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02 Aug 2020, 12:59

Spain vs Iroquois in nats

1. RE patch

2. TP patch

Map: Andes,Orioco, Toluca.
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Yesterday, 16:03

Lancer push is the best bet for spain. Theoretically speaking Iro should win but Iro has very little room for error in this mu and it's easy to fuck up. If the lancer push fails spain can transition to a camp with towers and art and if the iro player has drained enough on wood/coin from holding the lancer push it can still win for spain if the iro player is not very careful with their light cannon control. Basically near perfect LC control is the win condition for iro. The LCs sit back and take potshots at inf and wait for the culvs to overcommit, then take an engagement. If spain ignores the LCs, they'll continue whittling down the skirm mass for spain, making the massive amount of anticav iro needs to hold lancers ok. It's the same on all those maps except on Ori Iro might have wood issues (if it's a 1v1 they will have wood issues and it's actually spain favored because of that). The slow training times on maps without inca might make it worse but I guess Iro can delete 40 vills and it's fine.

If it's RE andes if the nat is close to halfmap it becomes spain favored
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