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25 Sep 2018, 14:59

The Asian Dynasties:
1Kangxi: uses arqubusiers changdo and flying crow which is his main artillery. Take out the academy. He also uses chu ko nus and steppe riders. Uses a factory and fort frm consulate with some cossacks.
2 Tokugawa: One of the worst only good at navy with the ironclad. He uses samurai ashi yumi and naginatas with flying arrow but he rarely upgrades them. Also uses daimyo. Isolates in consulate and big fan of shinobi and ninja
Akbar: srsly one of THE worst no offence. He uses only cavalry that is sowars and zamburaks and some musks frm consulate. Elephants and sepoys only frm home city. Really.

The Warchiefs( my favs)
Hiawatha: One of the best, he uses the basic iro army with buttload of cannons and a good mix of toma and aennas and prowlers. Upgrades them. Very kind and praising ally. Sttong defense with upgraded war huts.
Cuahtemoc: Spams infantry a lot. Pumas maces coyotes jaguars and arrow knights. Strong defense with lots of nobles and war huts around. Upgrades his units. 1 of my fav as ally as he never gets overrun and just swarms the enemy with infantry
Gall: Surprisingly, he uses a lot of infantry. Axe rider's with rifles and tashunke prowlers and bow riders which r upgraded along with cetan bows rifles and clubs which he upgrades as well. Attacks early and is a rushes. Another gr8t ally
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After all... :?

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