Germanny Age 1

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Germanny Age 1

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Hello there to vetern players. I am a player trying to get a competive build down and I was wondering how I should get to age 2

I would like some advice on what vill pop i should have, shipment(s) i should send, what buildings/tech i should have and finally what my marco and age up politicion should be. I am trying to make a semi ff build with a focus on cav with potentially some side stuff for Elector prince card or mercs to covers weaknesess.

I understand the need for a build order but I don't know to make one whilst having some flexibility. For example I keep getting rushed by the other guy in 1V1 games because I put too much energy into eco or struggle late game due to weak eco because I was fighting off the enermy agression.
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Re: Germanny Age 1

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A basic safe build order for Germany would look something like this:

At the start of the game collect all of your resource crates and then put 1 Settler Wagon on food, 1 on wood, and 1 on coin. Use one of the Settler Wagons to construct a market.
Collect 75 coin and 50 wood, then buy 100 wood at the market for 125 coin and use it to construct a house. Use the remaining 50 wood and 50 coin to get the Hunting Dogs food upgrade in the market.
Put all Settler Wagons and villagers on food.

Ship 2 Settler Wagons as your first card.
Age up with 17 villager population with the 400 wood politician.
While aging, put all of your Settler Wagons on wood and collect 200 wood for a Trading Post (this is really good for Germany because your shipments come with free Uhlans).

Now you need to decide if you want to make a Barracks or a Stable.

IF you want a Stable, collect 75 wood and get the Placer Mines upgrade at the market. Collect an extra 125 wood and switch all your Settler Wagons to coin.
IF you want a Barracks, research the Gang Saw upgrade at the market for 100 food. Put 1 Settler Wagon on coin and collect 125 coin, then put it back on wood.

When you hit age 2, research the Steel Traps upgrade at the market.
Ship 3 Settler Wagons.
Use your 400 wood age up crates to build a Stable or a Barracks and 2 houses. Start training whatever units you need.

Next, ship 700 wood and use it to build a Barracks or Stable and some houses.

From here, you can adapt into age 2 play by shipping 8 Crossbows or 3 Doppelsoldners, or you can go age 3 at any time by shipping 700 coin.

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