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⚔️ $6000 AOE3 1v1 Supremacy Tournament ⚔️

ESOC, in partnership with the Royal Clan and UEC, is excited to announce the largest and most prestigious event in the history of the website, and the largest prize pool for an AoE3 event since 2008. Kings of the Old World, sponsored by Microsoft, is a 1v1 Supremacy tournament coming in July. The event, focused on showcasing the Knights of the Mediterranean DLC, will feature an open qualification system where eight players will emerge to challenge for the title. More details will be released soon, but in the meantime if anyone is interested in helping support the event with admin or other duties, please send me a message or drop a note here. All donations that ESOC receives during the event will go towards the prize pool, and will show our generous sponsors at Microsoft that the AOE3 community belongs on the big stage and we can continue to support large events.
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Two Towns starting today at 15 GMT
>> Bracket <<
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xXDM Clan proudly announces the biggest Deathmatch tournament of the last years (and the biggest in DE) with a total 550$ Prizepool, generously sponsored by its members.
For more Information and registration join this discord. Registration still open, some players still look for a sparring partner! Tournament starts on Monday the 2nd of May 2022. Get Involved!

Watch Tournament footage:
Coverage and vods will go on Frosties youtube: ... 4Rrr5AUY7Q

Other participants:

1. All rounds will be BO3s; Finals will be BO5.

2. Cheating of any kind will result in immediate disqualification & a submitted report to your account.

3. Players/Teams get 1 civ ban per series. In BO3s/BO5s: after the first game, winner picks 1st and losers can counterpick. Once a civ is played, it cannot be played again. Once a civ is chosen, it cannot be changed, so choose wisely. Double elimination Format in a 2v2 Setting.

4. Play to win. Any civ strategies are allowed. All civilizations are allowed.

5. Games must be recorded and submitted to @andi and/or @Xx_Frosty. Additionally replays can be posted on ESOC and Discord. You can stream or cast any Recs you want, if you do that leave us a message, as we would be interested to put it on Youtube. We will try to cover all games and upload it to Frosties Youtube.

6. Streaming is allowed. External assistance of any kind is NOT allowed. @andi and @Xx_Frosty reserve the right to pursue investigations of any allegations involving stream sniping & enact discipline to those who are found guilty. Play for fun, don't be a dick.

7. Players are allowed to play any map in this pool:
a. Great Plains
b. Upper-Andes
c. Deccan
d. Orinoco
e. Texas

Once a map is played, it cannot be played again.

8. There will be a 300$ prize pool for 1st - 3rd place finishes (150$ 100$ 50$). Thiefy's rewards are on top and can be earned by playing risky or in a fun way.

9. Games have to be played in an announced Timeframe (usually within a week). The goal for later stages of the tournament to have more games per week, so we can finish the tournament in a timely manner (Goal is mid to end of may).

10. Toxicity in any form will not be tolerated and will lead to exclusion from the tournament.

Thief's rewards (250$):
The Goal of these Rewards is to reward creativity, risktaking and never giving up. We are looking forward to good and creative Strategies

Win with below average civs the most amount of times: Lakota, India, Japanese
Most wins with civs, which thiefy doesnt understand: Hausa

Best Comeback:
Player can suggest a game, at least one caster has to think its a good comeback -> Then we vote
Most Creative Strategy
Player can suggest a game, at least one caster has to think its creative -> Then we vote
Most sniped factories throughout the tournament (mostly raids)
Players are responsible to announce their sniped factories at the end of the game (opponents can confirm it)

This means players who want a chance to get the reward need to propose in the replay if:
Game was creative?
Game had a great comeback?
Sniped Factories
Civs played

we try to be as objective as possible and enable as much democracy as possible, but Admin (Thief) decisions will always be final.

Short Trailer:

Thanks and see you online!
I hope i pinged the right staff, otherwise just someone in the comments do it @robo @musketeer925!
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