India TNT333
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11 Feb 2019, 14:09

What should i go for spain in treaty with unction
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Bolivia tedere12
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11 Feb 2019, 14:15

depends on the matchup/map. Skirm lancer muskets and some art generally is what I go for... No rods, I never liked rods in treaty.. U dont need a lot of mortars, 2 are enough because with unction they get good damage.
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United States of America dicktator_
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11 Feb 2019, 14:42

Yea depends on map and matchup but as a general rule never make more than 15 or maybe 20 lancers. In a choke that number goes down to 10. The reason why is because at that point they will clump up and have trouble attacking. I guess theee are three main comps with Spain. Pure skirm lancers with some rods, pushing hard and relying on skirms to shoot down horse artillery (I don’t like this one), light art which is still skirm/rod/lancer but involves making just enough culvs to keep opponents artillery at bay, maybe some horse art if the push stalls, still very aggressive, or full art in which you drop most of not all of the lancers from your comp and go skirm/horse art with 7 towers and just enough anticav, this one isn’t aggressive and is usually a backup if the push fails. Obviously making mortars in all 3 comps. You can substitute rods for muskets or goons I guess, but I prefer rods, you’ll anyway be sending infinite 10 rods when everything else is sent.
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China juicyfruit1268
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08 Mar 2019, 07:02

Avoid making too many lancers and rodeleros in lag. They sit there doing nothing while the enemy is literally half a foot in front of them and all they need to do is swing their sword or stab their lance.
Italy Mosx
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08 Mar 2019, 07:45

Germany duckzilla
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08 Mar 2019, 10:35

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Bolivia tedere12
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08 Mar 2019, 12:09


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