No Flag agentyoyo
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05 Apr 2019, 00:15

Hey lvl 19 ms not that good or knowledgeable, but im trying

you can also put your eso name down, the times you play, rank, and what kind of play style your looking to play with, what tanks,anything that would help

this is for treaty
we can make another for rush on a different thread
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Tuvalu gibson
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05 Apr 2019, 21:40

Great Britain Hazza54321
Pro Player
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ESO: PrinceofBabu

06 Apr 2019, 11:18

Yo lets play some
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India TNT333
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06 Apr 2019, 18:04

Eso: TNT333
Time: not much online
Civs: China Germany germany
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Greece Sargsyan
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ESO: Sargsyan
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06 Apr 2019, 18:05

Add me on eso

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