No Flag Shahpur
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22 Nov 2019, 01:56

getting ready for a 60nr
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Tuvalu gibson
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22 Nov 2019, 01:59

Now you just need to wall hp dance and go afk
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India guyshir
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22 Nov 2019, 02:15

Train a monitor and transport units: kill red's settlers.

send spies, find a shortest path to fire pit, siege it and then walls are 8700 hp (w/ strong buildings) or 10200 hp (w/ strong buildings and port team walls card).

If fire pit is on town dance, units win the fight vs aztec.
No Flag jochen300
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22 Nov 2019, 07:00

Elo says it didnt work well
No Flag tedere12
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22 Nov 2019, 12:01

imagine wasting all your wood on walls that wont help you win in a map like ori where wood is limited
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Great Britain thomasgreen6
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22 Nov 2019, 14:46

Real pros only need one layer of wall:
'I'm gonna win this and I'm just gonna enjoy it' - Tibia 2k18
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United States of America Papist
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23 Nov 2019, 02:03

If you lose your fb you're still dead because your reinforcement time will be terrible with the walls taking up all that space. Also, how are you going to afford maces and coyotes after dumping 20k wood into walls?
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