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Germany QueenOfdestiny
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11 Aug 2018, 09:26

Hey guy's!
I played a few weeks ago some insane games on water with a few mates.
We had no lag and lots of fun.

Someone wanna play this?
(no one who lag please)

I convinced @Kaiserklein to play with me this so Gogogo boiz

19-20gmt today!
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Germany japanesegeneral
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11 Aug 2018, 09:38

6 petards a day keep the doctor away.
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Sweden Gendarme
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11 Aug 2018, 09:47

@XeeleeFlower loves 4v4s with war ships.
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India Ashvin
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11 Aug 2018, 10:03

4v4 water play

We had no lag and lots of fun.
:hmm: :hmm: :hmm:
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No Flag ovi12
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11 Aug 2018, 10:35

4v4 is way more times more cancer than nr40
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Netherlands Mr_Bramboy
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11 Aug 2018, 11:57

I did one of these a long time ago and it was one of the worst games I ever played. The game was played on Honshu and in the end one team migrated to the top island while the other team stayed on the main island. Both teams couldn't land troops or touch each other. We spammed ships to the force limit for an hour and then decided to just stop playing and accept the stalemate. Never again.
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Germany QueenOfdestiny
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ESO: QueenOfdestiny

11 Aug 2018, 12:21

I played 3 games
2x Borneo
I need to say we was all mates and did random teams. So it was really a lot of fun (we did the 3 in a row) and it was on ep if I remember correctly.

I want to do this again!
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Portugal sergyou
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11 Aug 2018, 14:52

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Canada Cometk
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11 Aug 2018, 17:00


these are some of the games in question. there was also a ceylon game that didn't get reported to elo. they were so much fun to play. i'd love to do it again, i'll try to be on later tonight.

if you are so repulsed by the thought of water and 4v4, just give it a try once tonight and and you might find yourself actually enjoying it a bit.
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United States of America Hidddy_
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11 Aug 2018, 17:46

5 huss semi fast imperial?
De Funk
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Sweden tabben
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ESO: tabben

11 Aug 2018, 18:14

Yea that Caribbean game was fun and actually completely lag-free from what i remember.

Early control of the trade route island is nice so you can place outposts/TCs along the shoreline. I remember thinking Germany would be a horrible pick on that map, but with the first free uhlans you could snipe any enemy explorer that had made it to to the trade route already. Then water control + trade monopoly = gg ez no re


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France Aykin Haraka
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11 Aug 2018, 19:24

i think with my mate we can do 2v6
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Canada Warno
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12 Aug 2018, 01:44

Retummy is back? Time to dust off the ol mouse...
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Tuvalu gibson
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12 Aug 2018, 01:58

no these games were months ago

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