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30 Oct 2018, 20:07

Interjection wrote:If you think about it, the dock is a 200w town center without a build limit! :ohmy:

ye well sea resources are just not as good as others and the fishing boat limit is somewhat between 16 and 30 due to number of whales and boom efficiency.
I think 200w is actually a fair price. Dock is rather expensive for its only purpose. That's also why I guess it was given an attack. However, if we were to remake the game completely, we should prob get rid of it anway as docks also repair ships and can garrison fishing boats (and canoes) anyway.
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31 Oct 2018, 13:49


Thanks for fixing @Development Team :flowers: :love:
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01 Nov 2018, 04:33

t3rror1sta wrote:
lemmings121 wrote:
About water vs land: thats a map problem imo. if you make maps that have little to no res near the shore, rushing/timming becomes viable vs full water (currently you rush, kill the tc, the guys just migrates to gold mines and trees in the shore, ggnore)

Walls: We could try increasing building time of walls (maybe 3x current time). they still serve the same purpuse, but you cant spam 5 layers in one minute. Also helping agressive play vs fullwall no army style. (water boom should be viable, but full rush all in should still counter full boom.)

snow proves to us its possible.

Water build isnt impossible to counter... maybe we have to think out of the box.
And stop trying to nerf every strategy the most players didnt use/like.


How? By losing almost every single water map?
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Hungary Dsy
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01 Nov 2018, 09:05

Its funny people start to realize whats broken until 1.5 years it was mentioned...

Walls problem never was that its aviable in early ages or it has too much HP. Its cost the problem. You can cover an area of an outpost for the cost of 20 woods.
I guess it was never nerfed except the HP which doesnt solve anything since its still disguistingly cost effective. I guess EP team feared waller player and TR players since they love abuse cheap walls.

Other hand water is also op in some cases. The main problem the resource gathering units aka fishing ships counters any naval ships. Dock with 10 fishing ships has million Hp millions attack and millions range. In this case conquer water is basicly make more fishing ships and docks since its gathering res plus unkillable.

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