Business Team

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Serving the AOE3 Community. Winner of WCG in 2008 and leader of ESOC.

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Member of Age of Empires 3 community since it's inception. Former MMC.eSports player and business development team member, now focused on business development for ESOC.

Community Team

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This Infrastructure & Security Management student has been ESOC admin from day #1 but is nowadays also involved in leading the Community Team. With his Dutch accent he sometimes gives casting a shot.

Media Team

Development Team

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Software developer, database specialist, passionate gamer and a big fan of the Age series ever since AoE1. Currently working on all sorts of stuff behind the scenes.

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Discovered the game in 2005 but never played online. He went back to the game recently and decided to help the online community with his programming knowledge and find friends to play with. As a computer engineering student, he saw this as an opportunity to enjoy his time whilst honing his skills on this subject.

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