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by matte92
19 Jul 2016, 13:17
Forum: Strategy
Topic: How to FI as Aztec
Replies: 150
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Flag: Finland

Re: How to FI as Aztec

Aztec FI is so much fun! But usually what happens (to me at least^^) is when I age to 3rd age the opponent starts to immediately put so much pressure that I have to give up the idea of going IV :(
by matte92
14 Apr 2016, 07:10
Forum: Archive
Topic: How old are you?
Replies: 189
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Re: How old are you?

23. Casual AoE since 1998^^
by matte92
17 Dec 2015, 10:57
Forum: Strategy
Topic: What changed to make Germany the top civ?
Replies: 70
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Flag: Finland

Re: What changed to make Germany the top civ?

IIRC German became extremely popular in team games around 2011-2012. Players like numbers and vMOMOv made it look so cool 8-) I guess they brought something new to the way German was played.

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