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by s_deboer
27 Jun 2019, 19:33
Forum: General
Topic: Civs that are better in team than in 1v1?
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Re: Civs that are better in team than in 1v1?

If you're talking RE patch, all 3 of the Asian civs are busted in team, there are players who abuse this heavily. However, India is definitely the strongest overall, just because Agra Fort into sepoy into Team Urumi is insane.
by s_deboer
27 Jun 2019, 18:48
Forum: General
Topic: The Fallacy of W̶i̶n̶n̶i̶n̶g̶ Having Fun
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Re: The Fallacy of W̶i̶n̶n̶i̶n̶g̶ Having Fun

I'm very competitive and may or may not flame people based on their poor play, this game gets me a bit riled up. But I've played with Callen in team games enough to know he does call the resign immensely early, and that is far less fun for everybody as a whole than somebody who stays 5-10 mins longe .....

by s_deboer
27 Jun 2019, 16:20
Forum: ESOC Talk
Topic: ESOC Emoji Contest
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Re: ESOC Emoji Contest

I don't have any artistic skills, can somebody make a Ruyter emoji for me?
by s_deboer
05 Feb 2019, 17:17
Forum: Strategy
Topic: Age of deccan (Dutch guide?)
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Re: Age of deccan (Dutch guide?)

It's a good build, but depends on the civs you play against. Brit abuses this map harder than any other civ imo, they can slap down a wall and VC every game for free. Dutch can't compete with that eco, so you need to pressure some in colonial in team games against Brit.
by s_deboer
21 Sep 2018, 19:13
Forum: Tech Support
Topic: Account disabled
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Re: Account disabled

Just decided to log on to nilla for the first time in...probably years. It says account disabled, but I can log on to TAD just fine
by s_deboer
01 May 2017, 17:39
Forum: Tournament Information and Discussion
Topic: Quick reminder, no casting on Monday!
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Re: Quick reminder, no casting on Monday!

Gibson, they're going to rebroadcast it later though for everybody who wants to watch it a second time five days after it happened!

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