2
Finals Bo7
Sunday 18.12:
  • 3rd Placematch
    Big Finals

Player List for Q1

Player List for Q2

Playerlist for Mainevent: Smurfnamelist:


Screenshot (782).png
For Q1:
-Ro16 Bo5: Gran Chaco, Punjab, Sagunay, Bengal, Dakota, Florida, Kamchatka
-Ro8 Bo5: Manchuria,Kamchatka, Pampas Sierra, Indonesia, Central Plains, Cascade Range, Dakota

For Q2:
-Ro16 Bo5: Cascade Range, Central Plains, Indonesia, Pampas Sierra, Kamchatka, Manchuria, Punjab
-Ro8 Bo5: Sagunay, Punjab, Gran Chaco, Bengal, Dakota, Florida, Central Plains

-Ro8 Bo5: Gran Chaco, Dakota, Manchuria, Bengal, Kamchatka, Indonesia, Pampas Sierra
- Semis Bo7: Central Plains, Sagunay, Cascade Range, Punjab, Florida, Pampas Sierra, Kamchatka, Manchuria, Bengal
- Finals/ 3rd Place Bo7: Bengal, Florida, Central Plains, Gran Chaco, Indonesia, Punjab, Pampas Sierra, Sagunay, Dakota

1st: 250$
2nd: 150$
3rd: 75$
4th: 25$

Admins: @n0el @Guigs @minimoult21 @Riotcoke @kevinitalien and myself
Special thanks to:
  • @bahocalyps for donating over 150 subgifts on Twitch
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