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by raptiformica
17 Apr 2020, 21:15
Forum: Real-life Discussion
Topic: Best rappers in your country?
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Flag: Germany

Re: Best rappers in your country?

I am from germany. Unfortunately i havent discovered any Rap music from here which i like :cry:
So i keep listening to the good stuff - i found that to be by far in the USA. Maybe this thread shows me something new from around the world.
But not easy to compete with quality like this:

by raptiformica
08 Apr 2020, 00:19
Forum: Results
Topic: [NWC] Stanley_Winston vs [CMC] Bwinner
Replies: 26
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Flag: Germany

Re: [NWC] Stanley_Winston vs [CMC] Bwinner

Stanley_Winston is AMAZING!
by raptiformica
11 Feb 2020, 22:36
Forum: News
Topic: Happy 5th Anniversary of ESOC!
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Re: Happy 5th Anniversary of ESOC!

stanleywinston wrote:Just let it sink in that for 5 years you guys have been celebrating the wrong date :(!

ESOC Birthday.PNG

So ESOC has two Birthdays now.
Happy Birthday ESOC!

And Happy Birthday Mitoe, of course. (365 Birthdays a year - superior in every way!) .....
by raptiformica
19 Jan 2020, 22:45
Forum: General
Topic: Player Rating
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Re: Player Rating

So you're saying iamklein is the ultimate aoe3 player?

wouldn´t hurt to add some random numbers.

by raptiformica
11 Nov 2019, 01:21
Forum: General
Topic: GUA Sub Tour Results
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Re: GUA Sub Tour Results

great series with high entertainment value.
thx to the players, casters and donators. :flowers:
by raptiformica
04 Nov 2019, 03:09
Forum: Recorded Games
Topic: success at tower rush
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Re: success at tower rush

i like the title and then minute 6 .."oh i made a big mistake" - shipped crossbows to towncenter instead to forward tower. :smile:
by raptiformica
01 Oct 2019, 00:27
Forum: Results
Topic: somali knusch
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Re: somali knusch

Best somali entertainment possible!

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